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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

No woman wants sagging breasts. The beauty of breasts lies in their volume, shape, and firmness.  No matter what your age is, sagging breasts can cause a dent in your self-confidence. They do not look good; they are uncomfortable and feel heavy at all times.  Regular exercise and a correct posture do help in retaining the form of the breasts to some extent but it is hard to fight gravity and natural changes. Sagging breasts can be caused because of

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Genetics
  • Weight change (gain and loss)
  • Improper bra and support wear
  • Gravity
  • Age

The above factors cause loss of elasticity and volume in the breasts and as the ligaments weaken, the breasts start to sag giving them a loopy and asymmetrical appearance. The good news is that a simple breast lift surgery in India can help solve this problem. Breast lift or mastopexy is a simple cosmetic procedure that takes less than three hours to perform and the results are visible immediately. Top plastic surgeons in India use various techniques for breast lift depending on the amount of sagging in the breasts. Skill cosmetic surgeons in India can create a natural looking, proportional breast shape using modern techniques based on your individual needs.

Best cosmetic surgeons in India decide on the suitable breast lift procedure after examining the condition of your breasts and your expectations.  Under the skilled hands of best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai, breast lift will return your breasts to the natural youthful position. Breast lift’s basic procedure includes removing the excess skin on the breasts and tightening the surrounding tissue to crease a better breast silhouette. The plastic surgeon will also work in the nipples and areola region to restore their natural forward position. Mastopexy is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in India.  A breast lift is also done as a part of the ‘mommy makeover’ treatments in India, which help, rejuvenate a women’s body after pregnancy and breast lift.

Do you need a breast lift?

Top cosmetic surgeons in India are the qualified experts that can confirm whether you need a breast lift or not but before you schedule an appointment with the plastic surgery clinic you can answer the below questions and if the answer to these is yes then a breast lift will help improve the shape and elevation of the breasts:

  • Does the pencil stick? Do a pencil test. Place a pencil under your breasts and if the pencil falls down you don’t need the breast lift yet but if it sticks then you need a breast lift.
  • Are the nipples pointing downwards? Because of the stretching of skin, the nipples are pulled downwards.
  • Have the nipples/areola shifted below the crease of the breast? Position of the nipples with respect to the inframammary fold is an indication of breast sagging.  You can test this yourself by sliding a white paper under the breast crease and if you can see your nipples above below the top edge of the paper then the mount of sagging in your breasts need a breast life surgery to correct.
  • Are your breast appearing asymmetrical? By observing the position of breasts you will know if one of them appears different from another.
  • Do your breasts fit in your bra? When you wear the bra notice the shape that your breasts take. If they feel heavy and an ill fit then it is time to consult a good cosmetic surgeon for a breast lift.
  • Do your breasts look pendulum shaped when unsupported? 

How will breast lift procedure at The Esthetic Clinics help you ?

Breast lift is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in India. A simple breast life procedure done by one of the best plastic surgeons in Mumbai  will

  • Restore the breast shape to a more aesthetic appearance
  • Add volume to the breasts
  • Improve the breast contour
  • Give you beautiful perky breasts that you always dreamed off
  • Improve your body image and boost your self esteem
  • Inspire you to lead a healthier life than before.
  • Give a better proportion to between the breasts and buttocks giving your whole posture a better appearance.
  • Give you the confidence to fit in clothes better. You might not even need to wear a bra at times.

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your breast lift

Board certified plastic surgeons have the requisite expertise to help you match your goals and concerns regarding breast lift surgery. Look for breast lift surgeons in India who have experience in the particular type of breast lift that you want. Top breast lift surgeons will be able to show you before and after photos about the previous cosmetic breast surgeries done by them.

Breasts lift or Mastopexy surgery types and options

Breast lift can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. By using a judicious combination of these procedures along with the breast lift, top plastic surgeons in Mumbai can do a more comprehensive rejuvenation resulting in an evenly toned body shape.

At The Esthetic Clinics we understand that every woman’s body is different and everybody has a different pain threshold and response to treatment.  There is no one fit for all breast lift. This is why our best cosmetic surgeons in India work towards providing a customized and personalized plan for breast lift.  There are different options available for breast lift surgery depending on the suitable incision techniques and the existing breast tissue and extra skin to be removed. The most common incision techniques are:

Crescent lift or modified breast lift: Through this type of incision technique the cosmetic surgeon can correct minimal sagging. Women who have small amount of sag in their breasts benefit from this procedure. This incision technique involves minimal scarring. There is only one incision made half way along the top edge of the areola. This type of breast lift procedure is used to correct the positon of nipple and areola. It is often combined with breast augmentation surgery in Mumbai.  Crescent incision breast lift can also be used to correct nipple asymmetry.

Peri-Areolar  or Donut Breast lift or “Benelli” lift: This type of incision technique benefits women with mild sagging in breasts and lets the cosmetic surgeon perform a subtle breast lift. It is a relatively non-invasive surgical procedure in which a fine circular incision is made around the areola area and the cosmetic surgeon can tighten the tissues through the incision and tighten the breast skin. The scar is hidden in the dark pigment of areola. Best plastic surgeon in India combine the Donut lift with breast augmentation to increase the size of the breasts and pronounced sagging.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift: This type of breast lift surgery in India is most suitable for moderate sagging breasts and allows the plastic surgeon to completely reshape the breasts. Two incisions are made in this process: one on the edge of the areola and other made vertically from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease creating a lollipop type shape. The scaring is minimal and scars are hidden in the folds of the breast.  If you do not want implants then this can be the perfect breast lift surgery option to reshape the breasts.

