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Vascular Lesion Treatment

Best Vascular Lesion Treatment in India

Vascular Lesion Treatment often requires a visit to our clinics in Mumbai to understand the severity of the condition and possible ways to treat the lesion on the skin. These treatment terms are often used interchangeably for similar skin conditions based on the various procedures grouped into one. Our clinics in Mumbai- The Esthetic Clinics, are well equipped to compensate for all kinds of vascular lesion treatment in India.

What Is Vascular Lesion Treatment?

Vascular lesion treatment refers to the umbrella term for various kinds of skin procedures used to correct or remove skin imperfections. These skin imperfections are mostly caused by irritated blood vessels and veins of a patient. There are various kinds of treatments available for a variety of such imperfections or skin defects.

What are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions can be of a wide variety. Therefore their respective treatment line can vary accordingly. Vascular lesion treatment in India often depends on the severity of the lesion and surrounding area. Some of the common forms of Vascular lesions are varicose veins, spider veins, hemangiomas, facial lesions, rosacea, birthmarks, etc. These vascular lesions often can appear anywhere on the skin. These are mostly in the hues of red, blue, brown, or purplish tinted discoloration.

A Vascular lesion can be classified mainly based on the type of lesion involved. Flat lesions or those lesions that are flat and often present from the birth of the patient. Such lesions do not present any immediate danger and would often fade away on their own with time. On the other hand, Hemangiomas are another type of vascular lesion that might bring serious complications if not treated well in time.

Types of Vascular Lesion

Vascular Lesion Treatment would first require a visit to a clinic nearby. Patients with a vascular lesion would require consulting the issue with an expert doctor at our clinics in Mumbai. The evaluation and diagnosis would vary largely based on the presence of related symptoms of the vascular lesion. Following are the types of vascular lesions:

  1. Vascular Malformations Treatment
  2. Intraoral and Extraoral Hemangioma Treatment


Vascular Malformations Treatment

Vascular malformations are facial deformities that are often present from birth. However, these conditions might vary in appearance and occurrence based on age and type of malformation. Vascular malformation treatment in India would generally depend on the type of lesion or abnormalities of the skin.

In most cases, these lesions might appear later in their life when they grow up. Others might have visible malformations on their skin right from birth. Some lesions are a single soft-to-touch mass on the skin. However, in most cases, patients have more than one such abnormality or malformation on their skin. Here are the most common types of vascular malformation:

  • Lymphatic vascular malformation
  • Venous Vascular Malformation
  • Arteriovenous
  • Capillary
  • Telangiectasias
  • AV Malformation
  • Mixed Malformation

Further, these vascular lesions are defined based on the lumen flow inside the lesion of the skin. Slow flow and high flow are the two types to denote the malformation type. Slower flow lesions are venous malformations or those that are formed due to lymphatic or capillary malformation of the skin. On the other hand, high flow vascular malformations are mostly arteriovenous malformation.

Vascular Malformation Treatments

Based on the occurrence and type of the vascular malformation, a patient might discuss and consult suitable Vascular Malformation Treatments in India. Our top cosmetic surgeons would ensure that they educate their patients about the complexities and various alternatives that might be important for the decision. Following a thorough diagnosis of the malformation, a patient might consult and decide on their treatment plans from the following:

  • Embolization Treatment

Embolization treatment of the vascular malformation treatment options requires the patient to go through a minimally invasive procedure in the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic. A doctor would use the help of some glue sort of particles to attach to the malformations making them smaller in size by shrinking. After embolization or shrinking such lesions of the skin, a doctor would surgically remove the shrunk malformations.

  • Laser

Laser stays the most sought after and chosen type of treatment for a variety of skin conditions. Most of the patients often would choose the laser treatment given the ease and comfort of the type of treatment. Laser is prominently used for oral lesions that appear on the tongue or surrounding area. Laser treatments can alter the difficulties caused by the lesion by reducing or removing the lesions.

  • Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a vascular malformation treatment used for a variety of lymphatic or venous malformation of the skin. Sclerotherapy is responsible for using a process where the patient is injected with a specially formulated particle to produce a clot inside the malformation. The particle creates the blood vessel to form a blood clot, thus causing inflammation and scar tissue formation. This often results in controlled blood flow and no big scars on the skin.

  • Surgery

Surgical intervention to cure or treat vascular malformations requires the patient to choose a combination of treatments after consulting with the top plastic surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. Mostly the doctor would choose the best fit of two or more procedures to prevent recurrence and treat the lesion effectively.

Intraoral and Extraoral Hemangioma Treatment

Intraoral and extraoral hemangioma are lesions that are a result of benign tumors that can develop inside the oral cavity or on the surface of the skin. Such lesions are considered more crucial as they can grow and interfere with the normal functioning of the mouth or other organs. However, in many cases, such lesions are noted to go away or get better on their own. Yet some might grow and cause the surrounding skin to be in a complex situation because of the lesions. These can result in permanent damage to health or related organs.

Many still confuse vascular lesions with hemangiomas, however, both are very distinct in nature and types. Hemangioma is often raised lesions on the skin that might interfere with the normal functioning of the oral cavity. Out top plastic surgeons at our clinics in Mumbai would consult and discuss the possible treatment plan of the options with the patient. A doctor would ask the patient to get their imaging and the related test done to get treatment line started promptly.


Intra-oral hemangiomas are the lesion that occurs inside the oral cavity of the patient.  These lesions may alter the normal functioning of the mouth and jaw. In such a scenario, there may be the need to have surgical intervention. Extra-oral hemangiomas are the lesion and malformation on the surface of the skin, therefore the severity is only gauged when the root or the depth of the lesion is measured.

These hemangiomas require the doctors to thoroughly diagnose the severity of the lesion to choose an apt mode of treatment. Here are the types of Intraoral and Extraoral Hemangioma Treatment available at our clinics in Mumbai:

  • Oral Medication & Steroids Use

In some cases, the use of medication and steroids can prove effective. However, this entirely depends on the type of lesion and the location of the hemangioma. Medication such as Timolol and Propranolol are often used to diminish the growth of the lesion. These medications can work well for small-sized hemangiomas. However, it is crucial to look for the side effects and related complications occurring from the use of the medication.

  • Injectable Steroids

Using injectable steroids to be put inside the lesion or hemangioma is another treatment option. This requires the best hands of the plastic surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics to stop the growth of the lesion and promote shrinking. Intralesional steroids or systematic steroids can improve the abnormalities to a great extent by diminishing the growth and size shrinking.

  • Surgery & Laser

Surgical and laser alternatives are useful when the hemangiomas are interfering with the normal functioning of the oral cavity. A larger size of the lesion sometimes can alter the oral cavity function, such as swallowing, speaking, etc. Therefore, it becomes crucial to intervene with a more permanent approach such as surgery or laser. Surgery is done to remove the lesion and a laser can help improve the wound marks by lightening the scars.

What To Expect From The Doctor?

Vascular Lesion Treatment In India requires vast experience in the field like the doctor of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. The patient would require a thorough diagnosis along with discussing the history and other health conditions to choose the right treatment plan for them. Dr. Debraj Shome of The Esthetic Clinics have years of expertise in Vascular Lesion Treatments. He and his best plastic surgeons team are well trained in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the condition.

Intraoral and Extraoral Haemangioma Treatment and Vascular malformations both require expertise and top cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Debraj Shome, to make prompt decisions regarding treatments. The team at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai stays on their toes to get the best experience for their patients by ensuring the consultation and treatment go smoothly. It is critical to discuss the related risks and complications before deciding on the treatment plan for Vascular Lesion Treatment In India.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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