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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure in which therapeutic substances are injected into the skin. This may include plant extracts or pharmaceuticals that are targeted at fat cells, hair roots, skin surface cells, etc. for specific reasons.

- What Is Mesotherapy Used For?

Mesotherapy treatment can be used to resolve a variety of different issues. These issues can range from cosmetic to certain medical issues. The extent to which the mesotherapy can have an effect also does vary. Results are definitely satisfactory in localized fat deposit reduction and hair regrowth.Some of the purposes of obtaining mesotherapy are:

  • For treatment of cellulite: Cellulite is caused by a number of different factors which include hormonal imbalance and bad circulation etc. The extent of the condition can be categorized into four different phases which usually depends on how it currently appears whilst you are in different positions (Standing or lying down and if you pinch the skin). In order to resolve this issue, mesotherapy for skin treatment is often employed in an attempt to reduce excess fat deposits and improve the circulation, making connective tissue stronger.
  • For treatment of localized fat deposits: For the purpose of ich loss, injections supply certain ingredients that work against fat in particular areas of the body. Mesotherapy apparently modifies fat cells by stimulating stored fat in cells to be released whilst preventing fat accumulation. In comparison to liposuction which is a surgical process, mesotherapy is meant for localized fat reduction which is difficult to remove by other methods, like love handles, fat concentrated under the umbilicus on the belly, or on the sides of the waist, under the chin etc.Liposuction on the other hand is for fat removal from large areas of the body like the buttocks, entire abdomen, thighs, etc.Diet plans and lifestyle modification will add to the results of mesotherapy and will prevent redeposit of fat.
  • Body sculpting: Mesotherapy can be used to define the appearance of the legs, arms, hands, back and abdomen along with contouring the body and shaping it. Some of the amino acid and vitamin ingredients act by tightening up loose skin. These ingredients are incorporated into the injection to eliminate fat excess which further complements this.
  • For improving the appearance of the neck and face: Most often people notice that their skin starts to lose its definition and youthful appearance with the advancement in age. This is basically a result of fat built up, damage from other factors as sunlight cause the skin to lose its elasticity, development of sun spots, pigmentation and fine lines. Mesotherapy for face treatment here aims to rejuvenate the face and neck through the injection of certain amino acids and antioxidants at specific areas. This seems to work in the body by removing the extra amount of fat deposited, tightening up the skin and eliminating the results of skin damage.Though the results for skin rejuvenation are temporary and need to be supplemented wioth appropriate anti aging and skin rejuvenating creams for best results.
  • Growth of hair: Women along with men experience losing hair during different phases of their lives due to a condition known as alopecia. This disorder can often result from high levels of dihydrotestoterone (DHT), poor nutrition and blood circulation. To deal with the hair loss problem, mesotherapy for hair treatment triggers the hair follicles to regrow hair in the areas from which it was lost by mproving the blood circulation, providing nutrients, growh factors etc. The latest injectable cocktail for hair regrowth termed the QR678 treatment, is injected via mesotherapy technique into the scalp reaching directly at the hair roots and stimulating hair regrowth.Thus, while many products can be injected, it matters what is being injected ultimately ,that shows the benefit.

The QR678 treatment: The regulation of epidermal hair follicles is brought about by the powerful interaction between mesenchymal and epithelial cells; hence the hair follicles pass through a cycle of phases viz. Growth, transition, resting, and fall. The mesenchymal cells release specific growth factors which are the ultimate stimulators of follicular epithelial cells which in turn multiply resulting in full development of hair follicles.

- QR 678 treatment for treating hair loss

It is the latest in non-surgical hair re-growth treatment developed by a team of expert medical professionals from India. A mixture of hair growth specific growth factors are injected via multiple injections into the affected areas, in monthly sessions (8-10) of about 15 minutes each, over a span of 8-10 months. It is a targeted therapy involving the final growth molecules, ie: the growth factors, being administered directly in the hair roots. By-passing skin as well as blood barriers, hence supposedly, it should be a very effective therapy for most patterns of hair loss and virtually devoid of side effects. It can be an alternative to transplant in the earlier stages of alopecia and also work in cases where no other therapy has worked.

