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Non-Surgical Sinus Lift Treatment

Non-Surgical Sinus Lift Treatment in Mumbai

Imaging going around with a missing tooth or teeth and not able to chew or speak properly. What is the best solution? Visiting the top dental implant surgeons in Mumbai to get a dental implant placed to restore the function of the tooth. However not all of us are so lucky to get the implant fitted right away, in some case the bone is the upper maxilla or the upper jaw might not be enough to anchor the implant. In such cases, the best dentists in Mumbai recommend a simple sinus lift procedure that can augment the bone and make it possible to fit a dental implant.

Sinus lift procedures or sinus augmentation procedures in Mumbai is a very popular treatment option used for implant placement of the missing tooth or teeth. Surgical sinus lift is an invasive surgery and those who do not need such extensive treatments, The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offers a more viable and minimally invasive non-surgical sinus lift treatment.

A non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai is an endoscopic procedure and the sinus floor elevation is done using the crestal approach. This technique can also be used in cases of severely resorbed maxilla. A non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai allows for the sinus membrane elevation and lets the maxillo facial surgeon to place a flow able bone replacement. We at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai  understand your concerns and make an endeavour to explain in an easy to understand way, and give you best treatment always and every time.

What is a sinus lift procedure?

A traditional or the surgical sinus augmentation in Mumbai is done to make the bone available to anchor the dental implant. The bone in the jaw acts as the support to the dental implant and if that bone is missing or reabsorbed then the dental surgeon will not be able to place the implant. Sinus lift procedure in Mumbai places the bone in cavity between the premolar and the molar area. This is done by lifting the sinus membrane up and making room for the grafted bone. The procedure gets its name from the fact that it is the sinus membrane that is lifted upwards to make space for the bone.

What is non-invasive or minimal invasive sinus lift procedure?

The non-invasive sinus lift procedure in Mumbai is an also known as the crestal approach for the sinus lift. The treatment is done in a minimally invasive way and does not result in trauma to the surrounding tissue. The schneiderian membrane is the lining of the sinus cavity that is elevated by placing the bone. Non-invasive sinus lift procedure in Mumbai is done on patients who run the risk of morbidity because of surgical lifts. An alternative implant is also done for economic reasons. 

What conditions require surgical sinus lift procedure?

A sinus (maxillary) is the air-filled cavity, which is located near the molar and premolar area of upper jaw. The bone will be grafted and it fills the area where the implant has to be place. Dental implant won’t properly secure when there is insufficient bone, and it may even fail to adhere completely. This can cause decay and stress on the nearby tooth. Adequate bone volume and density are needed to insert a dental implant in the jaw and hold it securely.

If the bone is insufficient, a non-surgical sinus lift or bone grafting procedure is required in Mumbai.

Reason behind the bone loss and insufficient bone is:

  • Periodontal diseases or gum diseases that can cause the bone and teeth to deteriorate.
  • Loosing tooth in the upper jaw may cause bone loss.
  • Bone resorption into the body after tooth loss. This is a very common problem after tooth loss.
  • Birth defect resulting in low bone volume and density.
  • Natural variations that cause the sinus cavity to become large and jaw bone is very thin.
  • Diseases and conditions like cancer, may cause tooth loss and bone resorption.

What qualifies you  for minimal invasive sinus lift procedures?

There are many conditions that need to be met for you to be a suitable candidate for minimally invasive sinus lift procedure in Mumbai. Your prosthodontist or oral surgeon will examine the jaw, sinus and teeth to gauge your suitability for non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai. The general parameters include :

  • When you do not want any invasive operation but need the sinus lift for implant treatment.
  • Severe atrophic maxilla or extreme loss of bone tissue.
  • When maxillary bone height is less than 10 mm i.e. extremely resorbed alveolar bone.
  • You have a healthy sinus
  • Degraded quality of posterior jaw.
  • When neurovascular bundle is present, this does not allow implant to be placed.
  • You have good oral hygiene.

What conditions make the patient not suitable for sinus lift?

It is important to consult only the best oral surgeons in Mumbai who can advise you about whether the sinus lift will be suitable for you or not. If you have any of the following conditions then avoid opting for non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai if:

  • You have been diagnosed by tumour or cyst in sinus region.
  • You are suffering from acute maxillary sinusitis.
  • You are a severe diabetic with high sugar readings.
  • You have recently undergone any kind of radiation therapy in upper jaw area.
  • You have acute rhinitis allergies. This will make is difficult to lift the membrane and hold it stable.
  • If you are a habitual and chain smokers, drinker and drug abuser.

What types of material and implant use for the procedure?

A closed sinus floor elevation procedure in Mumbai is done by top prosthodontist in Mumbai  using a dedicated dental implant system; this allows hydraulic elevation of the sinus membrane and placement of the flow able bone replacement. Then the dental implant placement is done at the same time with minimal patient discomfort and quick recovery.

Nowadays, many new implant systems are introduced for management of various edentulous cases and give patient wide variety of treatment options.

One of that implant system is the “Cortically Fixed at Once approach”(CF@O). This system incorporates the variety of treatment options for management of the edentulous arches. Moreover it is an alternative to the extensive surgical sinus lift procedure in case of substantial bone resorption. This implant system consists of several types of components, which are specifically developed for different locations in the jawbone. These advancements in non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai give the patient and the oral surgeon a number of comfortable and best possible options to choose from. 

Cortically Fixed at Once approach system for the non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai uses the concept of tripod cortical support anchorage where the residual bone volume is used for support. In cases like severely shrunken jaw due to excessive posterior alveolar resorption combined with increased maxillary sinus pneumatisation which often leaves insufficient bone for implant anchorage easily be managed. CF@O implant system incorporates variety of treatment options, it ensure the replacement of missing teeth immediately with the restoration of function and aesthetics within few days.

What are the beneficial results of the minimal invasive sinus lift?

There are many advantages of getting  non-invasive sinus lift procedure done in Mumbai. You not only get access to the latest treatments but the best oral surgeons in Mumbai ensure that

  • You feel minimal discomfort in the post-operative period.
  • The implants are successfully osteointegrated.
  • There is no tear in the sinus membrane
  • There is minimal chance of infection
  • There is minimal invasion and no internal or external scarring
  • The implant implantation can be doing as soon as possible, decreasing the treatment time. 

What is the cost of Non-Surgical Sinus Lift Procedures?

The cost of nonsurgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai depends on the type of approach used to achieve the dental implant. The price of a minimally invasive sinus lift treatment in Mumbai is also dependent on the expertise of the oral surgeon and the technology that is being used to lessen the discomfort.

When discussing the cost of non-surgical sinus lift procedure in Mumbai  you can discuss all the inclusions of the treatment with the clinic and even work out a payment plan if needed. You must not delay getting a sinus lift because a missing tooth is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to potential oral problems that will cause a further burden to your pocket with invasive treatments.

Why choose The Esthetic clinics ?

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is well equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment, which helps our top dental specialists to consistently deliver the best surgical sinus lift procedures in Mumbai in the safest way possible. We have built our reputation as the favourite go-to dental clinic for non-surgical sinus lift procedures, based on customised advice and treatments for each patient.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one its kind dental and oral surgery clinic that has the best maxilla facial surgeons, orthodontist, and endodontists in Mumbai all under one roof. With our modern treatments used for orthognathic surgery in Mumbai you will truly be able to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai has been the first choice for national and international patients seeking expert dental care. We offer the best treatment offering high-quality and long-lasting implant-supported dentures.

Call us today for an appointment with the confidence and knowledge of getting the best dental care and treatment care in Mumbai and the Greater Mumbai region.

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