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Sinus Surgery (Sinusitis)

Sinus Surgery (Sinusitis)

- What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis commonly known as sinus is a condition when the sinuses and the nasal passages get inflamed and cause trouble in breathing. A visit to a sinus specialist will tell you that the sinus infection can cause a lot of problems such as severe headache and a feeling of pressure behind the eyes causing strain. A sinus specialist in India will also tell you that if you ignore the sinus then you can become prone to frequent coughs, sore throats, fever, bad breath and nasal congestions and secretions. There are mainly two kinds of sinusitis one is acute sinusitis and the other is chronic sinusitis.

- What are sinuses?

Sinuses are the air filled cavities inside the human skull. They are connected to the space behind the nose (the nasal passage). The primary role of the sinuses is to lighten the skull and reduce the weight so that the voice can resonate in it. There are four major pairs of sinuses one is in the forehead, one behind the check bones, one between the eyes and one behind the eyes. The sinuses can get infected because of the germs, virus, allergens or pollutants and fungi. In case of acute sinusitis it lasts for up to eight to ten weeks and occurs not more than three times per year. Medications are often used to treat acute sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis on the other hand lasts for more than eight weeks and can occur many times a year and the painful symptoms last for more than fifteen days.

Some of the common symptoms of sinus include a runny nose, dripping from the nose, pain behind the eyes, constant ear ache, swelling on the face, random dizziness, headache, fever, sore throat, bad breath and sensitive teeth.

- Sinus Specialist

Sinusitis can be diagnosed by a general practitioner or by a paediatrician (in case of children). In case of severe sinusitis the patient is referred to an ear nose and throat specialist (ENT) who is an expert in treating sinuses. You need to visit a sinus specialist in Mumbai when:

  • You are tired of being sick : When the symptoms of sinus are weighing you down you must start thinking of consulting a sinus specialist. The symptoms have started affecting your daily life. When ignored the sinus can lead to severe diseases and severely impact the quality of life
  • It has gone on for two long : Sinus symptoms that have lasted for more than twelve weeks are a warning sign that the sinus infection needs an attention of a sinus specialist now. If you have no improvement in your condition with the regular medication and you have tried all the other options then the sinus specialist in Mumbai will be able to provide you the correct treatment. It is not a good idea to be on antibiotics for too long. Other treatment options are use of nasal sprays, irrigations etc. that are often used in combination. If all fails then sinus surgery is recommended by the sinus specialist in Mumbai.
  • You want to know more : What kind of sinus you have? What are the effects of the sinus? How can you treat it better and stay better. These entire questions are answered by the sinus specialist.

A sinus specialist will be able to examine you and provide speciality care in the treatment of sinus. Sinus specialists have an additional training in nasal problems so that they can give an individualized treatment plan that a patient needs.

- Sinus surgery and Sinus surgery cost in India

The sinus surgery will be recommended for you when the chronic sinusitis does not subsidize despite medications and other treatments. The sinus specialist in Mumbai will use examinations like the CT scan and the ultrasound to determine the extent of infection and the complications because of it that can be corrected with the sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery is done with the endoscopic method and the goal of the surgery is to remove the affected sinus tissue in a very precise manner so that the infected sinus tissue can drain from the created pathway. Since the method is endoscopic therefore there are no visible incisions or marks and the recovery is faster with less bleeding. The advantage of this type of sinus surgery is that at the same time the sinus specialist in Mumbai can also correct the crooked nasal septum which improves the air flow.

A good sinus specialist will tell you that since sinus surgery involves removing a part of the organ and the sinus pathway is recreated therefore post-operative care after the sinus surgery is very important. In fact sinus specialists emphasize that post-operative sinus surgery care is more important than the surgery itself. You will have to follow the instructions of the sinus specialist for a considerable time to ensure that the recovery is full and good.

Sinus surgery cost in India will depend on many factors. You can enquire about the sinus surgery cost in India at the specialist office. The staff there will be able to tell you that the sinus surgery cost in India will include the surgeons fees, the cost of the antibiotics, the after surgery costs of dressings and follow-ups etc. You can also talk to the sinus specialist in Mumbai about the inclusion of any revision surgery and combination treatments in the sinus surgery cost in India.

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