What are the treatment options for teeth decay?

What are the treatment options for teeth decay?

Ans. Cavity go unnoticed for a long time or at least until they start causing pain and discomfort in chewing . Regular visit to dentist is one of the top ways to reduce the risk of cavities. If decay is treated at an early stage before causing pain, it will probably not need for extensive treatment in later stages. Decay starts with superficial damage and goes deeper and severe, so the treatment is depends on the severity and progress tooth decay. The various treatment options include:

  • Fluoride treatment: If the cavity has just started, then just scraping the discoloured part and performing a fluoride treatment will help stem the spread of cavity.
  • Restoration or filling: Filling is the main treatment option for early stages of cavity. If cavity spreads till the dentin, then the dentist will remove the decayed part and fill it with the restorative materials like tooth coloured resin, GIC, amalgam etc. to stop the further spread of infection.
  • RCT or root canal treatment: When decay reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth then best dentist in Mumbai will suggest for a root canal treatment. This is the stage of cavity in which the patient starts to feel the pain in gums and teeth. In this procedure, the cavity is cleaned, the infected pulp from the chamber as well as canal is removed and the area disinfected and sanitized and then medication is applied in it, and the area sealed. After that permanent restoration done either inlay or onlay (crown or cap) is used.

Extraction: When the tooth is severely damage, and cannot be restored then it will be removed.

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