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Gingivoplasty Treatment in Mumbai

When we think of a perfect simile the image that instantly comes to mind is the ideal proportion of gums and teeth that are visible. Having a confident smile does wonders for a person’s self-esteem. A healthy smile opens a lot of possibilities in your career as well as personal life. However not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Genetics play an important role in how your smile looks but other lifestyle factors such as oral issues and dental diseases also affect the quality of smile and make us self-conscious about our appearance.

The beautiful and perfect smile is secretes of self-confidence.   

The good news is that there is an easy way out to have good oral health and the most sparking smile. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is you go to place for all the tooth, gums and mouth related problems. Gingivoplasty is one such procedure that we excel in. We all know what gums are; they are medically called as gingiva. Gingivoplasty is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure in Mumbai that is done to re-contour the gums to the desired shape and position. It is a short, simple, and very effective procedure that gives quick results in just 7-10 days. This procedure can be done as a standalone procedure or can also be combine with other smile reshaping or contouring procedures.

What are the sign and symptoms of Damaged Gums or Gingiva?

Gums are the integral part of the mouth that enhances the appearance of the teeth and they also act as a protection for the roots and other tissues. Poor oral hygiene, excessive smoking, some medications, habit of chewing tobacco and medical issues can damage the gingiva and cause them to appear dull coloured and bigger. In some cases, the gummy simile tends to cover the whole teeth making a person appear teeth less.

Gingivitis and periodontists are two type of gum diseases that can also cause the gums to be swollen and out of proportion. Most of the problems with gums can be simply avoided by keeping a close eye on your teeth and practicing basic habits like brushing twice daily and flossing often. Apart from just aesthetics, Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai can also be causes because of gum diseases. The common symptoms and indications that your gums are asking for attention are:

  • Halitosis or bed breath.
  • Gingivitis or swelling in gums.
  • Pus formation between the gums.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Foul taste in mouth
  • Loose or mobile teeth.

Periodontitis and gingivitis often produces deformities in gums that lead to food particle collection, plaque accumulation and prolonged and aggravates the disease process that often goes unnoticed until it becomes difficult to eat or chew.

What Is Gingivoplasty?

Gingivoplasty is a surgical periodontal procedure mainly done to re-contour and reshape the gingiva. Simple put it means that, in Gingivoplasty , the gum reshaping procedure is performed as a supporting or co-ordinating technique to improve the aesthetics of the teeth and gums and overall the smile. This procedure is also referred to as gingival contouring or gingival re-contouring in Mumbai and can also be done for cosmetic reasons and to restore some functional ability too.

What is the difference between Gingivoplasty and gingivectomy?

You will often hear both the terms used together by top periodontist experts in Mumbai. Very often, both procedures can be combine together to remove the problem with gums and make them disease free and give the gums to a more aesthetic shape. Even though Gingivoplasty is very similar to gingivectomy, but both surgeries has different purpose or objective. The main differences and similarities between both procedures are:

  • Both the procedures involve the removal of gum tissue.
  • The main difference between these two procedures is that, gingivectomy removes diseased gum tissues near gum pocket, while Gingivoplasty will re-contour or reshape the gums for cosmetic reasons.
  • Gingivoplasty can be performed either alone or combination with gingivectomy. Sometimes gingivectomy alone can be used for cosmetic reason.

So, the choice of procedure varies from one case to another. The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai we take extensive care to assure that we provide our best to you.

How Does the Gingivoplasty Procedure Work?

Best periodontal surgeon or dentists in Mumbai do Gingivoplasty. Our team of dental experts at the Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai ensure that the procedure is clearly explained to you and it must be cost effective yet high in quality. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • The procedure will starts with the examination of teeth and soft tissues of oral cavity. During the oral examination, the dentist might check for the following conditions:
  • Tooth mobility; depending upon the severity of the disease.
  • Teeth misalignment or spacing between teeth.
  • Gingival swelling.
  • Tenderness of gums.
  • Pocket formation between the teeth.
  • Bad breath or halitosis and foul taste.
  • Pervious grafts or procedures done in the mount.
  • Best periodontal surgeon in Mumbai will also talk to you about your previous medical history and sensitivity to anaesthesia. This will make it easier to plan the surgery.
  • After the examination, dentist will plan the surgery according to the medical health of patient.
  • The next step is the removal of any plaque by the cleaning procedure. This helps prevent any further infections.
  • Procedure is performed under the local anaesthesia by numbing the area.
  • During the procedure, the periodontist make an incision on the gum.
  • Then using a tool he will cut or reshape the excess part of gums.
  • The tool may be scalpel, laser, or electrocautery.
  • Using Laser over the scalpel or other cutting tool is less invasive and able to kill bacteria present on the teeth and mouth simultaneously
  • Removal of gums as per the tooth/teeth conditions and requirements.
  • Dressing of the gum tissue.

