Dental FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

Dental FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the treatment options for missing teeth?

Q2. Does tobacco chewing cause oral cancer?

Q3. What are the treatment options for dark gums?

Q4. What is a Gummy smile correction?

Q5. How early can you start treatment for maligned teeth?

Q6. How can I get my smile modified?

Q7. Will treatment of my maligned teeth change my jaw alignment?

Q8. What is right brushing technique?

Q9. Are sweets and ice bad for teeth?

Q10. What is the best ways to maintain oral hygiene?

Q11. When to consider dental implants?

Q12. When do baby teeth fall out?

Q13. Should I be visiting a dentist during pregnancy?

Q14. Is flossing important?

Q15. Top 10 super foods for oral health!

Q16. What is the cause of mouth ulcers?

Q17. Can I get a new set of dentures in one day?

Q18. Should you clean your tongue?

Q19. What are the Causes of tooth decay?

Q20. What are the treatment options for teeth decay?

Q21. Can fractured teeth be saved?

Q22. What is Nursing Bottle Caries?

Q23. Does too much chocolate lead to tooth decay and how to manage it?

Q24. Does intermittent fasting lead to halitosis?

Q25. How to choose your toothbrush?

Q26. Can I go to dentist when breastfeeding?

Q27. Can dentist be called doctors?

Q28. How is dental health related to general health?

Q29. I have broken tooth, can my smile become normal?

Q30. Why some people have yellowish teeth?

Q31. Early signs of oral malignancy?

Q32. Does bleaching leads to sensitivity?

Q33. When should teeth check-up be done?

Q34. Right age for a child to start brushing?

Q35. What are the treatment options for maligned teeth?

Q36. Professional treatment options to prevent decay of teeth in a child?

Q37. Are there any chances for RCT failure?

Q38. How often should you see your dentist?

Q39. How to prevent teeth staining?

Q40. Which toothpaste you should use?

Q41. Do home remedies work on teeth staining?

Q42. How to treat teeth sensitivity?

Q43. What are the common causes of Bad Breath?

Q44. What causes Bleeding Gums and its Treatment?

Q45. How to prevent Teeth Decay?

Q46. What medical treatments are available for dark lips and dark gums?

Q47. How to remove teeth stains caused from Smoking?

Q48. How long my RCT last?

Q49. Does wisdom tooth removal causes eye problem?

Q50. Can I get my RCT done in one day?

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