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Diastema Correction Treatment in Mumbai

A picture perfect smile needs both teeth and gums. The smile crats the first winning impression and conveys an optimist and friendly personality that everyone wants to associate with. A happy smile brings in lots of emotional advantages and gives a boost to the self-confidence in the times that you need the most. However not everyone has the perfect set of pearly whites and it makes them conscious about their appearance. Gap between the teeth is one of the most common dental problems that most men, women and children often face.

The medical name for this condition is diastema. This is not life threatening condition but poses more of an aesthetic and functional problem. The gaps can occur between any of the two teeth in the mouth. An interesting fact is that most children before the age of six have gaps in their teeth.   As they grow older, the teeth grow too and the gaps close on their own by the age of 8 years. However if diastema persists into adulthood then it can cause problems such as

  • List while speaking
  • Problems in chewing
  • Tooth decay because of food particles stuck in them
  • Problem in gums and the bone.
  • Self-consciousness about you image because of gap in front tooth.

Gap between the teeth are common for children and are harmless but sometimes need treatment. In fact, many of the children below 6 years of age have gapped teeth. This gap usually closed on its own by the time they turned 8 years of age. But if this gap persists until the adulthood, it will become a problem. The good news is that diastema can be easily corrected by the expert orthodontists in Mumbai. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one of the top cosmetic dental clinics in India who has a team of expert dentists that can do a holistic treatment to solve all your dental concerns. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai uses top of the line clinical diagnosis to find the ‘root’ cause of the gap between the tooth and give a solution accordingly.

What is Diastema?

In simple language, it is the gap between any two teeth in the mouth. In generally diastema is often noticed when there is a gap between the upper front teeth is very visible and noticeable. This gap is also called as Midline diastema. It causes an aesthetic problem. Diastema can affect adults as well as children of all age groups. If you are also feeling conscious about the gap in your teeth, then The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is the best clinic for the aesthetically pleasing and correct solution.

What causes Diastema?

There are several factors that can cause spaced teeth. Some of them include

  • Genetic or hereditary factors: the size and structure of the jaw and the teeth are determined by genetics, so this problem may run in the family. If the teeth sizes are small in compared to the jaw size, it will cause the gap between the two teeth.
  • Missing and undersized teeth: if some teeth are smaller than the other is or if teeth are missing, it may cause the diastema. Generally, the lateral incisors are involved in this type of condition. If these incisors are small or go missing, will lead to unpleasant gap between the front teeth.
  • Oversized labial frenum (hypertrophic): if there is overgrowth of the tissue of labial frenum which connects the upper lip to the upper gum line near incisors then it gaps might appear between the teeth.
  • Gum diseases: infections in the gum cause inflammation and damage of the tissue, which lead to migration of teeth and loss of the tooth. Due to this diastema will develop at the site. This kind of diastema can be prevented by the maintenance of good oral hygiene and getting gum diseases treated as soon as they appear.
  • Incorrect swallowing reflex: while swallowing if the position of the tongue itself stays at the roof of the mouth, the tongue my push against the front teeth. This type of repeated action may push the teeth forward and cause gaps between the teeth.
  • Unhealthy habits: Habits like thumb sucking, lip sucking or tongue thrusting can lead to spaces between the front teeth.
  • Temporary diastema: This may happen when the baby teeth fall off, however, when permanent teeth erupt, these gaps close by themselves.
  • Supernumerary teeth: A tooth which is erupts in the midline of two maxillary central incisors is called midline diastema leading further complications.

What are the treatment options for the diastema correction?

The treatment of diastema in Mumbai can be done using different types of methods, each one highly effective. The type of treatment that will suit the cause of diastema and spaced teeth will be decided by the oral surgeon. If it is a just a cosmetic issue then the treatment line will be different and if the cause is gum diseases or unhealthy habits then the top dental surgeons in Mumbai will first work towards correcting the problems and then treat the spaced teeth.