Sometimes top cosmetic dentist in Mumbai perform Gingivoplasty after the gingivectomy, to remove and replace damage tissue. For ensuring the best possible results after the Gingivoplasty, we at the Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai will make sure that we fulfil your need and requirements to the best.

Gingivoplasty Post-Procedure Care

After the Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai, you will need to follow some basic care for your teeth and gums to allow for the healing of gum after the surgery. It will take few days to week, depending upon the overall health and how well you follow the following post-operative care:

  • Food restrictions: Avoid the spicy and crispy food items. Also, avoid the very hot or cold and hard to chew food as they can injure the gums and cause teeth sensitivity. Eat soft food and prefer liquid food for the initial few days.
  • Maintain oral hygiene: We cannot stress this enough that a healthy and hygienic oral health is the key for success of the Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai. Do not compromise on it; it helps in healing as well as long lasting result.
  • Brush gently: You must use the soft bristle brush, and medicated paste, which your dentist will prescribe. Hard brushing will not only cause the bleeding and pain, but also compromise the end result of the procedure.
  • Quit smoking: Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption; it may interrupt with the healing process.
  • Avoid drinking with straw: It will cause the dislodgement of the clot.
  • Follow the instruction and take the medications: it is mandatory to take all medicine prescribed by the dentist.
  • Do not miss the follow up visit: the healing time will vary from person to person, depending on the factors like medical conditions, complexity of the case. Follow up visit is necessary, because dentist will evaluate your healing process and the oral health.
  • Always consult your doctor: if you notice any persistence swelling, discomfort and bleeding, must consult your dental experts. Take extra care to make sure that the dental products like mouthwash and toothpaste are approved by the dental expert.

What are the benefits of Gingivoplasty?

The most apparent benefit of Gingivoplasty surgery in Mumbai is that it reshapes and contours the gums for a more appealing simile. But the benefits do not stop here, the other important benefits include:

  • It corrects the gummy smile, that is the excessive gum tissue between the teeth which helps prevents infections and diseases in future
  • It corrects the uneven gingival contouring.
  • In case of loss of papillae, the small gum tissue between the teeth can be corrected with the help of gum graft in this procedure.
  • Gingivoplasty surgery in Mumbai can help cut of the excess gums caused because of genetic issues or hyperplasia.
  • In case of expose root surface, Gingivoplasty in Mumbai can cover the exposed surface.
  • In case of crown lengthening, gum contouring helps give a more even shape to the teeth.

Gingivoplasty surgery in Mumbai is done to create more attractive gums. If you feel that your gums cover too much of the crown area then contact us today at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai.

Cost of Gingivoplasty Procedure

Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai goes a long way in giving you the confidence to simile freely. The perfect proportions of gums and teeth will ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy for a lifetime. The cost of Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai depends mainly on the type of technique used for the procedure. Medical advancements and the surgical expertise used by top periodontist in Mumbai ensure that the price of Gingivoplasty procedure in Mumbai remains in the economical range and the quality is assured always. The total Gingivoplasty procedure price in Mumbai includes

  • Number of teeth are being treated
  • The complexity of the gun re-contouring procedure
  • Location of the gums which are being worked on
  • Previous dental history
  • The follow ups
  • Surgeon’s and surgical fees 

Since it is a cosmetic procedure, the cost might not be covered by insurance and at The Esthetic Clinic’s Mumbai, we keep a transparent and flexible payment options for the treatments.

Why Choose The Esthetic Clinics?

The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai is a well-trusted name providing systematic treatment options performed by a well-equipped and experienced surgical team of top cosmetic dental surgeons. We understand that the oral decisions you make are definitely one of the biggest and crucial decisions you will make in your life because they affect the way you look. Our high success rate is also one good reason for you to choose us. The facilities at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai are among the topmost, not just in Mumbai or India, but also across the world.

Be assured our professionals will offer personalized solutions in a non-judgmental way and will work along with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your emotional, personal and financial needs.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offers you flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatments. Each of our dental specialists have advanced training across the world, been acclaimed internationally, so sit back and relax, you are in good hands.

We follow stringent and strict sterilization protocols ensuring seamless procedures. Being patient-centric, we understand how unique each patient’s need is. We counsel them through each step, acquainting them with the various dental procedures and thus providing them with their customized and personalized tailor-made pain-free solutions.

Book a consultation now! Let our team of dedicated professionals aid you with all possible queries.

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