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Best Treatment for Melasma In India

Best Treatment for Melasma In India

- Skin Pigmentation (Melasma)

- What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin condition causing brown to gray–brown patches, melasma usually appears on the face. The cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin, upper lip forearms and neck are places where melasma is likely to form. Most melasma occurs in women. Only 10% of those affected are men. People with darker skin tend to have melasma more than others.

- What are the causes?

What causes melasma is still unknown

The following are known to trigger melasma:

  • Family history of melasma
  • Pregnancy – very common – also called mask of pregnancy
  • Birth control pills
  • Cosmetics
  • Hormone therapy
  • Phototoxic drugs
  • Anti-seizure medication
  • Sun exposure – Just a small amount of sun exposure is the main reason melasma returns after fading.

Melasma of forehead

- What is Melasma?

  • chemical peelmicrodermabrasion, or laser surgery also may be used to treat melasma.
    While these can be successful, these procedures should be performed by a dermatologist. Complications can occur when the procedure is not tailored to the patient’s skin type.
  • Sunscreen plays important role in melasma treatment. When selecting a sunscreen for everyday use, look for one that offers broad–spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays) and has an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or more.
    When treating melasma, it also is important not to use products that irritate the skin. Any cosmetics (facial cleanser, cream, makeup, etc.) that irritate the skin may worsen melasma.

It may take several months to see substantial improvement. It is important to carefully follow your dermatologist’s directions during this time to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment. This also will help avoid skin irritation and other side effects.

- What could be the estimated cost for treating a case of Melasma?

The cost for the treatment depends upon the mode of treatment followed. Treatment with chemical peels, mocrodermabrasion and laser therapy will cost much higher as compared to treatment using topical creams and/or lotions containing tretinoin, glycolic acid, etc. In general, a single consultation with Dr. Rinky Kapoor would cost you about INR 1000/-.

- What is the prognosis?

Dermal pigment may take a long time to resolve than epidermal pigment since there is no effective therapy available that can remove dermal pigment. However, treatment should not be withheld because of a preponderance of dermal pigment.

Resistant cases or recurrences of melasma take place often and if sunlight exposure is not avoided it is likely to recur.

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