Alternatively, mesotherapy can be used for different medical purposes. There are a vast number of potential uses; these uses include the treatment of:

  1. Skin lightening
  2. Muscular spasms
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Stress
  5. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)

- What are the benefits of mesotherapy over liposuction for fat reduction?

To begin with, mesotherapy is a relatively simple procedure unlike liposuction which is a surgical operation. Mesotherapy also has the advantage of curing cellulite by causing its resorption such that it does not reappear on other parts of the body while liposuction leaves the existing cellulite looking even more noticeable. Liposuction is used for larger areas of the body and mesotherapy is used only in areas of localized fat deposits.

- What Is The Mesotherapy Treatment Procedure?

at The Esthetic clinic, Treatment involves superficial injection of the medicine to the area of the skin to be treated with a standard needle with or without anaesthesia. This procedure is done repeatedly covering the whole area of the skin being treated at an injection distance of about one inch.The depth of injection varies depending on the cause for which it is being used.It can be very superficial if treating for skin rejuvenation, deeper for hair growth stimulation and still deeper for fat dissolution.

Injections for cellulite and for other fat dissolving purposes contain fat dissolving medicines, for the hair growth they contain hair growth factors, and for dark circles they contain skin lightening factors.The outcome may require 5-15 sessions or even more, depending on the indication. No side effects are reported.

- Are the results permanent?

No, the results of mesotherapy are not permanent. The procedure can be repeated as and when required, or one can do maintenance sessions, or maintain with proper post treatment case of fat dissolution, diet and lifestyle modification determines if the problem will recur or not.

- Are there any side effects?

No long term side effects have been found. However, immediately after the procedure you may feel a tingling sensation on the skin and the area may be sore or inflamed for a few days. rarely, atypical mycobacterial infections have been found to develop if strict asespsis is not followed while injecting.

- What are the points one needs to remember before deciding to undergo anti aging treatments?

  1. Combinations of other treatments alongwith mesotherapy are required in most cases, which will be best decided by your treating dermatologist.
  2. Multiple sessions are required ranging from 5-15 depending on the indication for treatment and the cocktail of medicines injected. Maintainence is required
  3. Every skin is different, just like every individual is unique. One must have realistic expectations and not get carried away by advertisements, results obtained in other patients, celebrities etc.
  4. A trained expert Cosmetic dermatologist with ample years of experience should be your treating physician.

-Mesotherapy Treatment Before After Photos, See The Patient Result-

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (1)
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (2)
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (3)
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (4)
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (5)
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Face Skin Treatment before after photos in mumbai india (6)

- What Is The Cost Of Mesotherapy Treatment?

Often in our lives, we find ourselves conscious about our body and its appearance. We always want to look our best, and make a good impression, but our flaws and imperfections can come in the way. Cosmetic surgery is a great tool to enhance our appearance and attain the looks we have always hoped to achieve. Mesotherapy is one such cosmetic procedure that can help us deal with a lot of issues such as cellulite, fat deposits and hair fall.

Any cosmetic procedure is a considerable investment of your hard-earned money. If you have decided to seek mesotherapy treatment, you would be anxious to find out the costs of the procedure. The cost of mesotherapy treatment depends on the specific area and purpose of the therapy needed, in your case. You should discuss the procedure, costs and outcomes in detail with your doctor before you begin your treatment. Always choose a highly reputed surgeon and clinic for your cosmetic treatments so as to minimize any complications or risks.

The Esthetic Clinic was built to be a top-notch, state-of -the-art medical facility to provide a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our co-founder, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, is a dermatologist of international repute and practices in Mumbai, India. She has helped several patients achieve the appearance they have always desired with her medical knowledge and surgical skill. If you have set your mind on undergoing mesotherapy treatment, you can rest assured that The Esthetic Clinic will provide you the very best results.

- Facilities at The Esthetic Clinic

Quality patient care is provided through well trained specialist Dermatologist as well as Plastic surgeon who give customized expert advice and personally perform treatments with the latest technology and techniques in treating any disease/cosmetic concern available worldover

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India
Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India
Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India

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