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Oral Cancer Biopsy Surgery

Best Oral Cancer Biopsy Surgery in India

People having any symptom of oral cancer can visit our clinic to get checked by our experienced dentists and doctors. If the doctors at our clinic suspect that you have any signs or symptoms of oral cancer then you may be recommended for oral cancer biopsy. Oral cancer biopsy conducted at our centres is done by highly skilled and experienced professionals to determine if you have oral cancer cells. Oral cancer biopsy is considered to be the most authentic analysis to test if you have oral cancer or not.

Oral cancer biopsy processes in India

We have excellent oral cancer biopsy testing procedure. For the purpose of oral cancer biopsy, a sample of your tissues or cells is collected by the doctor. The suspected tumour site, deep inside your neck, lymph node, lips, upper or lower palate etc, plays significant role in deciding oral cancer procedures. There are generally following biopsies undertaken to diagnose your oral cancer:

Incisional biopsy: In this biopsy, a small piece of tissue is cut from the area where the cancer is suspected. The process of this biopsy depends upon the location of the area from where the tissue is to be taken. If the suspected cancer area can be easily assessed then the sample can be taken without any problem. However, if the tumour is at a place deep inside your mouth or throat, then the doctor will give you general anaesthesia to prevent any pain that may happen in cutting the tissue. After extracting tissue from suspected area, it is given to pathologists for biopsy examination.

Exfoliative cytology: This is comparatively simpler biopsy examination process as the doctors at will scrape the suspicious area to collect a sample of your cells. The collected sample of cells is placed on a glass slide stained with dye for further medical examinations. The experts at our clinic will see your cells under a medical microscope.  If the experts are able to detect abnormal cells in your sample then they will do a detailed biopsy. This biopsy is generally preferred by our doctors as the first step of investigation of oral tumour if the suspicious area is easily accessible.

Fine-needle Aspiration (FNA) biopsy: If you have lump in your neck then you should visit oral biopsy clinic nearby your location. The doctors at the clinic would examine the suspected lump in your neck and if considered apt they may recommend fine- needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) examination. In this oral cancer biopsy, the surgeon would first numb the place around lump in your neck to prevent any pain. Then the surgeon would use a very thin medical needle to extract cells or fluid from the suspected lump in your neck. This extracted cells or fluid would be given to the pathologists to find out any cancer cell in it.


Preparation for Oral cancer biopsy examination: You would visit our clinic for initial consultation. Our doctors and dentists would do preliminary investigation to determine whether your case ought to be recommended for oral cancer biopsy. After doing thorough preliminary investigation, if the doctors recommend oral cancer biopsy then they would suggest appropriate preparations that you would have to do for oral cancer biopsy examination.

The doctors and dentists would recommend appropriate pre-examination preparations to you. This pre-biopsy preparation depends on your lump or sore sites, whether it is easily accessible or not. It also depends on whether you would be given any anaesthesia for oral cancer biopsy. Our doctors may also suggest you to hold on medicines that you may be taking before they would do your oral cancer biopsy. When you visit our centres, you should certainly discuss your existing medical conditions in detail with our experienced doctors.

Is Oral Cancer biopsy painful?

The experienced doctors and surgeons at the Esthetic Clinics would make your oral cancer biopsy process smooth and painless. Oral cancer biopsy conducted by our experienced doctors is usually painless. You may feel pin prick at the site where the doctor may inject local anaesthesia or where the doctor would inject to take out sample of cells for oral cancer biopsy examination.

It is common to have some swelling and bleeding during and post oral cancer biopsy procedure. The doctor may advise you to place ice pack at the site and around the site where injection was injected to give local anaesthesia. Similarly, they may ask you to keep ice pack at the surgery site from where sample was collected for oral cancer biopsy examination. It will help in healing surgical wounds faster and lessening of any minor pain if you have.

Doctors would put a gauze pack at surgical site to stop bleeding or oozing of blood. The doctor may suggest you to keep the gauze pack at the biopsy site for next 30 minutes to stop bleeding. If the doctor feels, then he may change the gauze pack before you leave the oral cancer biopsy centre after biopsy procedure.

What are Oral cancer biopsy post-op suggestions?

Oral cancer biopsy is usually outpatient procedure hence after the biopsy you would be able to go about your day. Our doctors at The Esthetic clinics would suggest appropriate guidance post oral cancer biopsy procedure. Post oral cancer biopsy advices also depend upon your existing medical conditions. The doctor would recommend post biopsy procedure advices depending upon the site of tumour (mouth or neck or lymph nodes), local anaesthesia (injected or not injected), site of injected local anaesthesia etc.

The doctor may usually advise following instructions:

  • Hygiene: The doctor would usually advice you to maintain high hygiene inside and outside your mouth, post biopsy procedure, to avoid any infection. You should definitely maintain high hygiene around the site from where specimen has been collected.
  • Food advices: The doctor may advice you to avoid abrasive, spicy, stale and hot food. He may advice you to have semi liquid cool food to avoid any stress on the injection or biopsy site. You may be advised to follow such regimen for few days after biopsy procedure to enable your healing faster.
  • Sutures: It depends on individual cases that sutures will be placed or not after extracting cells from suspected sites. If sutures are placed then usually it will dissolve in 7-10 days. You may be advised to limit or restrict the movement of the mouth part where biopsy has been done. If biopsy is done on any side of your tongue, then the doctor would advise you to restrict the movement of tongue for few days to not put stress on biopsy site and let it heal smoothly. Similarly, if the biopsy is done on your lips, then the doctor may recommend you to not open your lips widely while smiling etc for few days.
  • Medicines: The doctor would advise you few medicines for few days to reduce your pain at biopsy site. The doctor would advise you medicines depending upon individual cases. You may be advised not to rinse or brush your teeth on the day biopsy was done. You may start it from next day onwards.
  • Alcohol or smoking: If you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, then the doctor may appropriately advice you so that alcohol and smoking do not hurt your biopsy site. You may be advised to rinse your mouth gently with salty tepid water, for a few days, to heal your biopsy site. Usually, our doctors may advise you not to smoke cigarettes or take alcohol for next 72 hours after the biopsy procedure is conducted.

Cost of oral cancer biopsy in India

Oral cancer biopsy is conducted by extracting sample of cells from suspected tumour site. Oral cancer biopsy cost in India depends upon the suspected tumour site, injection of local anaesthesia, etc. The location of the suspected tumour site, like deep inside neck or underneath your tongue or upper or lower palate or lymph nodes, is vital for conducting oral cancer biopsy.  Oral cancer biopsy cost also depends upon your pre-existing medical conditions. We can assure you that the cost of oral cancer biopsy conducted by our experienced doctors at The Esthetic Clinics are quite competitive. 

Why you should do your oral cancer biopsy at The Esthetic Clinics?

At The Esthetic Clinics, we have extensive dentistry where we treat many types of dental ailments. We have best dentists, doctors and surgeons who would make your cancer biopsy very smooth and painless. Our doctors and surgeons are led by Dr Debraj Shome, who has been awarded the best plastic surgeon in India.  He is also a very well-known celebrity surgeon as he has treated many celebrities in Mumbai. We have good dentists and doctors to give you good first consultation before your oral cancer biopsy procedure.

You can visit our clinic for best initial consultation for your mouth or teeth related issues, pre-oral cancer biopsy consultation, oral cancer biopsy procedure, post-oral cancer biopsy consultation and cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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