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Multi Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Multi Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

No one can live with a toothache. Even painkillers are ineffective when it comes to ‘deep rooted’ toothache. Has your dentist or endodontist recommend a multi sitting root canal treatment to help relieve your toothache? If yes, then fret not, you are not alone. Millions of people get the much-needed relive from pain and their tooth saved with root canal treatments or endodontic treatments.

Are you aware that the teeth you see are only just 1/3rd of the part of the structure of the tooth, the rest goes deep in the jaw bones forming the root of the teeth. Healthy and natural teeth indicate a person’s overall good health. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the teeth mirror the health. However, the downside is that the tooth cannot heal on its own. The pathological changes in two third parts of tooth can be detected during dental check-up. It needs treatment by a good dentist.

However, many of us neglect our teeth and importance of regular dental check-ups. If infection of tooth spreads and causes discomfort people want to remove it immediately, but if you have any infection and inflammation in other part of body like eyes, finger etc., even then you never think of removal. Why this discrimination with tooth? The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offers many conservative treatments, which can save your teeth, reduce the pain and even avoid the extraction and save your beautiful smile. Multiple sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai is one of them.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal is not a treatment it is actually a narrow canal inside the tooth. This canal contains the nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells and is collective called as the pulp. Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic (i.e. inside the tooth) treatment that is done inside the tooth to remove the infection from inside the tooth.

Multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai is the sequence of the procedures including removal and treatment of infected and inflamed pulp of the tooth. It will protect the tooth from future infection and improve the gum and tooth health.

 Facts about root canal; endodontic therapy: 

  • This treatment used to remove the nerve from inside, that is the pulp of the tooth.
  • Misconception is there that it is a painful procedure, but it is a pain relieving treatment that will give you long lasting ease.
  • It is an endodontic therapy, commonly called root canal.
  • The cost of the multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai may vary, but it is still less than removal and replacement of the entire tooth.

When is multi sitting root canal treatment required?

 Whether you need or don’t need a multi sitting root canal treatment will only be determined by a through examination of the dental structure. Top dentist in Mumbai will suggest a multi sitting root canal treatment when the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes infected and causes pain and inflammation. The infection can be because of deep decay, cracked teeth, injury, or a disease in the tooth. If this infection is left untreated it may cause pain or lead to abscess.

If you notice any of the following sings and symptom, you might need a root canal treatment:

  • Sever pain during biting and chewing food.
  • An ulcer or pimple on gums.
  • Formation of an abscess.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth the feel uncomfortable.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food even after the removal of cause.
  • Inflammation and tenderness of the gums.
  • Deep cavity and hole in the tooth.
  • Previous loose fillings.
  • Sometimes it is required for fitment of abutment of bridge or denture.

Best dentist or endodontists in Mumbai may recommend a multi sitting root canal treatment for cracked tooth or partially broken tooth or that cavity gets ignored and lead to deeper decay that make the tooth more vulnerable. Bacterial infection that penetrates through the damage tooth will reach the pulp chamber, causing serious damage to the tooth.

The procedure is always carried out by the endodontists as well as expert dentists in Mumbai. At The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai, you will find the team of experienced dentist and endodontist that will give you the best possible tooth preservation treatment options for your teeth/tooth.

How to determine multi sitting root canal treatment?

Root canal procedure can be performed either in a single sitting or multi sitting; it will be determined by the dentist or endodontist, after assessing the damaged tooth/teeth. The procedure includes removal of infection, cleaning and disinfecting the canals, then filling and topping up by the crown or bridge.

