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Face Threads Surgery

  • Wanted to have a facelift, but don’t want to undergo surgery?
  • Are you looking for a facelift that is cheap, but very effective?
  • Do you want to look younger, while not having to undergo a surgery & not taking any risk on your face?
  • Are you looking for a better option in removing those unwanted lines in your face, but strictly on a very tight budget?

Worry no more! – Thanks to the face threading technology and the thread facelift.

As we age, our skins connective tissue thins, elastic fibers and collagen begin to break, as a result, deep creases, sagging skin, folds and wrinkles appear as early as the age of 30. Waste no time, try the face threading treatment and start enjoying its benefits!

What is A Face Thread?

Face threads are a convenient and safe alternative to the traditional facelift surgery. Face threading is designed to be less invasive; face thread lift can reduce the sagging around the jaw line, neck and cheeks quicker and with almost zero risk, compared to the conventional approach that requires surgery. In face thread lift procedure, a special kind of face threads are used during the face thread lift to discreetly liftthe facial tissues and to reposition the skin after surgery.

Clear threads are used in a contour thread lift to minimize the traces of surgery.

In general, Face threading produces noticeable results immediately, with less inconvenience and lesser risk than any other procedures. Face thread lifts are pretty reasonable in cost too, compared to the traditional face lifting surgery approach. 

What is the Face Thread Lift process? 

The face thread lift procedure involves the insertion of threads, made up of polypropylene, which are inserted under the skin on your face with the use of the technique called tunneling. The threads are used to elevate the facial tissues, are pulled and then the other end is anchored deeply in the tissues located above the hairline. Scar tissues form around the anchored threads, and anchor your skin & soft tissues of the face in an elevated position.

Face threading is inexpensive, safe, convenient and an effective way of treating your sagging jaws and cheeks

Recovery after Surgery

Once face threading is completed, your doctor will surely provide you instructions to follow. You can use Ice for the first 24-48 hours; the ice compress will deal with any swelling and will help lessen the discomfort. You can recover in less than a week; however you should avoid strenuous exercises for the next 2 to 3 weeks. You may also experience some mild swelling and bruises, but these will eventually go away quickly in a week or so.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Question) 

What areas can be treated with a Thread Lift?

Thread lifting can be used to improve and enhance the appearance of a sagging cheeks, sagging neck and droopy eyebrows and jows. Your doctors will surely make recommendations for improvements. This procedure can be tailored to cater to your exact needs and to ensure a satisfying outcome.

What are the advantages of a Thread Lift? 

Face thread lift offers an excellent result together with a quick recovery. Face threading, requires no invasive surgery and the great thing about Face thread lift is that, it leaves no scars. Amazing, isn’t it? With this face lift procedure, there is no hospital stay required, only a local anesthesia is required to complete the face threading process. Another great thing about thread lifts is that, it is much more affordable than the regular face lifts and the results are reasonably long lasting.

Who is  Thread Lift Suited for? 

Face threading is suited to women and men whose ages are between 40 to 60. Face thread lift is more effective on minimal sagging and it can give you the best results for jaws, brows, neck area and your cheeks. If you are looking for an affordable, long lasting and effective way to get off your sagging cheeks, face threading is perfectly for you.

How long does a thread lift take?

Normally, a typical thread lift takes an hour to perform, but still the length of the procedure depends on the areas being treated and the number of filaments your doctor uses. This procedure is usually performed in the office, while you are awake and topical skin anaesthesia is used for the same.

How long does the results last? 

It should be noted that sagging will return over time, however the results may last somewhere between 18 months to 2 years. If you want to extend the results, you may need to have additional inserted filaments approximately a year later, consult your doctor and your doctor will surely advise you on when additional filaments may be required.

Face Thread Before After Photos

What is the cost of Face Thread Lift Surgery?

A great first impression can be an invaluable asset for all of us but sometimes, we may be extremely conscious of our own faults and inadequacies to make it happen. Cosmetic surgery is one way of addressing these faults, and achieving the looks we have always desired. Face thread lifting is a cosmetic procedure that can help you regain the youthful texture and appearance of your face.

If you have made a decision to undergo the face thread lifting procedure, an assessment of the procedure costs are in order. The thread lifting procedure does not involve surgery and can be carried out at a much lower cost. A well-reputed surgeon and excellent clinic will allow you to undergo the procedure with maximum effectiveness and reasonable procedure cost.

The Esthetic Clinic is has excellent medical facilities for all your cosmetic surgery requirements. Dr. Debraj Shome, our medical head, is one of the most famous oculoplastic surgeons in Mumbai, India. In conjunction with our highly specialised and well-trained staff, our surgeons can help you achieve the appearance you have always desired.

The Esthetic Clinic is cosmetic surgery and skin-care treatment clinic founded specifically for plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and whole body. Our founder, Dr. Debraj Shome, is a highly skilled facial cosmetic surgeon who has completed several successful cosmetic surgeries and has many accolades to his name. If you have made up your mind to undergo face thread lifting, The Esthetic Clinic can give you the very best outcomes.

Should you opt for face lift with threading?

If you are always on the lookout for the latest anti-aging therapies, the thread face lift should be something you should know about. Face lift with threading is a relatively new concept. But people are waking up to face lift with threading like never before.

Getting face lift with threading is exciting. Dr. Debraj Shome at The Esthetic Clinics can transform your face within minutes, non-surgically, using the face thread lift procedure. If you want a face lift, then you will get one with ease. Getting a facelift is not a problem in India. A surgical face lift will be great for your appearance but if you are looking for something modern, with minimal downtime and risk, get face lift with threading.

Face lift with threading may be just the thing for you. Face lift with threading is something that you should only let a good cosmetic surgeon do. There are many cases of face lift with threading going wrong. This is not the fault of the threads, but the lack of skill on the part of the surgeon. So, beware where you get face lift with threading. The Esthetic Clinics are the right place to know more about face lift with threading.



About Dr. Debraj Shome

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