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Tinea Cruris

Tinea Cruris

- What is Tinea Cruris or Jock Itch or Groin Skin?

Jock itch (tinea cruris) is a surface (superficial) fungal infection of the skin on either side of the body where the thigh joins the abdomen, known as the groin. It is often spread to the groin from tinea infection on the feet (tinea pedis or athlete’s feet).

- Who’s at risk?

Jock itch is very common in warm, moist regions, as the fungus thrives in these conditions.

People who wear tight clothing for extended periods, share clothing, participate in athletics, or are overweight or diabetic are more often affected with jock itch. It is common in adult men.

- What are the signs and symptoms?

Large itchy round, red patches with bumpy, scaling edges occur in the groin and may extend down the inner thigh or onto the belly or buttocks areas. Jock itch is usually not present on the genitals.

- What is the treatment?

Your doctor may do a scraping to look for fungus under the microscope or a biopsy if your diagnosis is uncertain.

Antifungal creams such as miconazole, clotrimazole, or tolnaftate are very effective.

Keep the area cool and dry by drying the body thoroughly after bathing and wearing loose cotton clothing. Look for athlete’s foot, and get it treated if present. You should also avoid sharing clothing and wear footwear in public bathrooms/showers and gyms. It may help to lose weight.

Antifungal pills may be prescribed.

Prevention of tinea cruris reinfection is an essential component of disease management. Patients with tinea cruris often have concurrent dermatophyte infections of the feet and hands.

  • It is important to treat all active areas of tinea cruris infection simultaneously to prevent the infection of groin occurring once again from other body sites.
  • Advise patients with tinea pedis to put on their socks before their undershorts to reduce the possibility of direct contamination.
  • Advise patients with tinea cruris to dry the crural folds completely after bathing and to use separate towels for drying the groin and other parts of the body.

- What would be the approximate cost for the treatment?

The treatment cost is dependent upon the mode of treatment followed. In general, a single consultation with Dr. Rinky Kapoor would cost about INR 1000/-.

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