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Re-Root Canal Treatment

Re-Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

A Re-root canal treatment is performed on patients who have had previous endodontic procedures which have not produced the desired results. A re-root canal treatment done in time and with great precision can save your tooth from extraction. If the previous RCT treatment is not done correctly then there are chances that the healing process remains incomplete. Saving the natural tooth often yields healthier results, and lots of re-treated teeth can function well for years, , maybe even for remainder of patient’s life. For patients who choose to not undergo re-root canal treatment, may have to go for an invasive  endodontic surgery, which can be lengthy and painful procedure or  tooth extraction might become a necessity for them. Re-root canal treatment is also called as Endodontic retreatment.

When Is Re-Root Canal Treatment Required?

There are various indications for re-root canal treatment, which can be found out with radiological findings and patient’s complaints. These indications include :

  • Not getting desired result from the first attempt of root canal treatment.
  • Tooth with inadequate root canal filling, can cause periapical infection leading to pain and discomfort in the patient and damage to nearby teeth.
  • Tooth with narrow, curved, or blocked canal, in which the filling did not reach the extreme tips of the canals.
  • Delayed in onlay (crow or cap , can make the tooth fragile and it can make the tooth susceptible to infection and contamination because of saliva and food particles and it can go unnoticed for a long period of time.
  • Inadequate cleaning of root canal, and pulp chamber.
  • Incomplete removal of decayed tooth structure.
  • Improper placement of crown which could have created a gap, and made a passage for food particles and led to re-infection.
  • Improper care of treated tooth.
  • Broken or cracked crown or cap.


Pain and discomfort occur over a short period of time or even years after the initial root canal treatment . The symptoms are almost similar to the previous pre root canal treatment stage. One should go for re-evaluation of the tooth and consult the dentist if he /she experience the following symptoms:

  • First sign is discomfort and pain (dull or sharp) in an around the treated area.
  • In some cases, there is no sensation of pain and infection can go unnoticed for quite a long time.
  • Inflammation in the surrounding gum area of the tooth.
  • Pus formation or abscess near previously treated tooth leading to acute discomfort.
  • Pain and discomfort while chewing.
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot or sweet food items. 

Re-Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The Re-root canal treatment procedure in Mumbai is same as a basic RTC procedure and may require more than one sitting. A re endodontic treatment in India is done with the aim of saving the tooth from extraction. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • Cosmetic dentist will first examine the tooth and do a radiographic analysis to check for the damage and determine the correct course of the re-treatment.
  • On the day of the procedure, you will be given a local anaesthesia to dull the pain and give the dentist a better and comfortable access to the mouth.
  • The first step is dissembling of the capping or crown or any other restorative material in order to gain access to the affected tooth.
  • The previous filling is scooped out and the canal thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the irrigation method.
  • The debris and infected particles are removed from canal and chamber.
  • The canal is reshaped or widened to ensure that the root canal is successful.
  • If the canal is blocked or too narrow to accept the filling then top endodontist in Mumbai will access the tooth via the gums by making a small incision in the latter.
  • Re-shaped canal is then re-filled with gutta percha or if required with a temporary filling material once again. Filling depends on the condition of the tooth.
  • In the next appointment permanent restoration will be done and then crown placement, so that tooth is protect from further infections and damage. The cosmetic dental surgeon in Mumbai can use the same crown or cap if it is in intact condition or a new cap may be made to cover the canal filling.

Post-operative Care for Re-Root Canal Treatment

Post-operative care for re-treatment is almost same as the other endodontic procedures. Some are lined up as follows:

  • After the root canal re-treatment, some patients may experience the tenderness, pain, and discomfort. Therefore, they are prescribed with analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines for few days.
  • Patients are advised to avoid chewing from the treated side of the teeth for one to two days.
  • Patients should also avoid chewing the hard and sticky food for few days, instead opt for soft and liquid food like soup, yoghurt, khichdi or ice-cream etc.
  • Take good care of oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing two times a day.
  • Use the medicated mouthwash, at least before bed.
  • Rinses with salt water, three to four times a day for few days is beneficial in preventing bacterial infection to persist.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption; rather, quit these habits for better tooth life.
  • If symptom persists, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Success rate of Re-root Canal Treatment

Root canal re-treatment in Mumbai is considered as a safe procedure, but in some cases there are risk of repeated infection or may cause damage of tooth. Patient can minimize the risk through proper  dental care after the procedure.

For most of the patient endodontic re-treatment, procedure is successful. The re-treated teeth can function properly throughout the life. Re-root canal treatment has a 75% chance of succeeding in providing a longer life to the treated tooth/teeth.

Who Must Avoid Re-Root Canal Treatment?

  • Medically compromised patient who have undergone for chemotherapy or radiotherapy or are on the course of steroids must avoid the treatment till there course is complete.
  • For the pregnant women, the best time for treatment would be second trimester.
  • Patient who have teeth that cannot be made functional or restored.
  • Teeth which have mobility due to insufficient support of periodontal tissues.
  • Teeth with poor prognosis rate.
  • Uncooperative patients.

If you suffer from any chronic life disease such as diabetes or heart condition then you must inform the dentist during consultation itself.

Re-Root Canal Treatment Cost

The endodontic re-treatment costs more than primary root canal treatment in Mumbai, because this procedure is more challenging and requires greater precision on the part of the re-root canal in Mumbai Dentist.. The cost of re-root canal in Mumbai is varies depending upon the various factors, like condition of the particular tooth, number of canals and complexity of the canals. The position and placement of the tooth may also determine the cost of re-root canal surgery in Mumbai; for example  if tooth is molar or third molar with buccally or distally placed, it may affect the cost of treatment. The block in the canal or calcified canals need to be removed by surgically accessing the root of the tooth by making incision in the gum. This will add on the cost of the re-root canal treatment in India.

Endodontic re-treatment may require several sittings, which may add the cost of whole treatment. The old restorations or crown may have be discarded, and made another one with different material can also cause difference in the cost of the treatment.

Why Choose Esthetic Clinics Mumbai For Re-root Canal Treatment?

The Esthetic Clinics has a credible and dedicated team of experts who have won several accolades in the field of dentistry. Supported by the latest equipment, we employ modern techniques combined with long years of experience to provide top of the line services for Re-Root canal treatment in Mumbai. Our support staff is accommodating and helps one to feel at ease and in good hands by explaining all procedures carefully and in detail.

To sum up, in view of the rapid advancements in the technology employed in dental treatment, one can be sure that re-root canal treatment in Mumbai is the safest and best option to save an affected tooth on which root canal treatment was unsuccessful earlier.


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