Does wisdom tooth removal causes eye problem.

Does wisdom tooth removal causes eye problem.

Ans. No! Extraction of wisdom tooth does not affect the eyes. It is a popular myth. Though all the nerve and muscles of the body connected to each other, but dental procedure affecting the ophthalmic nerve is the rarest complication.

 Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical dental procedure. This procedure is done by either a general dentist or the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. A wisdom tooth starts erupting at the age of 18-25 years. Most of people experience little or no difficulty as the tooth erupts, but there are considerable amount of discomfort reported, it will leads to tooth removal.

The wisdom tooth may be recommended for removal due to following reason:

  • If the wisdom tooth is impacted and does not have any space in the jaw to erupt, or it may be partially erupted.
  • Pain and discomfort, which is long standing and radiates into a pain around the tooth, and extends to the ear and head.
  • Food lodgement around the partially erupted tooth may cause the decay, periodontal problems, foul smell etc.
  • If eruption is causing the crowding of the teeth or it causes other orthodontic problems.
  • Cyst formation near the erupting or impacted tooth.

Because of this myth that wisdom tooth removal causes blindness or eye defects, most patients tend to delay this procedure and it leads to further complications. This scare is move aggravated by few people, who over exaggerate their dental problems and experiences with dentists and their wisdom tooth removal experiences.

This is a complete myth and needs to be handled with a positive attitude. If you are someone who has been through a wisdom tooth extraction, please refrain from exaggerations and rather create positive awareness regarding the procedure.

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