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Ear Prosthesis Surgery

Best Ear Prosthesis Surgery in India

Accounts of ear prosthesis to replace a missing ear dates back to several centuries. Today, aural prostheses are being made with the highest medical grade silicone rubber with shape and color customized according to each patient. These ear prostheses can contribute to the restoration of functional, cosmetic, and psychological normalcy for many patients. Our expert ear prosthesis panel works following the industry standards to give the best ear prosthesis aesthetics to the patients.


Syndrome-induced craniofacial defects might be the result of various congenital conditions, tumor surgery, injury, or trauma. The ear and other body parts may be affected due to such conditions and surgeries. Such defects and deformities can become a reason for esthetic, functional, and psychosocial issues for the patient. Our clinics in India have advance techniques and top cosmetic surgeons for treating such conditions with expertise.


The uniqueness of the ear area which is involved might prove too difficult for reconstructing the autologous tissue. Missing eye and its autologous replacement and reconstruction of the orbit is difficult. Nasal reconstruction has possibilities of reconstruction at our clinics in India. But, as with other facial procedures, it is difficult to achieve symmetry and fine detail of the reconstructed area.


Reconstruction of a congenitally missing ear or one lost to trauma is a complex treatment when using rib cartilage grafting. Grafting the ear is a difficult procedure given the extreme complexity in reshaping the cartilage to mimic the original three-dimensional shape of the opposite ear.


What Is An Ear Prosthesis?

An ear prosthesis is an ear rehabilitation alternative for patients diagnosed with congenital deformities and additional birth defects, like, Treacher Collins, etc. These ear prosthesis also works for patients who have had experienced a traumatic injury in the past or been under auriculectomy for any ailment. Our certified cosmetic surgeons can make a significantly life-like prosthesis of the ear to mirror the features of the other healthy normal ear of the patient. Our patients at The Esthetic Clinics appreciate their prosthesis life-like features that make the transition of the prosthesis with the natural skin seamless.


Our certified plastic surgeons in India are specialized medical prosthesis artists who can custom-make silicone ear prostheses ensuring the highest quality, shape, and prosthesis custom design. Patients can trust our experts with their ear prostheses as there is no painful procedure for ear prostheses. Without worrying about the whole procedure, we treat the patients just like our family and our team will ensure patients are nothing but satisfied at The Esthetic Clinics.


How Is The Ear Prosthesis Attached? 

Our experts work along with the patient and family to discuss the various possibilities of the treatment. Our top plastic surgeon will evaluate and discuss suitable attachment options for the prosthesis ear. Ear prosthesis at our clinics may be attached to a patient in the following options: 


  • Medical Adhesive 

The patient’s ear prosthesis might be attached using a specially formulated medical adhesive. In most cases, patients would be easily able to adjust using prosthesis adhesive to attach ear prostheses. Medical glue for an ear prosthesis is somewhat like daily routine activities like daily flossing. 


We at The Esthetic Clinics offer several types of adhesive products including liquids and two-sided tapes. Therefore, patients could choose any one of them that is suitable for them to attach their ear prosthesis. It is a common sight to see patients choosing adhesive type to minimize the need for surgical intervention.


  • Anatomical Retention

In several cases, the patient has remains of a normal size ear that can come in way of designing an ear prosthesis. Yet, there are ways the remaining part of the ear can become useful too. Our best cosmetic surgeon can work according to the remaining part and make a prosthesis of the ear that would fit over the remnant of the ear. Commonly several practitioners suggest the removal of ear remnants to create the entire ear prosthesis from scratch.


We at The Esthetic Clinics understand that some patients would prefer a more conservative approach to not remove the remnant. Our advanced technique to include the remnant of an ear before creating the prosthesis can simplify the securing of the ear prosthesis, even without the need for the adhesive to attach. 


  • Craniofacial Bone-Anchored Implants 

The third method is craniofacial implants that are bone-anchored are very tiny titanium fixtures, our best cosmetic surgeons will surgically implant during a procedure to put the ear prosthesis. These titanium parts will bond with the ear’s bone and surrounding skin to work as a foundation of the magnetic ear prosthesis to attach over it. 


