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Composite Filling Treatment in Mumbai

We all know and understand the importance of good dental health. We brush regularly, floss, use mouthwash, and avoid any harmful foods that can harm the teeth. However, the bacteria, food remnants, the occasional cola, drinks, and even the harmful effects of saliva can cause tooth decay and cavities. This generally happens because we cannot get rid of the food trapped in between the teeth. Of course when you have cavities you want treatment that appears as if you have had no dental treatment. This is where the composite filling treatment in Mumbai steps in. Composite filling treatment in India is a simple way to have the gaps filled in the teeth and give an even smooth look to the teeth.


What is the composite filling?


The composite filling is a dental cement use for the treatment of cavity or tooth decay. It is also called as resin-based composites or filler resins. This type of filling in Mumbai is used to restore your oral health.

Composite resin is made of mixture of different substances, which includes fine glass and plastic (synthetic resin). Synthetic resin used as restorative material to an alternative to traditional amalgam filling.


Top composite teeth filling doctors in India prefer the use of composite filling because it has highly evolved in its efficacy since its introductions, they are insoluble, have good tooth like appearance, insensitive to dehydration, easy to manipulate and cost effective. That is why it is a perfect option for filling the cavity and restoring teeth health. It also preferred for cosmetic reasons, as they are designed to match the colour of tooth and blend with the enamel.

If you are looking for tooth coloured restoration, and get your teeth cavity free then composite filling treatment at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one of the best places of your choice.


Why may you need Composite Filling?


Untreated tooth decay and cavities not just give you a toothache, they are also a breeding group for more bacteria and harmful germs that can even affect your digestion. A composite filling treatment in Mumbai is used to repair the teeth that are cracked or decayed. Composite resin is the best choice for filling because it has the most natural finish and matches the colour of the teeth. Composite filling treatment in India is also preferred in an aesthetic manner to restore the front teeth and visible areas of the other teeth.

If you want the most natural finish and unnoticeable filling, so the composite resin filling is the best choice.

This tooth coloured filling is use to repaired the decay tooth, cracked tooth, fractured tooth etc. the longitivity of the restoration lasts lesser than the amalgam filling, but it does not compromise with aesthetics and thus  eliminates the mercury related health hazard.

Composite filling comes in a variety of shades that helps to match in your natural tooth colour. The Results is more aesthetically sound and filled tooth, which is far more superior to the other filling material. This procedure is little technique sensitive than amalgam filling.


When do you need a composite filling?


The indications of composite filling are:


  • Decay tooth or cavity of the tooth, which are visible when you smile.
  • Cracked and broken teeth.
  • For closing the space between two teeth.
  • Worn teeth.
  • Minor reshaping of the teeth.
  • Partial crown on single teeth.


Are composite fillings better?


As compare to other filling material the composite resin are far better because:


  • It is a tooth coloured material that blends with natural teeth enamel very well.
  • No side effects or metal or mercury hazard like amalgam filling.
  • Verity of shade helps to match with nearby tooth.
  • Withstand with the mild to moderate pressure.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Resistance to fracture.
  • Bonds with the natural tooth structure and this means that the procedure requires less tooth drilling to treat the decayed tooth.



Benefits of composite fillings in Mumbai


The benefits and advantages of composite filling treatment in Mumbai are:


  • Appearance: These are same coloured as teeth; hence are unnoticeable.
  • Bonding to the tooth structure: It will bond with the tooth structure through the micro-mechanical bond, which means added strength to the teeth.
  • Conservative tooth preparation: Less drilling is required for the filling, no need to make retentive features, because it is glued/bounded.
  • Versatility: it can be used for cracked, decay, fracture tooth, chipped, and worn teeth.
  • Repair ability: It can be used as a teeth repair tool, if required.
  • Lack of corrosion: Does not corrode at all.


What are the steps involved in composite dental filling Treatment?


The composite restoration treatment in Mumbai is quiet safe and fast procedure. All you need is one of the top dental surgeons in India to do the procedure for you because every step of this treatment is important and should not be missed.


  • Preparation of tooth, if required. In this step the tooth might be trimmed.
  • Isolation of the tooth, to protect from saliva.
  • Acid etching: It is an important step of composite filling treatment in Mumbai as it helps in boding the surface of enamel and dentine.  
  • Bonding agent application.
  • Placement of the dental composite after the selection that matches the colour of the tooth.
  • Curing the restoration by light cure.
  • Final shaping and polishing.
  • After care and precaution.


What are the proper Procedure and technique for composite filling?


Composite filling treatment in India is slightly lengthy procedure than the traditional amalgam filling and lasts for about 1.5 hours. The detailed procedure steps include:


  • The first step is selection the correct shade of filling that will help in tooth restoration.
  • Then tooth preparation is done using trimming and drilling as required. The infected dentine is removed to make room for the composite filling. It will help in bonding the resin to tooth structure.
  • After the tooth preparation, tooth is isolated using a  rubber dam and aids for moisture control.
  • After isolation, next step involves etching the tooth surface with an acid tooth conditioner. It is usually a gel, which contain 30-40 % phosphoric acid.
  • Then a thin layer of bonding agent is applied on to the etched tooth surface by small brush or applicator.
  • Bonding agent is cured with the help of light cure. The blue light of it can active the catalyst of the agent. It will create micro-mechanical bond with etched surface.
  • Finally the composite resin material is applied, which will make the chemical bond with the bonding agent.
  • In the next step, the composite is cured with the same light cure.
  • Building up the restoration and cure it with the same process.
  • After the curing, if needed trimming and shaping of the teeth are done.
  • Finally polishing is done to give the final finish.


Composite filling post procedure post care


After the procedure, there are some precautions to be kept in mind. Your dental surgeon in Mumbai will give you detailed guidelines for the same:


  • Oral hygiene should be maintained, brush twice a day and floss daily.
  • Avoid food that can stain your teeth or the restoration.
  • Stay away from the hard food too.
  • Be consistent with dental visits and keep all your maintenance appointments.
  • Gently check your bite if necessary, and if you feel any discrepancy then consult the dentist.


How long will it take to complete the composite filling procedure?


Composite filling treatment needs strict adherence to the steps of the procedure . Every step has its own importance. Each step take few minutes to bound or set properly. During the final composite filling, it has to be done in small portion like 2mm thick layer at a time, and then cure it. Therefore, it takes longer time then the other fillings like the traditional amalgam. It almost takes an hour to complete a session.


How much does composite dental filling Treatment Cost in Mumbai?


Composite fillings Treatment in Mumbai is not as expensive as it may seem to you. A simple composite filling treatment done in time is a highly cost-effective way to regain the beauty of your smile and prevent further tooth damage. The cost of composite dental feeling treatment in Mumbai at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai covers all of the essential needs of a patient along with their special needs i.e. some patients might require some extensive cleaning and some might require a teeth reconstruction since, no two individuals are the same. Our experience and professional top dentist in Mumbai ensure complete care and full information of post care requirements. You are guided every step of the process.


Why choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai for Composite Dental Filling?


We are one of the most procedure and cost effective composite dental feeling Clinics in Mumbai. Simply, because we are the best! We have several world-class facilities sprawled across Mumbai, each of these facilities are equipped with the latest in technology equipment making every procedure precise, painless and less time consuming.


As one of the most well-known composite dental feeling Clinic in Mumbai, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards our patients, and we strive to provide  excellent quality of our post procedure care and rehabilitation which is above par than any other such facility in India. Even in the cases that are considered risky and are declined due to their complexities we ensure change and restoration of oral health and confidence. So, be assured when you come to us, you come home to trust, and a future filled with potential!


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