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Arm Lift Surgery

Standing in front of the mirror, if you see sagging arms when wearing sleeveless clothes, then it is time to tone up the arms. The hanging skin on the upper arms is not something that does not look pleasant. If you have such arms and have your friends point it out, causing many embarrassing moments, then it is time to get it corrected. The hanging skin can be caused if you have lost some weight recently and the fat has gone away, but the stretched skin remains there. If such is a case with you, then arm lift surgery in Mumbai India is the answer for you.

Army lift surgery is also known as brachioplasty in medical terms. Brachioplasty is a surgery that aims to give the upper arm a more contoured and visually pleasing shape. The fat and the extra skin on the upper arm is removed in the arm lift surgery in Mumbai India and the tissues are worked on to give them some elasticity. Post brachioplasty the upper arms look smooth and fitter.

There are many advantages of having an arm lift surgery. You will be able to wear your favourite outfit, instead of flabby arms you will get normal looking arms which will match the rest of the body, since extra is removed the arms have swifter movements, the rejuvenated skin looks youthful and you have an increased confidence to name a few.

Arm lift surgery candidates in Mumbai India

Sometimes exercise helps with the skin loss but when there is significant weight loss the arms don't tone up the way you want them to be. The ideal candidates for brachioplasty are adults whose upper arms have some skin laxity, adults whose weight is stable but not overweight, adults who are health and do not have any medical conditions, non-smokers and realistic expectations.

Once the surgeon has carefully examined you and your medical history the next step will be to give you an appointment for the surgery. You need to prepare yourself for the brachioplasty by taking the before medications and adjust your current medications, stop smoking, and avoid all the drugs that doctor told you to avoid. The surgery should only be performed under proper accredited clinics and by a qualified plastic surgeon. Get someone to drive you to and fro from the surgery and rest after the surgery is done.

- Arm lift surgery procedure in Mumbai India:

Brachioplasty is a simple process and begins with the administration of anaesthesia. Anaesthesia is mostly administered for the comfort and you can opt for either intravenous or general. You can discuss with the surgeon on what will be better for you.

Once the anaesthesia has taken the effect the surgeon will make an incision on the previously marked indications on the arm. The length of the incision is made depending on the amount of excess skin. The pattern of incision will also vary with the same. Incisions are made inside the arm and at the back of the arm and can extend up to the elbow. The fat is then removed using a direct method or liposuction.

The type of incision is very important and they depend on the specific condition. Sometimes only the minimal incisions are needed under the underarm area when only little shaping is needed. After the incisions are made the under lying tissue is tightened and reshaped using the sutures. Once the surgeon is satisfied the skin is smoothed over the new contour.

The incisions are closed using absorbable sutures and the stiches are removed after two or three weeks once they are completely healed. You can see the changes in the shape and appearance of your arms almost immediately. A little amount of swelling and bruising is common but it will go away in few days.

During the recovery period you will have dressings and bandages on the incisions and in some cases the arm will be wrapped in an elastic bandage to keep the swelling under control. A small thin tube is used to drain the excess fluid and blood. Make sure that you follow your doctor's instructions on recovery to the letter to aid healing.

The recovery after arm lift surgery is fairly quick and you can return to normal activity in one or two week and even lift heavy weight in six weeks. Scarring will be present but in the hands of an expert surgeon it will be very carefully done so that is not visible much.

In some cases the results might not be visible immediately after the surgery and sometimes more than one surgery is needed. However the results of the arm lift surgery in Mumbai India are long lasting but you will have to maintain a stable weight and keep yourself fit. Of course ageing effect will show on your arm but it will only affect the laxity of the skin and not the shape of the arm.

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