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Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoos were used as marks of identification of a person in ancient times but now, they have become a way of decorating your skin or conveying messages/personality types etc. When you get yourself inked, you love it at that time. But you may want to get rid of the same tattoo which you had got done with tremendous zest, at some point in our life. Laser tattoo removal or permanent tattoo removal is the process of removing tattoos and other forms of body ink by using lasers on fragment particles of ink so that they can be absorbed naturally by the skin.

- What Are The Treatments Available In India For Removing The Tattoos Permanently?

  1. The Q switched Nd YAG laser is the treatment of choice for removing most tattoos.
  2. Q switched alexandrite laser may be needed for some colors.
  3. Sand abrasion or surgical excisions were treatment options in the past which are rarely performed nowadays.

- What Types Of Tattoos Are Removed?

All types of tattoos can be removed using permanent tattoo removal process i.e. laser tattoo removal. This will include tattoos done by professionals and accidental tattoos that are caused by bruising and injury of the skin. Colored tattoos are also removed, although yellow or green tattoos pose a greater challenge when it comes to removal and subsequent permanent tattoo removal treatments may be necessary.

- How Do Q Switched Lasers Work?

A specific wavelength of light passes into the skin and gets absorbed by the ink. As a result, the tattoo ink breaks into small particles which can then be eliminated by body's natural filtering systems. The surrounding skin is never harmed. Different colors of ink have different spectra and so the laser machine has to be calibrated according to the ink to be removed. Any kind of tattoos - amateur, professional, surgical and tattoos formed after any injury, can be removed using laser treatment for tattoo removal.

- What Is The Laser:-

Treatments for laser tattoo removal may require local anesthesia and there may be associated pain and reaction at the site of laser delivery, which resolves in a few days. Professional tattoos require 6-10 sessions, whereas amateur ones need 4-5 sessions, all spaced at an interval of 6-8 weeks. The type and amount of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin - all these factors decide how many sessions of treatments would be required for you.

Generally, dark (black and blue) and red inks resolve the best. Purple and orange also fade usually. Yellow and green inks are the most difficult to remove and hence further treatments may be required to produce significant fading or they may need a Q switched alexandrite laser for removal.

- Is It Painful?

At The Esthetic Clinic, the process of laser tattoo removal is performed with some amount of mild pain that can be managed by use of a local anesthetic.

- Will The Results Be Permanent?

If the process is able to remove all the ink, then the results will be permanent.

- How Many Treatments Are Required?

Professional tattoos removal in India require 6-10 sessions, whereas amateur ones need 4-5 sessions, all spaced at an interval of 6-8 weeks the factors that come to play in determining the number of treatments required to successfully complete these procedure depend on the size and depth of the tattoo and also the type of tattoo itself. Tattoo removal in India is performed by medical professional and any claims by "beauty clinics" are false.

- Are There Any Side Effects from Laser Treatment For Tattoo Removal?

  • There may be a change in the pigmentation of the skin with hyperpigmentation, hypo pigmentation witnessed as rare complications of the procedure.
  • Allergic reactions/eczema may be rarely triggered by the treatment and.
  • Scarring and other changes in the skin texture may be reported, keloids formation can occur in predisposed individualized, particularly with deep tattoos that are harder to remove.

- What Are The Points To Remember When Undergoing This Procedure ?

  1. Every skin is different, just like every individual is unique. One must have realistic expectations and not get carried away by advertisements, results obtained in other patients, celebrities etc.
  2. A trained expert Cosmetic dermatologist with ample years of experience should be your treating physician.
  3. There are various makes of the Q switched laser available, and all machines do not have the same power, just like all physicians performing a particular procedure do not have the same level of expertise. Hence, you may be getting the right treatment done, but may be disappointment with the results, so choose your service provider wisely.
  4. Multiple sessions are required in colorful tattoos. There may be a faint image still persisting even after multiple treatments depending on size, color, number of sessions needed etc.

- What Is The Cost Of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment In India?

Sometimes we desire to do something different with our appearance. One such way of experimentation is getting a tattoo. Tattoos are a way of decorating the skin or a way to express a particular message or personality type. However, eventually, there might come a time when you feel differently and think about getting rid of the tattoo. This can be done through cosmetic surgery. Laser Tattoo Removal is a procedure wherein, with the help of a laser, all the ink from the body is removed.

One of foremost concern you must be having when you consider getting a tattoo removed in India is the procedure cost. The cost of tattoo removal laser treatment depends completely on the size of the tattoo and the number of sittings which are required to ensure thorough removal of all the tattooing ink. However, it would be wise to consider other factors apart from just treatment costs. If you choose a clinic just because it is the cheapest, you run the risk of health problems and inferior results.

- Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Before After Photos, See The Patient Result-

Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (1)
Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (2)
Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (3)
Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (4)
Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (5)
Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (6)

- Why Should You Choose The Esthetic Clinic For Permanent Tattoo Removal In India?

We, at The Esthetic Clinics in India, have world class facilities in place to cater to your every need when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rinky Kapoor, our medical head, is a vastly experienced dermatologist skilled in performing all kinds of cosmetic and skin procedures. Though she is based in Mumbai, India but has extensive training from various institutions across the world. Our talented and highly qualified staff will ensure that the tattoo you no longer want is expunged from your body. The laser treatment for tattoo removal is painful and various pain management techniques are also used by our expert dermatologists to ensure that you do not experience extreme discomfort.

The Esthetic Clinics have dedicated and the best medical centres for skin-care treatment and cosmetic surgery in India. Our co-founder, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, is a highly renowned dermatologist who has several accomplishments to her name. If you have decided upon undergoing Laser Tattoo Removal in India, The Esthetic Clinics are an excellent choice for you. Permanent tattoo removal is can take few weeks to few months for completion. The duration of the treatment will depend on the size of the tattoo and the depth of the pigmentation.

- Facilities At The Esthetic Clinics:-

Quality patient care is provided through well trained specialist dermatologist as well as plastic surgeon who give customized expert advice and personally perform treatments with the latest technology and techniques in treating any disease/cosmetic concern available world over. The Esthetic Clinics have pioneered the tattoo removal treatment in India and has helped many patients get rid of the tattoos that they regret getting done on themselves. Laser tattoo removal is done using modern laser equipments and is carried out under strict monitored conditions. So, if you have any ink on your body that you would like to wipe off your body, then laser treatment for tattoo removal is just the right option for you.

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