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Keyhole Implant Surgery

Keyhole Implant Surgery in Mumbai

If you too have been missing a tooth and vising the best dentists for tooth replacement then implants is a word that you will be hearing quite often.  There are many different types of implants that are used by periodontists worldwide. Each implant has its own advantages and disadvantages and your oral surgeon is always the best person to guide you about suitable implants for your dental structure.

Keyhole implants are one such new age advanced additions to cosmetic dentistry that are easy to set and great in benefits.  The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is the front runner when it comes to using the latest technology for making the dental treatments as simple for the patients as possible.

Keyhole implant treatment in Mumbai is a painless implant procedure and beneficial for patients who want to avoid the painful incisions and long recovery time of conventional implants.  Our expert periodontists in Mumbai use technology such as 3D imaging and CBCT to get a correct evaluation of the strength of jawbone and gum tissues to diagnose any dental complexities and then prepare a customized treatment and rehabilitation plant that will suit you the best. Our expert will stay will you on every step of the way during implant setting.  Keyhole dental implants do the same job as traditional implants but they different in the manner of insertion and techniques used.

What are keyhole dental implants?

 A keyhole implant is a flapless approach to place a dental implant in the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. It is a simple and less invasive process because it avoids the extensive incision. A keyhole implant is drilled directly in the teeth bone through the gum line. It fuses with the bone and provides supports to the teeth and also acts as a base for dental bridges etc.

Keep in mind that implants are not visible on the surface when you smile or eat. They have high quality artificial tooth/crown/ prosthesis placed over which function just like natural tooth/teeth. A keyhole implant is a permanent fixed implant and can be used for any number of teeth.  They are designed in such a way that they can function immediately and are durable and long lasting.

How is Keyhole Dental Implant Surgery different from conventional dental implant surgery?

Keyhole dental implants in Mumbai is simple dental treatment that can be done in less than thirty minutes. It does the same functions and is done under local anesthesia but the procedure differs in some aspects such as:

  • Conventional dental implant surgery is invasive and is done by elevating the gum flap for the oral surgeon to gain access to the jaw bone below. Best oral surgeons in Mumbai use this method to work with the soft tissues. If not done by the hands of experts such kind of dental implants can cause tissue and bone loss and also lead to high fluid retention, pain and prolonged recovery time.
  • On the other hand, a keyhole implant surgery in India is done with the help of CBCT and does not require any manipulation of gum flaps or incisions and reduce the risk of infection. A keyhole implant surgery in Mumbai is done by punching small hole in the teeth and gum line and then the implant is inserted and set.
  • Keyhole implant has less recovery time than the conventional one.

Is keyhole implant surgery suitable for you?

Keyhole implant in Mumbai is suitable for people who:

  • Have strong underlying bones. These are checked by top periodontist in Mumbai using a CT scan and 3 D scans.
  • Want a surgical and painless procedure for restoring most tooth or teeth and don’t want to go in for prolonged treatments.
  • Who have good amount of jaw bone for the implant to hold.
  • Who have less time and avoid the repeated session of implant procedure.

What is the preparation before the keyhole implant placement?

 The most important aspect of keyhole implant placement in Mumbai is the preparation for the surgery.  Best oral surgeons start the procedure by doing an oral examination and a CT scan. Since keyhole is a flapless surgery a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) gives the dentist a clear representation of the underlying bone.  This way it become easier to plain the type of implant. Since the oral surgeon as full information on the teeth bone, dental anatomy and morphology.

The results of CBCT and CT scan also help best periodontists in Mumbai pinpoint the site and position of keyhole implant.  The CBCT result is then merged to make a 3D image of the mouth and neck anatomy. This pre-preparation helps the dentist plan the treatment for the final sitting and perform the keyhole implant procedure in Mumbai with high precision in terms of dimensions, angle, and position of each keyhole implant. 

Keyhole implantation Procedure

Keyhole implant procedure in Mumbai is a simple, safe, and fast procedure of dental implantation than the conventional one.  Consultation is the most important step of the procedure and best oral surgeons in Mumbai will keep you abreast about each step. Post consultation on the day of implant insertion:

  • The dentist will fist numb the area with local anesthesia.
  • In order to place the dental implant, the surgeon will punch a small hole in the gum line using a tissue punch or a special drill to make space for the keyhole implant.
  • Once the implantation site is ready, the periodontist will insert the implant and set it. The entire process takes just about thirty minutes if no other procedure is required.
  • The prosthesis or the artificial tooth/crown is placed immediately after and if the patient is happy with the prosthesis, he can go home and resume normal oral functions.

What are the advantages of keyhole dental implant surgery?

By virtue of being painless and non-invasive the keyhole dental implant surgery in Mumbai has numerous advantages such as:

  • It is time saving:  it is a single sitting procedure takes very less time, and soon after, the patient can back to normal function like eating.
  • Minimal invasive procedure: as it is a flapless surgery there is no extensive incision. Therefore, apart from a very minor trauma to soft gum tissue you will not even know if there is any surgery done. Since no bone grafting is involved, the surgery is fast, effective and safe.
  • It is a stitch-less procedure: No need for sutures at any point of the procedure.
  • Lower cost: Keyhole implants in Mumbai cost much less than conventional implants, making them the popular option for getting your smile back.
  • No post-operative pain: The use of local anesthesia ensures that there is very little or no pain even after the surgery.  Recovery is also less time consuming and one can go back to routine functions immediately after.
  • Small implant size: the keyhole dental implants are smaller than conventional implants and take up less space. It means there is lesser trauma to the surrounding environment. It is small, efficient and safe implant.
  • High success rate: There are very few incidences of any complications post keyhole implants dental surgery.

What are the precautions to take post-keyhole implant treatment?

  • The post-surgery precaution to take keyhole implants is the same as conventional implant surgeries.
  • Care and attention are needed to ensure food does not get stuck or remain lodged around the implant area.
  • Maintain oral hygiene at all time, including frequent dental flossing and oral rinse.
  • Do not miss the follow up appointments.
  • If the prosthesis feels loose or uncomfortable then let your dentist know immediately.

What is the cost of keyhole dental implant treatment?

Keyhole dental implant treatment cost in Mumbai is much less than other implant procedures. The price you pay for keyhole dental implant is very low compared to the comfort that you will feel post the procedure. The price of keyhole dental implant procedures in Mumbai is dependent on the number of implants that you need, the type and make of crown used, the oral surgeon’s fees and the cost of any other pre or post cosmetic dentistry treatments that you opt for.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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