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Losing weight is not an easy task it requires a lot of exercise, diet control and self-control. For some it works but for some keeping the weight under control is very difficult. In cases where people are not able to control their weight and have a severe need to lose some weight because of cosmetic or health reasons, bariatric surgery is recommended. Bariatric surgery is way to help you lose weight quickly. There are many processes of bariatric surgery and it can lead you to shed anywhere between 25 to 90 percent of the weight depending on the procedure.

There are many benefits of bariatric surgery and it can help cure and bring under control more than twelve medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and even risk of cancer. There are mainly two types of bariatric surgeries and various process falls under either of two categories. At the best bariatric surgery center in Mumbai India you get briefed by the processes. The reconstructive procedures aim to decrease the size of the stomach of the person so that he or she feels full quickly. Usually the stomach is capable of holding four to six cups of food easily however after the surgery the stomach will only be able to hold only one cup of food. Malabsroptive procedures on the other hand aim to decrease the calorie intake in small intestine.

If you have been recommended bariatric surgery by somebody to help you lose weight or if you have read about it somewhere and feel that it will be helpful for you then it is time to find the best bariatric surgery center in Mumbai India. You fill find the top surgeons there who will be able to recommend and the right process for you after doing an examination, running tests and a personal consultation. At the best bariatric surgery center in Mumbai India like The Esthetic Clinic you will find the best care to help you achieve your aim of losing weight.

- Various process of bariatric surgery include:

Gastric sleeve : In this type of surgery about 80% of the stomach is removed. This leaves only a sleeve like tubular stomach which reduces the intake of food and hence the calories. The advantages of a gastric sleeve is that it has about 50% of weight loss, supresses hunger and improves satiety and involves short stay in the hospital and recover is quicker. On the downside this is a non-reversible process.

Gastric Bypass : In this process the stomach is stapled to make it shorter and in the second part the small intestine is cut and directly attached to the small stomach pouch. This means that your body will absorb fewer amounts of calories. This by pass also changes gut hormones, bacteria and thus affect the metabolism. The plus side of the process is about 80% of weight loss is achievable; the amount of food and calorie is considerably reduced. However this is a complicated process and difficult to reverse but it can be reversed if absolutely necessary. You will also have to take a lifelong supply of vitamin and mineral supplementation and follow strict restrictions and diet.

Adjustable Gastric Band : As the name suggests in this process of bariatric surgery. In this process an inflatable band is placed on the upper portion of the stomach which restricts the size of the band. This process can be done using the laparoscopic method. The biggest advantage of this process is that the band can be adjusted and reversed if need, there are low surgery risks, and very low chances of vitamin shortage. However the disadvantage is that the weight loss is lower and you need to have regular follow-ups to adjust the band.

Duodenal switch : In this type of bariatric surgery process there are two surgeries done. In the first it is the gastric sleeve surgery and the second surgery most of the food to directed to bypass the small intestine. The advantage is that you lose more weight than any other surgery and you can eat more of normal meals but on the other hand this process has high risk of complications and needs long adherence to the dietary and other restrictions.

Gastric Balloon : This is a new age procedure in which one or two balloon are place in the stomach. The balloons are inflated with salt water so that they fill up the stomach and you feel fuller. However these balloons need to removed or changed after a period of six months or a year.

VBloc Therapy : This is a minimally invasive procedure and uses an electronic device which functions like a pacemaker to make you eat less and lose weight. The advantage is that it does not alter the size of stomach or the intestine.

AspireAssist : In this type of process a pump is put in body to drain the part of the food after the meal. You can have device removed anytime.

Bariatric surgery process are different for different people. The type or surgery and the process that will be suitable for you will decided by the surgeon with the discussion about your expectations and your physical state. Various factors such as the body mass index, blood pressure current weight etc. affect the choice of the process.

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