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Stress Urinary Incontinence

Best Stress Urinary Incontinence in Mumbai, India

Urinary incontinence is a common problem and people suffering from it are often self-conscious and embarrassed about it. Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control which leads to involuntary leakage of urine.  This means that the person urinates even when they don’t want to. Stress urinary in continence is the most common type faced by women around the world. Urinary incontinence is not a normal part of ageing and therefore requires medical attention and can be easily treated.

What happens when the body loses bladder control?

The kidneys filter the waste from the body and urine is stored in the bladder. When the bladder is full the bladder muscles tighten and urine is forced out and the urethra muscles ( sphincter muscle )relax . When for some reasons the muscles don’t work the way, they should i.e., they become weak, urine leaks involuntarily. This also happens when the bladder muscles suddenly tighten and urethra sphincter does not remain shut. Sometimes the urge to urinate  is uncontrollable and becomes embarrassing. Urinary incontinence can happen because of various reasons such as UTI, Vaginal infections, constipation etc. temporary incontinence is often caused because of laughing too hard, sneezing, exercising, etc. The incidences of urinary incontinence are more common in women than in men. The female urethra is shorter than male urethra and any damage to it can cause urinary incontinence. In addition, women go through pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, which are the events that have a direct impact on the bladder muscles. 

Stress urinary incontinence

This is the most common type of urinary incontinence faced by women. It has the ‘stress’ in its name because this condition is caused by actual physical pressure on bladder and weak pelvic floor muscles. When there is pressure on bladder during common activities like exercise, coughing , sneezing, laughing or even when lifting weights or objects, the urine leaks on its own. The individual is not able to control it. This condition is very common in young, , middle aged and menopausal women.

  • Some women suffer from stress urinary continence a week before their periods. This happens because estrogen levels drop during this time and the bladder muscles become lax.
  • Those who have had a pelvic surgery also seek treatment for stress urinary incontinence in India
  • Women who have ad multiple vaginal deliveries have a high risk of stress incontinence.
  • Older age and chronic cough can cause a negative effect on bladder muscles and cause stress incontinence.
  • Surgical procedures like hysterectomy can also have an impact on the bladder and pelvic floor muscles making them weak.

Stress urinary incontinence common in men who have had  prostrate surgery. Other factors that can cause stress incontinence include

  • Obesity as it puts extra pressure on the bladder and weakens the muscles.
  • Smoking as it is an indirect cause of chronic cough.
  • Excessive caffeine use
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Chronic constipation because it puts stress on the bladder and pelvic muscles
  • Hormonal imbalance and deficiencies
  • Exposure and participation in high impact activities.
  • Nerve damage caused because of childbirth and other health problems such as diabetes etc.

The main symptom so stress incontinence is loss of bladder control during normal or strenuous physical activities. The urine flow can be few drops or a large uncontrollable flow. Some times this incontinence is also experienced during sexual intercourse.

Diagnosing Urinary Stress Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem that needs immediate attention before it gets worse and the individual has to resort to wearing diapers all the time. Urinary incontinence urologists in India are the doctors that can offer the correct treatment for the same. Urologist and Urogyneacologist are trained in treating male and female urinary systems. Best urinary incontinence urologists in Mumbai will also guide you to work with a pelvic floor specialist who will help with special exercise to straightening your pelvic floor muscles to support the urinary tract.

During consultation for stress urinary incontinence treatment in India the urologist will investigate in your medical history and talk to in detail about your symptoms such as how often you empty your bladder, when your symptoms started, and what triggers the urine leak. Stress urinary incontinence doctors in Mumbai might also run some common tests like urine test to check for infection, ultrasound to find the cause of incontinence, bladder stress test , cystoscopy to check for the damaged tissues and urodynamics to test how much pressure your bladder can hold.

Stress urinary incontinence treatments

Top Stress urinary incontinence clinics in India offer medical, surgical and non-surgical treatments for stress urinary incontinence. Top urinary incontinence doctors in Mumbai will work with you to create a treatment plan. They will also tell you about the precautions and measure that you can do at home to improve the symptoms.

Medical stress urinary incontinence treatment in India: Vaginal creams, rings, patches and topical estrogen creams are popular treatment options that strengthen the muscles and tissues in urethra and vaginal area.  This helps in bladder control.

Non-surgical stress urinary incontinence treatments

Non-surgical urinary incontinence treatments in India are the first line in management used by top urinary incontinence doctors in Mumbai. These options include

Laser vaginal rejuvenation

Lasers are the gold standard for vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Vaginal lasers used by best stress urinary incontinence clinics in India for best results in vaginal rejuvenation in India. Both are fractional lasers  i.e.; the laser is divided in treatment zones and only a fraction of skin is affected at one time. This makes them safe for the sensitive vaginal skin.

Most people prefer laser treatments for stress urinary incontinence in India because it is safe and painless and this revolutionary technology can also improve the vaginal appearance, lubrication,  decrease the dryness and increase sexual satisfaction.

