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Laser DCR Surgery

Best Laser DCR Surgery in India

Laser technology has changed the magnitude of possibilities in the medical and surgical world. Laser technique's vast use and minimally invasive approach to treat problems have helped mankind many folds. Laser treatments like laser DCR surgery in India, for the eyes are considered the most effective type of procedure. Tear ducts are sensitive elements of the natural functioning of orbital contents. Any difficulty or obstruction in the regular functioning can cause serious damage to the eyes and sight. 

In earlier times, external DCR surgery was given outage over endonasal DCR surgery because of the results and success rate. Trans canalicular DCR route to treat obstruction is done using canaliculus through lacrimal sac to reach the nasal space. Now, this either is done using a surgical drill or laser passing through an optical fiber. The advancement of technology and faster treatment options have given a way to make laser techniques more popular. 


What Is Laser DCR Surgery?

Laser DCR or laser dacryocystorhinostomy surgery is a technique used by experts to treat patients who are suffering from watery eyes because of nasal obstruction or infection in the nasal space. The surgery is used to make way for the tears to go through the natural way and not stay obstructed. Patients who have watery eyes should consult at a clinic nearby to get the diagnosis. 

Naturally, the tears should be able to drain to the nose after the tear glands generate them. However, in some cases, the tears are not able to travel through the lacrimal sac connected to the canaliculus tubes to drain the tears and connects to the nasal area. The lacrimal sac is responsible for further making way for the tear fluids to go through the nasolacrimal sac to get to nasal space finally. The area between the eyes and the nose has all the action going inside it. 


Symptoms Of An Obstruction

It is obvious that excessively watery eyes are a symptom on their own. In most cases patients can experience irritation, pain, feeling of uncomforting, obstruction, or swelling around their nasal space. Some might even experience mucous or swelling around the inner lids of the eyes. However, most of these symptoms might not feel like a serious disorder until extremely uncomfortable or painful. 

A physical examination at a clinic nearby can help patients get an early diagnosis. Our skilful cosmetic surgeons and best ophthalmologists are well trained to diagnose and treat patients with such problems. When there is a blockage around the nasal space or in the lacrimal sac, the eyes experience excess fluids. It is almost like what crying looks like. Furthermore, if these tears stay stuck inside the lacrimal sac for long being stagnant, there can be infection brewing as well. Any such obstruction is cured by laser DCR surgery to make way for the tears. 

Following are the most common symptoms of the irregularities in eyes:

  • Excessive watery eyes.
  • Mucous formation or discharge.
  • Infection
  • Pain in inside corners.
  • Irritation or itching.
  • Swelling with pain.


What Is The Function Of The Tear Ducts?

To understand the normal functioning of the tear ducts of drainage, let’s get started with the human anatomy first. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. Orbital contents consisting of tear ducts are a complex mix of tear functions. Tears are a part of the smooth functioning of the eyes as well. Because tear drainage is required all the time to keep the moisture inside the eyes in check for having healthy eyes. To keep the eyes moist and problem-free, humans blink to make the tear ducts pump the tears and spread them around the eye evenly. The process goes on smoothly when the tears that are generated could find their way to drain through the nasal cavity. 

Tear glands or tear ducts connect to the inner corners of the eyes, which are further connected to the canaliculus, a tiny tube to link eyes to the lacrimal sac. The lacrimal sac is a pocket between the inner eye and nose. The lacrimal sac, therefore, makes way for the tear to drain into the nasolacrimal sac. The Nasolacrimal sac lets the tear travel through the bony structure around the nasal space to the nose. 


What Is The Procedure?

Any surgery or treatment is only suggested when there is an absolute need for the process. Patients suffering from such uncomfortable situations can get the help of a top cosmetic surgeon from a clinic nearby in Mumbai. A doctor will be able to identify, diagnose, and treat the uncomfortable situation. Based on the diagnosis made by an expert at our clinics in Mumbai, the patient can discuss their treatment options. 

In some cases, the patient can get relief by using warm compresses, massage therapies, or other alternative treatment options. But, in more severe cases, these may not be enough for a patient. Leaving them to look for surgical approaches like laser DCR surgery to treat watery eyes.

Laser energy can make DCR surgery be done faster with a better success rate than the traditional route of the procedure. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics has the best team of cosmetic surgeons to take care of patients in the best way possible. 

What Is Laser DCR?

Laser DCR surgery is a type of treatment to fix tear duct drainage. The laser technique has better results for the tear blockage problems as the success rate of this type of treatment is higher. Once the patient decides the laser DCR surgery as their preferred choice, our top ophthalmologist or cosmetic surgeon specializing in this field will take the case forward. A small tiny endoscopic tube is inserted inside the nasal space of the patient to get the right view of the insides. 

Once the doctor ensures the issue at hand and its severity, another very thin optic fiber is then inserted through the tube. Laser beams are passed through the tube to make a new link inside the lacrimal sac with the nasal cavity, at the place where a drainage hole should be present. The laser cuts through the tissues of the skin and bone involved to make way for tear drainage into the nasal cavity. Once the cut is made, the laser is used to enlarge the opening as per the need. The new drain made by the best hands in the industry proves to be the most beneficial way to treat the problem at hand. 

Generally, the top plastic surgeon would often be able to complete the procedure sooner than the traditional ones. In some cases, the doctor might also put a tube of silicone to work like a stent to keep the new nasal passage working. The tube or stent can be removed on a visit to the clinic later by the doctor. Our experts at The Esthetic Clinics are well experienced in performing the surgery along with follow-up aftercare and recovery. 

Conventional DCR treatments and surgery involved external cuts or internal cuts with probable loss of excess blood in most cases. The likelihood of severe side-effects and complications made old methods obsolete in the presence of more advanced techniques. Laser treatments are faster, often would not even require a stay overnight at the hospital, making it a more convenient and successful treatment option. Here are some common advantages of laser technology in the field of DCR surgeries:

  • Almost no discomfort or pain during the surgery.
  • Faster mode of the surgical intervention and recovery to treat watery eyes. 
  • No scars from the laser DCR surgery.
  • Laser DCR cost becomes lesser with fewer complications and risks involved including the threat to life in traditional surgeries.
  • No need for an overnight stay at the hospital.
  • Less to the very little risk of blood loss during the surgery. 
  • Easy reopening of the blockage if any, after the laser surgery.
  • Fairly easier and quick procedure along with being minimally invasive.


Complications & Risks

Every surgical procedure has its way with the human body. Some can affect more and some might not even show a tiny bit of effects. Here are some of the common complications that might result in a worry for the patient. Here are some of the common yet possible risks involved with laser DCR surgery in India:

  • infection.
  • Complication from anesthesia administration.
  • Very rare risk of laser burns due to the surgery.
  • Scar tissue development can cause blockage in the drainage system again. 
  • Visible scars.


What To Expect From The Doctor?

To get started with the tear duct treatment, it is crucial to identify the cause and diagnose accordingly. Patients should make sure to get their problem evaluated by an expert at our clinics in Mumbai. Our best team of cosmetic surgeons and ophthalmologists will ensure the diagnosis is done after a thorough investigation of the symptoms.

A patient needs to decide on the type of treatment by consulting the pros and cons of laser DCR surgery in India. Dr. Debraj Shome celebrity cosmetic surgeon in India, explains that the patient can include various procedures along with laser DCR. The various aspects of tear ducts and their blockage need the expertise of a top cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Debraj Shome and his team are able to give the best treatment to its patients. Visit our clinics in Mumbai to get the consultation in place to get started with laser DCR surgery.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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