Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment / Fat Removal

Best Weight Loss Treatment in Mumbai OR Non-Surgical Fat Removal in India

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical muscle stimulation refers to a procedure whereby electrical signals are used in stimulating weak or injured muscles. The manner with which the signals are delivered through the skin is imitative of what is feasible when signals are sent through the nerve cells. Though this treatment is effective in managing a host of medical conditions, its use as a weight-loss intervention has been explored in the cosmetic medicine industry.

EMS has been particularly impressive in areas like the abdominal region of excess fat. Owing to this, it is very possible to attain a trim shape after having this procedure. Hence, overweight persons who have not had much success with their regular weight loss routines can walk into The Esthetic Clinics to have an electrical muscle stimulation in India. It should not go without saying that EMS promotes weight loss by developing muscles. This ultimately increases energy expenditure, meaning that the body gets to use up more calories stored in the energy reserve as accumulated fats. EMS also helps to create a calorie deficit which is good for any profitable weight loss objective.

In achieving the goal of EMS treatment, the specialist will strategically position electrodes - some sticky pads - connected to a device on the body parts where the fat is to be removed. After this, electrical current will be steadily delivered thus sending pulses through the skin and then to the muscles which react by contracting.

Power Vibra

Power Vibra is indicative of a procedure that has to do with sending vibrations through the whole body. This is usually actualized with the aid of a machine i.e. the power vibrator. This intervention helps to improve blood circulation, develop stronger bones and also build well-toned muscles. The muscle is typically taken through a sequence of contraction and relaxation with every vibration. Another aspect wherein the Power Vibra intervention is now vastly adopted is weight loss, and this is premised upon its relevance in promoting the health of the muscles.

Moreover, with increased metabolism being made possible through the action of the powerful vibrator, the body is bound to burn more calories. What this means is that stored fat is eventually broken down, and this brings about weight loss.

You can address that bothersome weight concern with a Power Vibra in India. All you have to do is visit The Esthetic Clinics to find out how you can schedule your Power Vibra sessions. A 15–20 minutes session for 2 or 3 days a week can help you realize a notable weight loss outcome. An individual can take different postures – standing, squatting, lunging, planking, etc. – on the powerful vibrator. It is worth noting that Power Vibra intervention is not usually recommended for people with cardiovascular problems.

Vacuum Suction

Vacuum suction is a non-invasive procedure that is dedicated to the contouring of specific parts of the body. It has been especially utilized in getting rid of excess fat which is why it is increasingly been used for weight loss. Vacuum suction also offers other cosmetic benefits and helps improve the strength of the muscle. This treatment is usually delivered with the aid of a machine that features suction cups.

The Esthetic Clinics is the place to be if you’re considering having a vacuum suction in India. The clinic has got the necessary tools and equipment and employs some of the best cosmeticians who have appreciable knowledge of the human body to perform a successful vacuum suction on you.

In carrying out this therapy, a special oily formulation is applied on the skin of the patient to ease the movement of the suction cup. Thereafter, the suction cup is moved back and forth over the area of the skin where the fat is meant to be removed. A typical session of vacuum suction should be completed in about 30 – 45 minutes although the need for repeat (maintenance) sessions could see you committing more time to the therapy within a specific timeframe.

Non-ablative Radiofrequency

Non-ablative radiofrequency therapy has been extensively deployed as a skin-tightening procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure that entails the delivery of low-frequency radiation to the skin. The radiation eventually causes a wounding effect that is reflected on the underlying tissue. This is followed by the production of new collagen which accelerates the healing process and ensures the emergence of new skin. This explains why non-ablative radiofrequency therapy is often recommended in the management of aging effects.

More importantly, non-ablative radiofrequency is also now being used for weight loss, and this is due to how it ensures the removal of (excess) fat from the body. In this regard, the heat from the low-frequency targets the fat cells and melts the fat therein. The fat so lost through non-ablative radiofrequency is not usually reversible. In essence, anyone who may later wish to volumize the body part from where the fat has been removed might require a fat grafting procedure. This therapy is quite safe and there is no downtime associated with it, meaning you can get on with the next line of activities once the procedure has been completed. That said, there have been rare instances of patients having swelling and scarring after having a non-ablative radiofrequency therapy.

Thermal Deep Tissue Heat Therapy

Thermal deep tissue heat therapy, or thermotherapy as it is also known, is a procedure carried out to raise the temperature of the tissue localized in specific parts of the body. Heat is transferred to deep tissues thus increasing the rate at which blood circulation occurs. Generally, this therapeutic intervention has been effective in treating injured tissues and also decreasing tension in the muscles. However, it is not usually recommended for individuals having bleeding disorders, cognitive impairments, and acute inflammation.

As a result of the mechanism of action of this deep penetrating heat, there is increased metabolism which ultimately creates an avenue for fat loss. More so, the probability of having calories burned is pretty high as this heat gets into the surrounding space of the tissues. Thermal deep tissue heat therapy can help to burn calories at a fast rate than most of the regular physical exercises incorporated into weight loss programs. Plus, as the extra weight is lost through this therapy, the energy level of the patient, who has undergone it, is boosted. You can have a thermal deep tissue heat therapy in India at The Esthetic Clinics to be precise if you’re finding it difficult to lose weight through the conventional means.

- Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment Before After Photos, See The Patient Result-

Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india
Non-Surical Weight Loss Treatment before after photos in mumbai india


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