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Dental Laminates Treatment in Mumbai

Your smile is your signature and in this not so perfect world the one thing that remains uniquely yours is you smile.  It is wonderful to smile, it brightens the seer’s day and boosts our self-confidence. Feeling self-conscious about broken, chipped and discolored and stained teeth. The bad news is that teeth don’t grow back but the good news is that simple dental solutions like the laminates can change the appearance of the teeth and improve the look of your smile.

Laminates are the wonders of the new world technology and have made healthy, beautiful smiles more affordable and easier to maintain. No longer looking in the mirror or at your selfie and think I wish my teeth had more even color or I wish my teeth were not so stained. Post laminates procedure in Mumbai all you will see is the perfect and even smile.

At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai we understand what you need, our experienced staff of top dentists in Mumbai understand perfectly how to design the perfect smile for you without causing any discomfort and a dent to your pocket. Laminates have drawn a lot of attention towards them because of their ease of installation, durability and effectiveness. It is a modern technology treatment that is here to stay and fulfil the dream of many to have the beautiful smile that they always wanted.

What are Dental Laminates?

Dental Laminates are also known as laminate veneers in Mumbai and this name is often interchangeably used with veneers.  Dental laminates are very thin (almost like a potato wafer) porcelain/ceramic shells that are placed on the front of the teeth covering the enamel. They are full customizable.

They are made in such a way that you will hardly notice any different than the natural teeth. Their life like appearance is one of the reasons that laminates are so popular and in demand in Mumbai.

Difference between Veneers and Laminates

Although Veneers and laminates are used interchangeably the two are very different in terms of manufacturing and procedure of treatment. Both are customizable and change the color, size and shape of the tooth.

 A veneer is made up of two kinds of materials

  • Composite Veneer
  • Porcelain Veneer.

Porcelain veneer are more durable of the two and can last for up to a decade. They are preferred choice for designing the Bollywood smile. Composite laminates on the other hand stain easily and are damaged sooner but they can be placed in one sitting and repaired if needed. However, in veneers both the tooth and the enamel is eroded for the veneers to fit better.

Laminates are the more advanced and newer versions of veneers. They are thinner, can be placed in just one sitting and are much thinner (like a contact lens). Cost of laminate treatment in Mumbai is higher than the cost of veneer treatments.

Both the veneers and the laminates are the great option when it comes to enhancement of smile. The decision of treatment purely lies on the patient desire and the dentist, with regards to which option is better for you.

Are you a good candidate for Laminates?

Laminate treatment in Mumbai is a non-invasive treatment and if you too want white and well-shaped teeth and have high aesthetic expectations, then you are a good candidate for the laminates. Lamination is an optimal solution for the following:

  • Highly stained and discolored teeth.
  • If you want cosmetic makeover of the smile.
  • If you have healthy teeth and healthy gums in your mouth.
  • If you have the habit of grinding or clench of teeth (bruxism).
  • If you have small teeth or misshapen teeth.
  • If there are minor chips or cracks in the teeth.
  • Mild to moderate mal-positioning of the teeth or in case of diastema.
  • In case of minor tooth reduction is required.

Benefits of Dental Laminates

There are limitless benefits of laminate treatment in Mumbai. Top dentists in Mumbai use this treatment for simple cosmetic enhancements for the smile and overall facial aesthetics of the patient. We have listed fee important benefits below:

  • Fixes tooth discoloration: Some stains especially those which are not corrected by normal tooth whitening options such as those caused by prescription drugs etc. can easily be corrected using tooth laminates.
  • Corrects shape and symmetry of the teeth: best dentists in Mumbai use laminates to cover the bulges or carter on the tooth which give them an even appearance. Laminates can be used on multiple teeth at a time.
  • Improves appearance of the teeth: Minor chips and cracks on teeth can be covered with the use of laminates. They also improve the strength of the teeth and prevent further decay.
  • It will close the gap between the teeth. Also treat the diastema: Using laminate treatment in Mumbai the gapped teeth prevent the shifting of teeth and jaw deteriorations.

What are the advantages of laminated teeth?

