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Composite Smile Makeover Treatment

Composite Smile Makeover Treatment in Mumbai

Your smile is one of the most important aspects of the first impression that you make. The smile that you carry is more important than putting on any makeup. Being confident about you smile makes you confident and makes your impression on others and even the opposite sex a lasting one. A composite smile makeover treatment in India is the most rewarding investing that you will make in your dental health as well as in your life.

A happy and confident smile helps you connect with other people and makes you appear friendly and approachable.

Your smile is important aspect of overall appearance. The beautiful smile makes you confident and your first impression will be long lasting. Here at The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai the friendly team of cosmetic dentistry experts give your smile a makeover that will light up your face and get you noticed for the right reasons.

If you want whiter and brighter teeth and an appealing smile then we have the right team of dental expert to help you achieve this dream. The Esthetic Clincis’s expert cosmetic dentistry team of dental surgeons, cosmetic technicians and orthodontic experts us a combination of simple dental treatments in Mumbai to make sure that you go home smiling all the way. The best part? We will not take more than two to four hours of your time to transform your smile.

What is a Composite Smile Makeover?

Composite smile makeover treatment in Mumbai can benefit you in a number of important ways. The results extend way beyond just an ideal and improved smile. Smile makeover treatment is one of the many treatments that falls under a smile reconstruction. Composite smile makeover or composite bonding procedure in Mumbai involves the use of composite resin material to repair the teeth and improve the looks of the teeth.

These kinds of restorations are applied on the prepared tooth surface or even without prepared tooth surface. It is applied with an adhesive agent and then the composite resin material is applied directly. The aesthetic outcomes of it are very satisfactory with natural look of the tooth. The composite bonding is fast, inexpensive, painless and less invasive procedure with excellent results at all times. It does not take multiple dental visits; your dentist can complete the whole treatment in just one sitting. Composite smile makeover procedure in Mumbai is an ideal treatment for gapped, stained, and chipped tooth.

A composite smile makeover treatment in Mumbai takes several things into consideration of corrections. This way instead of just whitening the uneven teeth, you get a composite set of corrections in

  • Tooth colour to improve the colour of stained and dull teeth. We pay special attention to the natural shade of the tooth to make sure that your teeth do not end up looking light a ‘tubelight’
  • Alignment and spacing of the crooked and overlapping teeth is also taken into account. Alignment and spacing of the crooked and overlapping teeth is also taken into account. These can also be correct by our top dental surgeons with the use of veneers and Invisalign.
  • Missing teeth: A missing tooth is a dent on the smile and the oral health too. Missing teeth can easily be replaced by using various orthodontics like the dental implants, bridges, and partial dentures.
  • Stability and harmony: Top orthodontic experts in Mumbai use various methods to cosmetically bound the uneven, chipped and cracked teeth to improve the overall appearance of the smile.
  • Facial aesthetics: The smile is just not about how your lips and teeth look it also includes the rosiness of your cheeks and the smile lines around your mouth and eyes.

Our top cosmetic dentists in Mumbai work closely with top cosmetologist and dermatologist at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai to design a treatment plan to achieve a complete makeover using dental and cosmetic makeovers.

Why Composite Smile Makeover?

The composite resin used to enhance the natural beauty of the teeth also helps repair the chipped, broken, crooked teeth and teeth gaps. It does not damage the teeth and the treatment does not require any anaesthesia. This procedure also takes care of masking other imperfections such as stains and uneven structure of the teeth. There is no reduction in the toot structure. When getting a composite smile makeover in Mumbai, the top dental surgeon will simply clean your tooth and apply the mild bonding agent, and then apply the composite resin in several coats. After that tooth is shaped and polished, to match your smile. It is a straightforward procedure and becoming very popular among the people who want to change the look of stained or chipped tooth. Composite resin also uses to close gaps between teeth, alter the shape, and colour of the teeth and it can also be used to repair the tooth cavity.

Composite smile makeover in Mumbai is simple and conservative procedure (i.e. there is no need to remove part of the tooth) and it does not put a dent in your pocket. This is the simplest and easiest procedure of getting a brighter and even simple in no time at all.

Is Composite Smile makeover right for me?


Yes composite smile makeover in India a good for everyone. This easy and painless procedure can also be of great benefit to you if:  

  • You want to cover up the teeth imperfections and give it an even and brighter appearance.
  • You have chipped, crooked, or worn teeth.
  • There are minor gaps in between your teeth.
  • You have discoloured and stained teeth.
  • You suffer from excessive gum tissue
  • You are not happy with overall appearance of your smile.
  • You want less invasive and cost effective smile makeover.