If the patient chooses bone-anchored implant attachment, our top plastic surgeons at The Esthetic Clinics have the best hands to create the magic for the patient. The seamless attachment of the prosthesis ear would help the patient beam with confidence once the fixture heals and become ready for snap-on. Ear prosthesis snap-on implants can assure the best possible ear prosthesis options for the patient.


Microtia & Some Critical Things

Surgical or non-surgical method, ear reconstruction or ear prosthesis restoration, be it any procedure, it is crucial to consult beforehand with an experienced plastic or reconstructive surgeon at a clinic near me. It is wiser to speak with an otolaryngologist specialist or a hearing specialist, who can determine hearing difficulties of impairment during atresia condition. Atresia is when the patient’s ear canal is absent. An ear prosthesis expert doctor will work together with knowledge of the ear prosthesis.


How Much Does An Ear Prosthesis Cost?

Ear prosthesis cost varies from one another depending on the material used and craftsmanship involved in the creation of the prosthesis. Some pieces of ear prosthesis can last ranging from six months to up to two years. While other more durable ear prosthesis lifespan can be over several years too. How well individuals take care of the ear prosthesis would alter the durability and decide the lifespan of the same.


The cost of an ear prosthesis varies due to the different materials being used and which surgeon you have chosen. While our expert cosmetic surgeons make beautiful ears, many other clinics can have varying and comparable pricing for ear prosthesis in India.


Ear Prosthesis Advantages 

Ear prostheses have various advantages for patients with missing ears or those who do not wish to get another complex surgery for reconstruction of the ear using tissues. Following are some of these advantages to think of:


  • The artificial ear can be designed with a very realistic appearance.
  • Patients have the guidance of our specialist known as a prosthetist or anaplastologist at The Esthetic Clinics in India.
  • Ear prosthesis in India is the easiest method of molding an artificial ear similar to the original. Furthermore, with lesser risks than the surgical rehabilitation of the ear using rib cartilage.
  • This gives additional hope to patients who are not ready for surgical rehabilitation of the ear.


Ear prosthesis can be slept in occasionally and an individual can even swim with the prosthesis on. However, this will cause the ear to break down a little sooner over time.


Maintenance & Cleaning of The Ear Prosthesis

Both magnetic and adhesive ear prostheses would require minimal cleaning and maintenance. However, the patient is required to be responsible and able to take ear prosthesis care by cleaning it regularly as per our expert's suggestions. To lengthen the prosthesis's durability, it is strongly suggested to follow the routine cleaning instructions given by the doctor. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai would make sure to instruct the patient about general upkeep and maintenance tips while receiving and loading of the prosthesis take place. 


Remove the ear prosthesis every night and clean it every time removing it at night to make a cleaning routine. Prosthesis ears with glue must be cleaned thoroughly every night. All of the glue should be removed from the ear prosthesis and cleaned daily so that the skin on the remnant part of the ear stays in good hygiene allowing the skin to breathe. This also helps to prolong the life of the ear and the quality/look of the ear. 


Sometimes, it is possible to over clean the ear prosthesis and skin beneath, the patient’s skin to become irritated due to cleaning products. Seek the suggestions/advice of our best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai or a dermatologist to find out what other cleansers and moisturizers would be suitable for regular use.


What To Expect From Your Doctor?

Do not just believe us but do thorough research before getting ear prosthesis. Inquire about your choice of cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and certifications. We at The Esthetic Clinics have various expert cosmetic surgeons on our team under Dr. Debraj Shome.  This would enable us to get the prosthesis parts needed for an Osseo integrated ear ready in time. Dr. Debraj Shome has extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of the prosthesis in India. Both a glue or adhesive ear and a magnetic ear can range in prices similar like the ear prosthesis cost as per their different types. The sooner you can get a consultation with our expert anaplastologist, the better to understand all minute details of ear prostheses in India.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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