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift: This is one of the oldest procedures known for breast lifts for women who have considerable sagging almost like overhanging breasts.  An anchor shaped incision is made around the breast, starting from the perimeter of the areola and from there to the breast crease and the last one along the horizontal breast crease.  This breast lift procedure is often combined with the breast reduction treatment in Mumbai.  The scars are visible but can be hidden in a bikini top.

Scar less Breast lift or Non-surgical breast lift: This type of breast lift technique is used by top plastic surgeons in Mumbai to use specialized non-invasive cosmetic techniques to perform the breast lift along with breast augmentation. Rather than actually manipulating the breast skin and the issue underneath it, top cosmetic doctors in Mumbai use scar less techniques to lift the appearance of breasts. Top cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai use a combination of various techniques such as

  • Thermage
  • Laser liposuction
  • Quill threats
  • Aptos threading
  • Caci bust treatment
  • Vampire breast lift treatment based on platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Botox treatments
  • Dermal Fillers

Some of these breast lift treatment procedures require the cosmetic surgeon to make some small incisions but they are very minute and barely noticeable. The effect of the scar less procedures works only on mild breast sagging and lasts only for up to 2-3 years.

How to prepare for Breast lift:

Here are some basic steps that will help you prepare for breast lift procedure in Mumbai:

  • Consult the best plastic surgeon in India for breast lift: When you meet the plastic surgeon be clear about your goals and expectations. You can bring some photos with you to show the shapes and sizes that you are expecting.
  • Check out the plastic surgeon’s work: Top plastic surgeons in India will be proud to show you the before and after photos of their previous breast lift works.
  • Ask them to explain to you in detail about breast lift or Mastopexy procedures in India.
  • Understand the risk and recovery procedure associated with Mastopexy in India
  • Follow the cosmetic surgeon in India’s instructions to prepare for the breast lift surgery. You will need to stop smoking and drinking a few days before the breast lift treatment. The doctor will give you antibiotics if needed.

Breast lift procedure in India at The Esthetic Clinics

The aim of best plastic surgeons in India is to perform breast lift in such a way that the results are natural and with minimal scarring.

  • You will be given general or local anaesthesia depending on the choice of procedure for breast lift and the amount of tissue and skin manipulation that the cosmetic doctor needs to do.
  • The plastic surgeon in India will mark the position of the nipple and breast area on the breast.
  • The surgeon will make an incision, remove the extra skin, and lift the breast tissue up to the decided location.
  • If the breast lift surgery is accompanied by breast augmentation or other countering procedures then the surgeon will work accordingly.
  • If the implants are placed tiny drains might be placed under your breast for one or two days.

Recovery after breast lift surgery in Mumbai

Breast lift surgery is simple surgery. Post the breast lift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will place bandages and drains that you will have to wear for a day or two. After the bandages are removed top plastic surgeons in India will check the nipple’s colour and blood supply regularly during follow up visits.

Expect to feel uncomfortable for a few days. You will also have to wear a special bra for a few weeks to help with recovery. If you feel unmanageable pain and discomfort then let your breast lift doctor know immediately.

Avoid any strenuous exercise and impact on your breasts for up to few weeks after the breast lift surgery in Mumbai.  Once the breast lift surgeon has removed the stiches you will noticed a little change in the size of the breasts but it the shape will continue to improve in few weeks after breast lift surgery.

You must sleep on your back for first several weeks after the surgery. If necessary keep some pillows on your side to help prevent you from turning on the side.

Smoking and Alcohol are also two no-noes after breast lift surgery in India as smoking and alcohol interfere with the healing process and medications.

The scars will appear red and lumpy after breast lift surgery but if you follow the recovery procedure they will become thin, white, and hardly noticeable over time.

Make sure that up to after 18 months after breast lift surgery you do not expose your breasts to sunlight after the breast lift surgery. Apply  sunscreen on your breast everyday .

When performed by the expert top plastic surgeons in India, a breast lift surgery is completely safe and a very rewarding procedure and will little maintenance you will get long lasting results. Our board certified cosmetic surgeons will guide you in every step of the way and give you instructions for the steps to follow breast lift surgery.

Breast lift and Breast Augmentation

A breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts but will make them look rounder and fuller but if you want your breast to be larger then best plastic surgeons in India recommend breast augmentation along with beast lift. Breast implants add volume to your breast  and breast lift will fix the problem of lax tissue.  Top cosmetic surgeons in India use 3D photography to give you an idea how breast augmentation and breast lift surgery will make a different in your breasts.

Breast lift surgery cost in India

Breast lift surgery cost in India varies with many factors such as

  • Tests
  • Anaesthesia
  • Prescriptions
  • Surgical fees
  • Hospital costs

Breast lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery and therefore the breast lift surgery price in India is not covered by most health insurance plans. Check with your insurance provider before breast lift surgery.  If you combine breast lift surgery in India with breast augmentations surgery then the breast lift surgery cost will change.

At The Esthetic Clinics, our team of best plastic surgeons in India will help you develop a plan for breast rejuvenation with minimal scarring.

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