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PRP Hair Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

Hair fall, hair loss and balding has become a commonly prevalent problem in India’s urban population, amongst both men and women. Due to multiple factors like stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance and dietary deficiencies, men and women start facing hair fall related problems at a very young age. While there are surgical hair implant and other options available in the market for reversing the effects of hair-fall, they are mostly expensive and inaccessible.

This is the reason why PRP Hair Treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatment is increasingly becoming popular in India. PRP hair treatment is developed through years of research in stem cell technology and is a hair treatment solution of the future. Not only is this treatment non-invasive and requires minimal time per session, it is a very natural process too, initiating body’s own growth factors to restore hair growth.

- How PRP hair treatment works:

PRP hair treatment as the name suggests involves extraction of platelet rich plasma and injection into the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp. This plasma is enriched with growth factors which in turn stimulate and active new hair follicles. PRP hair treatment is administered in the following simple steps -

  • Blood from arm of the patient is extracted
  • This blood is then centrifuged to separate out platelet rich plasma
  • This platelet rich plasma is then enriched with growth factors
  • About 1ml of this activated plasma is injected into the scalp of the patient by a trained dermatologist
  • Platelet rich plasma repairs hair follicles and effectively treat hair fall, hair loss and balding

This treatment takes only few minutes and is a non-invasive procedure administered without anaesthesia. Multiple injections have to be administered in the localized area over a duration of 6-8 weeks for hair follicles to get activated and hair growth to begin.

While the PRP treatment is said to contain Stem Cells, which impact hair growth, this is a highly non-selective & primitive therapy. Stem Cells give rise to all cells of the body, hair being only one of them. In comparison, the QR 678 therapy is a novel, patented, selective hair growth factor therapy, which is much more advanced & effective as compared to the PRP injection therapy for hair growth.

While many alternatives to PRP hair treatment in Mumbai and in India are available, but to get effective results and lasting hair growth it is always best to avail treatment from reliable dermatological experts. Dr. Rinky Kapoor from The Esthetic Clinic has researched over years to perfect PRP hair treatment and offers quality hair fall and balding solution at a cost less than 1/10th the cost of hair transplant.

- The Latest Buzz Of PRP Hair Treatment In Mumbai!

The latest buzz that has taken medical tourism in India by storm is PRP hair treatment in Mumbai. PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is an extremely safe and highly effective procedure. PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is useful in not only filling out thinning hair on the scalp but also regrowing of hair that has been lost. More and more people are choosing PRP hair treatment in Mumbai today with a whole lot of success.

If you have tried everything, then PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, performed at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, should definitely be next on your agenda. Losing hair is the worst feeling and when there is something like PRP hair treatment in Mumbai available, it would be foolish not to go for it. In fact, PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is highly safe and recommended by trichologists all over.

If you wanted a safe treatment, then PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, with Dr. Rinky Kapoor & Dr. Debraj Shome, is something that will give you your hair back. If surgery was not something you wanted to go through, then PRP hair treatment in Mumbai should be on your list. The reason that PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is so popular, is because it is very safe and naturally grows back your original hair.

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