After the thorough evaluation of your bite, the underlying support structure, gums and teeth, the cosmetic dentist in Mumbai will recommended you the treatment plan and advice you about suitability of composite for you. 

How Is The Procedure for Composite Smile Makeover Done?

Composite bonding in Mumbai is a minimally invasive and effective procedure, and it will complete in a single visit. This procedure does not need any anaesthesia or multiple visits. It is a painless procedure.

The dentist uses a tooth coloured material, i.e. the composite resin, to fill cavity, repair chips, or cracks, close the gaps between the teeth, and build up the worn edges of the tooth. Composite material is directly applied and sculpted to the surface of teeth that show most prominently when you smile, for minimal invasive smile makeover.

Composite bonding is an ideal and less expensive treatment then the crown or indirect veneers. This procedure requires minimal preparation of tooth, no mould taking and no temporaries. It required only dentist’s artistic skill and precision.

This procedure is usually carried out as per following steps:

  1. The first step is to clean the targeted teeth by rubbing to remove plaque, debris and damaged parts.
  2. A rubber dam is used to isolate the teeth to prevent the interference from saliva or moisture during the treatment. It is one of the most important steps of the procedure, and should not be skipped.
  3. Acid etching of the surface of the tooth: For this a gentle phosphoric acid solution is applied to the surface of the natural tooth. It will etch the surface so that it will allow the tooth to bond with the composite material. Liquid bonding material is applied after 15 seconds of etching.
  4. After this the dentist will place the composite resin in small portions on the etched surface, then shape and sculpt it.
  5. Now, the resin is cured by using the light cure. It is a high intensity curing light; which will harden the layer of composite. This step is repeated till the filling reaches its final shape. Curing is done in layers, because it minimizes the shrinkage effect of the composite.
  6. Finally, trimming and shaping of the restoration has to done, to give it a natural and desired tooth shape.
  7. Then the dental surgeon will check the patient bite. He will evaluate that restoration is not interfering with motion of teeth, jaw, and gums.
  8. Final finishing and polishing is done after everything has been adjusted. Final buffing and polishing done to give natural hue to the treated area.

That is it, everything is done your tooth is ready to function, be enjoyed and admired! The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai has a highly trained team of composite smile makeover specialists in Mumbai, who can perform the above mention procedure using advance technology.


What happens after smile designing treatment?


Once your composite smile makeover procedure in Mumbai has been completed, it provides a healthy and beautiful smile for many years. But some precautions need to be kept in mind; i.e. maintaining proper oral hygiene as well as to avoid the habits which can cause damage of restoration.

  • Sensitivity after the procedure is common; no need to worry.
  • Brush twice a day with soft bristle toothbrush, and floss properly.
  • Schedule regular visits to your dentist and hygienist for routine examination and cleaning.
  • Avoid the habit of nail biting and chewing pen or pencil, ice or other hard object, because the restoration prone to chipping.
  • If you notice any sharp edges of restored tooth or difficulty in movement of the teeth; consult your dentist.

What is the cost of Composite Smile Makeover?

Composite smile makeover procedure in India is a pocket friendly procedure. The entire procedure can be customized to suit the uniqueness of each patient’s dental condition. This causes the variations in the cost of composite smile makeover in Mumbai.  The price of composite smile makeover varies with the expectations of the clients and the intensity and combination of the entire procedure. This treatment is not covered by insurance. If you have any oral health or hygiene issues that need urgent attention then it is wise to invest in proper dental health and include it in the cost of composite smile makeover in Mumbai.

It is very important that you as a patient should be aware of the various factors, expertise, complexities, and above all the technology involved to carry out Composite Smile Makeover procedure.

Why The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai for Composite Smile Makeover?

The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai are widely recognized as one of the leading and most preferred Dental Care Service Providers in Mumbai, through unmatched treatment outcomes, innovative and latest  technology & procedure delivery systems that have been proven effective many many times, and the international standards of care. The highly trained and exceptional team of specialists of different specialities such a dental, plastic and cosmetic surgery are above  par with the best in the industry, and this makes The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai one of the top clinics in Mumba having  excellent success rates in all procedure. We take pride in our outstanding dental care with a hundred percent commitment of genuine quality and integrity.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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