Laser stress urinary incontinence treatment in Mumbai

  • The whole treatment can be done in just 30 minutes to two hours
  • The urologist will use local anaesthesia to make you conformable.
  • Stress urinary incontinence laser treatment in Mumbai is a personalized treatment plan based on your goals.
  • Pulsed beams of laser emit photothermal energy that trigger the natural healing response in the vaginal area. As a result, there is improvement in collagen structure and neocollagenesis is initiated. This in turn increase the volume density of the blood capillaries and thickness of the epithelial layer. These factors and the contraction of elastin fibres induces skin rejuvenation and tissue remodelling thus increasing vaginal wall thickness and improved support to urethra.
  • The patient will notice an immediate relive in urinary concomitance symptoms.
  • Depending on the improvement the doctor might recommend multiple sessions of treatment for the desired result.

High intensity focused electromagnetic therapy (HIFEM) for stress incontinence treatment in India

This nonsurgical treatment method uses the electromagnetic stimulation. The high frequency therapy leads to muscle contractions. HIFEM penetrates deep in the pelvic floor and contracts them in a rhythmic manner. The contractions are equivalent to about 28 minutes of Kegal exercises i.e., about 11200 contractions. The treatment is done twice a week.

High- Intensity focussed ultrasound method (HIFU) for treatment of stress incontinence in India

This is a more novel and effective approach for treating stress incontinence. Targeted ultrasound energy is used to target the middle section of urethra and the surrounding tissue. This triggers tissue remodelling and firmness improves. Collagen production also increases thus tightening the bladder .This procedure is done under local anaesthesia and there are no cuts or incisions made.

Vaginal pessary: This is removable treatment in which a ring in inserted in the vagina and needs to be worn all day long. This ring is called the pessary and when inserted it pushes up the wall of bladder and vagina giving it some extra support. This helps reduce stress urinary incontinence. There are two types of pessaries one is for which you will need a prescription for the right size and the other is exclusive day wear tampon like pessaries that needs to be thrown away after one use.

Bulking agents: These are agents that thicken the tissue around urethra. The most common agent used is collagen. It is injected in tissues around bladder and urethra. The thickened tissues keep the bladder closed and there is less chance of urine leasing out.

Urethra inserts: These are made of safe materials that need to inserted before doing any activity such as lifting heavy objects. However, these need to be taken out when the patient needs to urinate.

Botox: Stress urinary incontinence treatment surgery in Mumbai also use Botox to firm the bladder muscles and thus giving the patient temporary relief from stress incontinence urine leakage.

Stress urinary incontinence treatment for men

Best doctors of stress urinary incontinence treatment in Mumbai use the following non-surgical options: Condom catheters which cover the penis but this method only catches the urine leakage and does not prevent it. 

Surgical options for treatment of Urinary incontinence

For patients who are not benefitting from non-surgical stress urinary incontinence methods or women who plan to get pregnant in future, surgical stress urinary incontinence treatments in Mumbai are a way to get permanent relief from urinary incontinence. Top stress urinary incontinence treatment clinics in India offer the following surgical options

  • Sling procedure for stress urinary continence in Mumbai: This is the most common type of surgical stress urinary incontinence treatment India. A man made mesh or a piece of healthy tissue from the patient’s body. The sling is placed under the urethra and it acts like hammock and holds the bladder stable. In women the mesh prevents the bladder from moving forward during normal and strenuous activities.  In males the surgical mesh is placed between scrotum and rectum. The two types of slings are
    • Mid urethral sling which is made of the synthetic mesh and inserted in the urethra using a small incision in the vagina.
    • Autologous sling in which the material from sling is taken from the patient’s lower abdomen or thig. The sling is stitched through an incision in abdomen along the bikini line. This surgery has more recovery time than the mid urethral sling.
  • Bladder neck suspension: This type of stress incontinence surgery in India is also known as retropubic suspension. In this type of surgery, the surgeon will place some sutures in the tissue on the sides of bladder neck and urethra and they are attached to the ligament on the pubic bone. This prevents the bladder from moving and opening. This surgery is often done laparoscopically.
  • Artificial sphincter: This type of stress urinary incontinence treatment in Mumbai is specifically used for men. This surgery has three parts. In the first part an artificial sphincter is placed around the urethra. This sphincter is a fluid filled cuff. In the second step a pressure regulating balloon is inserted in the belly. A controlling pump is placed in the scrotum. The sphincter keeps the urethra closed. When the patient wants to urinate, he can press on the pump. It opens the urethra and the patient can urinate. The cuff automatically refills after 1-3 mins.

Post stress urinary incontinence treatment precautions and routines

Once the treatment is done the top urologist for urinary incontinence in India guide the patient to the following steps of bladder training

  • Delaying the event
  • Double voiding
  • Toilet timetable.

These help the patient regain control over their bladder over time.

At home the patient is suggested to do the following things to help control stress urinary incontinence.

  • Do Kegal exercises regularly
  • Training your bladder to overcome the continence.
  • Lose weight and maintain a good BMI
  • Changing the eating habits to include more fibres, reducing coffee and including more green vegetables in your diet.
  • Quit smoking.

Stress urinary incontinence cost

The cost of stress urinary incontinence in India depends on many factors. The factors affecting urinary incontinence price is decided by the type of treatment which will suit the patient. Stress urinary continence cost in India depends on the number of treatments needed, the type of treatment suitable, clinic location cost and surgeon’s fees. Talk to your urologist about the payment options and the duration of treatment that will help you most.


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