Top dentist in Mumbai would recommend the multi sitting root canal procedures, on the basis of his prognosis and treatment protocol and many other factors such as:

  • Extent of infection till the apical region.
  • Medical history of patient such as the trauma to the teeth, long-term history of blood pressure and high blood sugar levels, or previous dental procedures, all play an important part in this treatment.
  • The anatomical position and location of the tooth.
  • Angle of the tooth in dental arch.
  • Patient’s tolerance towards pain and anaesthesia.
  • In case of abscess and cyst formation near and around the apical region.
  • Post-operative concerns and complications

Multi-sitting root canal treatment procedure

Multi sitting root canal treatment procedure in Mumbai is a straightforward procedure. Before starting the treatment the dentist will first take x-ray of the affected tooth, and assess the extent of infection, pus or abscess, and the anatomy and location of the tooth. He may prescribe the antibiotics and analgesic to bring down swelling, pain and dry the pus, before the treatment starts. Multi sitting root canal therapy completes in one or three sittings and is done in following steps:

  1. Cleaning the root of the tooth:
  • The procedure is done under the local anaesthesia, for the painless removal of infected pulp. Then the dentist will make an opening in the crown and scoop out the infected and diseased pulp tissue and nerve with small instruments.
  • The canal is then thoroughly irrigated with the disinfectant. The canal is then shaped and filed with the endodontic files to prepare the canals for the filling. The dentist will place a temporary filling till the time the area is dried heals a little. 
  1. Root canal temporary filling: 
  • The cleaned canal is filled with the rubber like biocompatible material called gutta-percha.
  • With the help of adhesive cement the canal is sealed completely. Again a radiograph should be taken to assess any chances of re-infection.
  • Then temporary filling is place to close the opening. It will be removed later. 
  1. Crown/cap placement or permanent filling: 
  • The temporary filling will be removed and the permanent filling material is used to pack the tooth. The remaining tooth is covered with the crown or cap to over the filling and it looks like natural teeth. It will restore the teeth to full function.
  • A follow up visit is required if the patient still feels any pain and discomfort. 

Considerations in multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai:

If there is any reinfection post temporary filling then the cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing procedure is repeated again. Best dentists will only place the permanent filling inside the treated canal once they are convinced that there is no chance of infection or further decay. If the temporary filling also results in some pain them inform your dentist. If the tooth is too fragile then the top dentist in Mumbai will use a metal/fibre support to reinforce the tooth. 

Post treatment Care for Multi sitting root canal treatment

  • Good oral hygiene must be maintained after the treatment by gentle brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. It will ensure to increase the life span of the tooth.
  • Salt water rinses at regular interval after the few days of treatment helps in faster healing.
  • Do not bite or chew the hard objects and food from the treated tooth, it may cause a fracture.
  • Go for regular dental check-ups to ensure that the root canal last for long.
  • In case of any pain or discomfort call and consult your dentist

How long do root canal last?

After the multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai is completed, the tooth may last 10 to 15 years. If it is secured by the crown or cap, it will increase durability and strength of the tooth.

Cost of multi-sitting root canal treatment

Multi-sitting root canal treatment cost in Mumbai varies because of different factors such as:

  • Extent of infection and tooth damage: If the tooth were severely infected, it would make the case more complex and would require multiple sittings and extensive treatment to preserve the tooth.
  • If the infected tooth is a molar: The location of the molars is in the arch of the tooth and they have important role to play in the chewing function and therefore multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai for molars needs a longer duration of completion as the case is often complex.

However, Multi-Sitting Root Canal Treatment Cost is comparatively lesser than the cost compared to tooth extraction, as replacement of missing tooth then is more costly.

The price of multi sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai also varies with how much post-operative care you give to your teeth. Once your teeth are healed properly you can eat whatever you want but if you put stress on the treated tooth before it is completely healed it can damage the treatment and you might need a repeat root canal treatment. 

Why Choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai has been the first choice for national and international patients seeking expert dental care. We offer the best treatment offering high-quality and long-lasting implant-supported dentures. We have a diverse team of top dentists, dental surgeons endodontists, and hygienists who are all highly qualified and experienced in carrying out complex dental procedures without any complications. Our everlasting commitment to competence, care, confidence, and trust is the secret behind our success.

Call us today for an appointment with the confidence and knowledge of getting the best dental care and treatment care in Mumbai and the Greater Mumbai region.

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