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Cosmetic Surgery in Nashik

Cosmetic Surgery in Nashik

Ageing and certain anatomic/physiologic events like weight loss or pregnancy have a way of altering the appearance of the human body. To this end, a significant number of persons consider cosmetic surgery procedures to correct or restore the aberration that has evolved. And, if you are one of those looking out for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Nashik, you need not look any further beyond The Esthetic Clinics where Dr. Debraj Shome and other experienced cosmetic surgeons are available to attend to your needs.
There are various types of cosmetic surgery procedures that are directed at reconstructing specific parts of the body. Some of these procedures include:

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is simply a procedure that is carried out to enlarge the breast, and women normally go for this cosmetic surgery when they feel undone by small-sized breasts or in the instance whereby the two breasts are unequally sized. Again, women with droopy breasts – which emerge with ageing skin – may also consider breast augmentation. This procedure is frequently done using either silicone gel prosthesis or saline.

Mastopexy: This procedure, which is otherwise known as breast lift, is intended at reshaping a sagging breast, or changing and modifying its size – to become better elevated. In carrying this surgery, the surgeon will remove the skin and tissues that are responsible for the undesirable shape of the breast, and then have the remaining tissue rearranged to achieve an elevated appearance. There are occasions where breast augmentation is performed after mastopexy to achieve the best possible outcome. Concerning this procedure; the cosmetic surgery cost in Nashik is not usually covered by insurance providers.

Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure that is aimed at getting rid of the excess fat in different parts of the body, and it is even frequently recommended as a breast reduction procedure for men. As a matter of caution; while fat poses some danger in the development of medical conditions like high blood pressure, and diabetes, it should be noted that liposuction does not reduce the risk of developing these disorders. Moreover, it should not be considered as a viable weight-loss protocol. The end objective of liposuction is to ensure aesthetics by improving the contour around the area that is being operated on. Certain risks like haematoma, allergic reactions, tissue damage, impaired sensation, and infection are associated with this cosmetic surgery. All these should, however, not be an issue if you have the best cosmetic surgeon in Nashik to supervise the process – The Esthetic Clinics has you covered in this regard.

Abdominoplasty: As you might have drawn from the name, this procedure involves the reshaping of the abdomen to give a (more) flattened outlook. In performing this procedure, the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin from the middle and lower regions of the abdomen, even as the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened. This ultimately makes the abdomen firmer.

Buttock Augmentation: Buttock augmentation is tailored to achieve the enhancement of the buttocks’ appearance, specifically as it relates to size increment. A commonly adopted protocol in this respect is the Brazilian butt lift wherein the surgeon uses liposuction to graft fat – that is eventually transferred to the buttocks – from other parts of the body where excess fat exists. Another technique utilized for actualizing the objective of buttock augmentation is that which involves the use of silicone implants.

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is sometimes referred to as “Nose job”, and it is simply about reducing any bulge that may be present at the upper part of the nose while reshaping the (nose) tip to enhance appearance. That said, rhinoplasty also has some functional significance as it can help to improve breathing. This particular cosmetic surgery is usually performed on individuals whose cartilage and bone of the nose are fully grown.

Otoplasty: Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery targeted at repositioning or recontouring the ear. It is often recommended for the correction of ears that are not properly shaped, and/or in cases where the ear appears to be considerably far from the head. Otoplasty can be achieved through one of several protocols that involve ear pinning, ear augmentation, or ear reduction.

Rhytidectomy: Rhytidectomy, or facelift as it is widely known, is about the most common procedure that people frequently visit cosmetic surgery clinics in Nashik to have. This procedure is considered as ageing takes its toll on the face and neck, and this is reflected by the appearance of folds and wrinkles around the affected area. To correct this, through rhytidectomy, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the fat, muscle, and fat localized around the lower aspect of the face and neck thus giving the person – upon whom the procedure is performed – a (more) youthful outlook. so, if you are above 40 years of age, with the evident sign of wrinkles or sags all over your face, you should contact The Esthetic Clinics and have the best cosmetic surgeon in Nashik attend to your case today.

Lip Enhancement: Lip enhancement procedures are normally performed to reshape the lips or restore their volume to pick up a youthful appearance again – after the effects of ageing might have set in. Cosmetic surgeons in Nashik may either use dermal filler lip injections, lip implants, and fat injections to improve the appearance of a patient’s lips.        

Though cosmetic surgeries are mostly considered to be elective procedures – meaning that they are not necessitated by any medical condition – they may have certain far-reaching consequences if not properly done. This is why it is highly important to seek out the services of the best cosmetic surgeon in Nashik to perform the procedure on you.

Having quality cosmetic surgery in Nashik is now a reality with The Esthetic Clinics’ team led by Dr. Debraj Shome right within touching distance. You get to consult and have your surgery performed by one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Nashik – and India as a whole.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Nashik

Cosmetic surgery cost in Nashik will vary based on the type of procedure a patient desires to have. Additionally, the extent of the effect of these reconstructive protocols, and whether, or not, it will involve the use of implants are the other factors that could impact cosmetic surgery cost in Nashik.



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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India
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