The main benefit that works in the favor of laminate treatment in Mumbai is that they are a long-term solution to many of the smile problems. They are perfect for a smile makeover and offer other advantages such as:

  • You will get a natural beautiful smile radiating confidence and happiness.
  • It protects the teeth from abrasion, and feels comfortable to wear. You can chew, speak and drink without problems.
  • Laminated teeth do not get discolored.
  • Its resistance to abrasion and laminates will keep your teeth fine for a long time.
  • Protection from tooth decay.
  • Since the porcelain is very thin and give the natural look and fits desired aesthetics. Since porcelain transmits light, it is very difficult to differentiate between laminate and natural tooth.
  • Due to smooth and polished laminated surface, it will be resistant to discoloration from tea, coffee, and cigarette stains.
  • The porcelain laminate is strong and firmly adheres to surface of the tooth.

How long dental laminate lasts?

Most laminates are made up of composite and porcelain. Your dentist can determine which material is required. It also determined the shelf life of the laminated.

On an average, a laminate treatment in Mumbai will last you for about 10-15 years. Over time they will face the natural wear and tear just like your normal teeth and might need replacement if stained, or chipped.

Dental lamination procedure

The procedure for laminate treatment in Mumbai is very simple.

  • The first step is the consultation with the top dentist in Mumbai. The dentist will talk to you about your expectation. Next, he will do an oral examination to see the relationship between your upper and lower teeth and also example your face shape carefully.
  • Next step is to determine the feasibility of the laminates for the patient. Sometimes some additional procedures such as gum contouring can be done to fulfill the aesthetic aspects. If the damage is more, then in order to make your teeth ready you might even need and orthosurgery.
  • If all is well then, the measurement of the mouth and teeth to make an impression and the dentist will also take photos and video recording.
  • The impression is then sent to the laboratory where the expert lab technicians will make the beautiful shiny laminates of either porcelain or ceramics.
  • Once the laminates are ready then during placement the dentist will first etch the surface then then stick the laminates with the help of a strong resin based dental bonding agent.
  • The last step is to check the alignment and then use a light cure to make sure the laminates stay on.

Precautions to be taken while using laminated teeth

Post the laminate procedure in Mumbai you can go home and go about with your normal routine. Basic care must be taken to ensure that the laminate stay safe and last long. Few things to keep in mind are

  • Maintenance of laminates is quite simple, with good oral hygiene practice like brushing and flossing will do the work.
  • Laminates do not harden the tooth surface; they strengthen it therefore keep in mind that you still cannot break hard nuts or open soda bottles with laminated teeth.
  • If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth then best dentist in Mumbai will recommend using a good night guard to protect the teeth.
  • Avoid having chewing gums and hard food it may cause tear and wear of the laminates.
  • Quit or avoid the habit of nail biting or hard objects like pencil.
  • Regular dental checkup is must, even if you don’t have any problem. The dentist will check the integrity and health of the laminates.

What is the cost of the laminated teeth?

The primary factor affecting the cost of laminate in Mumbai is the type of material that is chosen. Porcelain laminates are costlier than the composite ones. The other factors that affect the price of laminates in Mumbai include

  • The number of teeth that need treatment.
  • Any pre procedures that are needed to prepare the tooth.
  • The fees of the cosmetic dentist
  • The artistic and technical skills of the ceramist who will be designing the laminates.
  • The location.

Since it is a cosmetic treatment, the laminate procedure cost in Mumbai is usually not covered by insurance. You can discuss the details with your cosmetic dentist.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinics?

Because The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is the best when it comes to all kinds of cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments. We have the best in class faciality and all our experts are qualified and trained by the best in the industry. We are committed to providing the best treatment to all our patients and we have strict quality checks in place to ensure you get the best materials for veneers and laminates.

We have many customizable comprehensive dental plans that will take care of the aesthetic and functional needs of the teeth, gums, bones, and the tissue structure of the mouth. We have the top cosmetic dentists, dental experts, orthodontist, endodontists in Mumbai working with use to ensure the long life of your teeth and the perfection in your smile.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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