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Craniofacial Syndrome Surgery

Best Craniofacial Syndrome Surgery in India

Craniofacial syndromes are a diverse group of anomalies in the growth of the head and surrounding facial bones of an individual. Medically the craniofacial syndrome anomalies are referred to as a disorder. The craniofacial syndrome involves soft tissues of the skull and face along with the bones. Abnormal growth of these soft tissues and bones can become the reason for craniofacial syndrome generally. Such a condition can be congenital or a result of disease and trauma.

What Is A Craniofacial Syndrome?

Craniofacial word is a combination of two words, Cranio and facial, Cranio means skull, and facial means the face. A syndrome commonly used to specify a disease or disorder that includes a cluster of related symptoms. These symptoms are commonly a result of deformities of face, the function of head and facial region along with the significant visible difference in otherwise normal appearance. These symptoms are often found in other body parts of an individual as well.


The craniofacial syndrome is often used as a term for collective conditions of craniofacial symptoms. Such craniofacial syndrome conditions might be in combination with another syndrome as well. Tilted heads of children with deformities and anomalies often are a result of an underlying syndrome or genetic condition.


Why These Craniofacial Syndromes Occur?

The human skull composes of several bones that are normally separated from each other by sutures. As a newborn’s brain starts to grow, sutures enable the skull to develop and expand into a natural head shape with time. In some cases, sutures close earlier than they should for a normal growth rate. When one or more of the various types of skull sutures closes early, the skull then can expand abnormally to other directions of open sutures. Because the growth shifts to one specific side, this condition can make the head grow in an abnormal shape. In rare but severe cases, this abnormal growth can further cause a prolonged load on the developing brain.


In most cases of craniofacial syndrome, patients are seen with having additional deformities and conditions. Fusion of normally open sutures of the skull can induce abnormal growth around the skull and face, such as in the eye sockets, midface, etc. A combination of such conditions can result in deformities particular to the patient individually. However, as with the case of craniofacial syndrome symptoms, many such deformities are a result of a genetic disorder or fresh course of mutation altogether. 


The complex condition of such deformities can cause irreversible damage or permanent inability or disability in children, if not treated promptly. Therefore, visiting a clinic near me or The Esthetic Clinics can help diagnose craniofacial syndrome in time. With newfound techniques and treatments, it is still possible to alter the course of craniofacial syndrome to treat complex deformities with a very low morbidity rate.


Symptoms & Diagnosis Information

The craniofacial syndrome has some obviously visible deformities on the patient’s head that are readily identifiable by looking alone. However, there can be some mutation and a genetic condition that would require clinical diagnosis by an expert. Craniofacial syndrome in children makes them have easily recognizable symptoms because of the abnormal shape of the child’s head and face in many such cases. However, as time goes, the growth of the deformities can alter the shape and effects even more due to the sutures fusion and deformed bone structure. 


Right Time to Get a Diagnosis of Craniofacial Syndromes

Craniofacial syndrome disorders in individuals are sometimes visible from the birth of the child. However, there can be some difficulties in a proper diagnosis until the child grows a little and the growing head develops. It is crucial to diagnose such conditions promptly to ascertain the severity of the situation in time. Failure to do so can have adverse results of the craniofacial syndrome. Some cases can cause permanent damage or disability following the syndrome effects. 


Many craniofacial conditions are so severe and apparent that our experts can diagnose them simply by the appearance of the patient. In other situations, a CT scan might be necessary to diagnose craniofacial syndrome in India. However, radiological testing at our clinics in India cannot always provide enough information to our experts to diagnose the problem accurately. 


When this happens, our top cosmetic surgeons might recommend waiting several weeks, or sometimes even months, and evaluate how the patient’s condition develops further. It is often much easier for a top plastic surgeon to diagnose craniofacial syndrome accurately at this point and come up with a suitable craniofacial syndrome treatment plan.


Diagnosis of Craniofacial Syndrome

Babies born with deformities in their heads or faces require a complete examination by a neurologist or pediatrician at our clinics in India to discover the cause. In most cases, common visible craniofacial syndrome attributes can make the doctor diagnose the syndrome without much examination. In other cases, our experts at The Esthetic Clinics can ask for a thorough examination to diagnose the condition. The doctor will give your child a thorough examination. The expert plastic surgeon would ask for the patient’s full family medical history to rule out the hereditary situation.


The doctor at our clinics might also need to see radiological images of the patient’s face and skull. If even then any craniofacial issues fail to show up on imaging scans, a patient might need a consultation with a top neurologist in India to discuss the best course of treatment for craniofacial syndrome near me.


Craniofacial Syndrome Surgery Types

Craniofacial syndrome surgery, as the name suggests is a surgical intervention that involves skull bones reshaping along with the facial parts and jaws. There is some other similar syndrome with craniofacial deformities as well, like Crouzon syndrome, etc. So many patients suffer from craniofacial deformities resulting from various syndrome and trauma. There are several complexities in performing the surgical operation of deformities of the skull and face. Therefore, it is safe to say that most of such surgeries can come under the umbrella of craniofacial surgical operations.


Top maxillofacial surgeons at our clinics in Mumbai and top plastic surgeons perform craniofacial syndrome surgical procedures. 


Craniofacial Syndrome Surgery Cost In India

Craniofacial syndrome surgery treatment cost in India would vary accordingly with the severity of the disorder and procedure. Most craniofacial syndrome surgery requires cutting-edge equipment and technological advances, such as sonic welds that are available at our clinics in Mumbai. Using such advanced technologies results in fewer procedures in surgery leading to faster recovery and significantly successful results.


The cost of craniofacial syndrome surgery and treatment in India is significantly economical as compared to similar types of surgery abroad. Patients can consult at the clinics nearby to get more information on how much craniofacial syndrome surgery in Mumbai costs. Our team at The Esthetic Clinics will guide them with the process and available facilities to give them knowledge on the treatment and surgery.


Craniofacial Syndrome Surgery & Treatment

Surgery and treatment for craniofacial conditions vary based on the severity and the condition of the syndrome in people. Children diagnosed with craniofacial conditions would frequently have to go through series of operations spread over their lifetime. Plastic surgeons are capable of rebuilding jaws or the nose by taking bone grafts and cartilage from other parts of the body. Celebrity surgeons in India can now create an entirely new ear by using the cartilage taken from the rib of the patient. 


Craniofacial Syndrome treatment would entirely depend on the age of the patient and the severity of the condition the most. Kids with less severe deformities can have faster surgeries and healing times. In simpler words, it’s a matter of just taking the existing bone structure of the patient and cutting it, and shifting it, or elongating it as per the deformities. All of this will depend upon the age and degree of deformity of the patient, and our team at The Esthetic Clinics will tailor the entire treatment for the patient.


What To Expect From The Doctor?

Oftentimes children diagnosed with craniofacial anomalies have other problems as well. These problems don’t have to do with their skull, face, and neck. It could be due to a heart problem, or a spine problem, or an intra-abdominal problem. We have experts here that can take care of hearts, and lungs, and hands, and feet, and brains along with craniofacial syndrome cosmetic surgeries. 


We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world here at The Esthetic Clinics, and they play a crucial role in some of our most complicated craniofacial surgeries in India. Our specialist plastic surgeons can do big, complex surgery for craniofacial syndrome because we know that our team who are going to take care of patients are just the best.


Dr. Debraj Shome has years of experience in the related field. Dr. Debraj Shome was chosen for the certified fellowship in Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery, only five are chosen every year. When looking for a craniofacial syndrome treatment that requires nothing but the best, head to The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai to get the best hands at work. 

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