If the cause of space between the teeth is the thick labial frenum then a frenectomy will be done first before correct the positon of teeth. Best orthodontists in Mumbai use the following treatment methods for this orthodontic and restorative treatments:

  • Orthodontic treatment (permanent braces): this is the oldest and most commonly used method for correcting diastema in Mumbai. You can either opt for traditional braces or clear aligners as they put pressure on the teeth and close the gap over the time. They are used when
  1. The gap between the teeth is larger than which can be masked by cosmetic dental treatments in Mumbai.
  2. If the gap exists between more than two teeth.
  • Veneers: if teeth are small, fitting thin custom-made piece of tooth colored shells on the surface of the teeth can easily correct diastema.
  • Dental bonding: this procedure includes applying a thin coating of tooth colored resin material to the surface of the existing teeth to fill in the space between each tooth. This is one of the very popular treatments of the diastema in Mumbai.
  • Dental implant: if the diastema is due to missing teeth, then the dental implants are the correct line of treatment. This involves insertion of the metal screw in the jawbone and then a crown is fit over it. It appears just like the normal teeth.
  • Dental bridge: this is also a procedure that replaces the missing more than one teeth. In this procedure teeth of either side of the gap are involved and as the name suggests a bridge are formed to cover the gap between teeth.
  • Surgery: when the cause of diastema is over growth of labial frenum, the treatment line used by top orthodontists in Mumbai will be to remove the extra tissue that is frenectomy.

What parents should know about Diastema?

We at The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai recommend that your child should have orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7 to 8 years to check if the teeth are growing correctly and the gums are in good health. Treatment that the dentists give at this stage of age is also called as phase 1 treatment. Early detection of diastema makes it easier to design a customized treatment. A well time series of progressive treatments can help correct problems such as grinding, chewing/biting issues, spaced teeth etc.

Is prevention of Diastema Possible?

It might be possible to reduce the risk of diastema but it is not entirely avoidable but it is fully treatable. All you need is the services of top orthodontists in Mumbai available at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai. There are some habits that you can try to correct to help avoid and reduce the risk of diastema, these include

  • Break the child’s thumb sucking habits
  • Employ proper swallowing habits
  • Take care of your gums and teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Are the results of diastema treatment permanent?

The results of diastema treatment in Mumbai last for a very long time. The particular course of treatment will define the life of the diastema treatment.  In most of the cases the results will last for a lifetime.

Cost of the Diastema Correction Treatment

The price of diastema correction treatment in Mumbai depends on the type of treatment used. If the treatment is invasive then the cost of diastema procedure in Mumbai will be higher whereas dental bond cost a bit less. Dental crowns cost more than dental veneers and braces cost slightly higher.

Our top orthodontists at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai will discuss the cost of diastema treatment in Mumbai in detail with you. They will discuss the price and the treatment involved in correcting spaced teeth in Mumbai.

An important factor affecting the price of diastema correction treatment is the underlying health condition if you have any. There is no standard treatment for diastema in Mumbai, the time and cost varies from case to case.

Why Choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai?

Because we are the best dental care clinic in Mumbai! We are one of a kind advanced dental clinic that has all experts one roof and have the highest success and patient happiness ration in Mumbai. Our expert team includes expert cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and dental hygienist that have a vast experience in correct all dental deformities and diseases. Be assured our professionals will offer personalized solutions in a non-judgmental way and will work along with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your emotional, personal, and financial needs.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offers you flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatments. Each of our dental specialists have advanced training across the world, been acclaimed internationally, so sit back and relax, you are in good hands.

We follow stringent and strict sterilization protocols ensuring seamless procedures. Being patient-centric, we understand how unique each patient’s need is. We counsel them through each step, acquainting them with the various dental procedures and thus providing them with their customized and personalized tailor-made pain-free solutions.

Book a consultation now! Let our team of dedicated professionals aid you with all possible queries.

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