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Turbinate Surgery (Turbinoplasty)

The nose is a very delicate structure and therefore are many components of the nose that work together to make sure that you breathe clean air and your lungs stay healthy at all times. Therefore the plastic surgery or any kind of procedure done to the nose requires very special qualifications and experience in a surgeon. One of the most delicate components of the nose are the turbinates. Turbinates are very small and very delicate structures in the nose that have a bony and scroll like appearance. The turbinates are three pairs of long bones that are covered with tissue. The function of turbinates is to filter and humidify the air that you breathe before it enters the lungs. Turbinates have a mucous lining that keeps the nose moist. It is very important that the turbinates function well at all times because if the dry air goes in the lungs it can prevent them to function properly. The turbinates are located at the sides on the inside walls of the nose.

Functionally turbinates swell and shrink to moisten the air. This happens every few hours. However in some cases the turbinates can swell excessively and block the passage way of the nose. The turbinoplasty the way to correct this problem in Mumbai India. This problem also arises if you have a crooked septum then one side of the nose is larger and the turbinates get bigger too and therefore the blockage gets bad. In such cases the turbinate surgery is performed along with septoplasty. Simple allergies can also cause the turbinates to swell and block the airway.

Turbinate Surgery in Mumbai India

Nasal spray is the first solution that most doctors use in case of swelling in the turbinates but if the medicines do not work then turbinate surgery is done. There are mainly three kinds of turbinate surgery that are done in Mumbai India. Before the turbinate surgery in Mumbai India the surgeon will do a physical examination as well as an endoscopy to see the issues you have been having with your nose. The various surgical procedures include:

Turbinectomy: In this procedure the lower turbinate is taken out. This is done using devices like microdebrider that can shave off the extra tissue. A lighted camera placed in the nose so that the surgeon can see the tissue. This process in done under anaesthesia.

Radiofrequency or laser ablation: This is also a popular procedure for turbinate surgery in Mumbai India. This procedure is uses laser and radiofrequency energy to shrink the turbinate to give relief to the patients. This is done under local sedation and is a relatively pain free process.

Turbinoplasty: This is one of the most popular and successful surgery methods for the turbinates.  The turbinoplasty removes the bone of the turbinate and half of the mucosal lining. The left over half of the mucosa will cover the area from which the bone is removed.  Turbinoplasty is done under general anaesthesia and there are no external cuts made.  Trubinoplasty is also known as the outfracture technique.  This is a pain free surgery.

Turbinoplasty is a highly successful surgery when done by the right surgeon. There are many risks associated with turbinoplasty because turbinates are very rich in blood supply. Therefore excessive bleeding can happen after the operation which needs to be controlled.

With turbinates there is always a risk of them growing back and therefore a revision surgery is needed sometimes to continue the treatment. Medicinal treatment is also used to make sure that this does not happen.

After the turbinate surgery

Once the surgery is over you will be able to go home the same day but expect some bruising and swelling. You will be required to have some nasal packing but they will be usually removed a day after the operation. It is quite normal to feel that your nasal passage is congested for up to six weeks but that will eventually go away and your breathing will improve considerable. Regular check-ups will be required with the surgeon to check the healing. You will be able to return to work in few days but refrain from doing any heavy work and exercise for up to four weeks.

You will be easy to breathe easy and enjoy the normal life ager the surgery. You just have to make sure that you go to the best surgeon for the same. The trick to finding the right surgeon for turbinoplasty is to do your research properly. Look online and as well as physically to make the right choice. The advantage of making the right choice is that you will not only get the best results but will also get the best after care. You can easily ask the surgeon for his or her credentials to see the experience. If the turbinate surgery is not done properly then it can result in a dry and crusty nose which can be very uncomfortable




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