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Crowns Treatment in Mumbai

Dental crowns or the tooth cap has been used to preserve the integrity of the tooth for years. Nowadays, the term ‘crown’ or ‘cap’ related to dentistry is very familiar to everyone. Even before the dentist advises for it, some people ask for cap or crown without even knowing the pros and cons of it. This happens because they believe that the crown is the one stop solution to correcting decayed, broken or uneven tooth or teeth. However, the correct dental treatment plan in Mumbai includes the crown and other corrective and restorative treatments based on the need of the case the desire of the patient.

If you too have one or more missing teeth then the top dental processions recommend artificial replacement in the form of crowns. Crowns are often also used with dental implants and bridges and they appear just like the natural actual teeth. They fit like a custom-made cap on the tooth and add to the strength and size of the teeth.  It is a permanent fixture and protects the tooth from further damage.

Top dentist or prosthodontist at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai will first evaluate the cause of tooth damage, existing or left over structure of the tooth and discuss your aesthetic concerns with you before working out the best treatment plan to get your pearly whites shining again. The tooth cap or the dental crown treatment In Mumbai is the one of the best options to protect the damaged, broken or chipped tooth and protect them from further damage.

What are Dental Crowns?

It is a customized prosthesis, placed above the gum line with the help of dental cement.

The dental crown is a tooth shaped artificial restoration that is placed over the damaged tooth or on the dental implant. It takes place of the lost tooth surface. It is also commonly called as the cap placement on the teeth and can be customized to snugly fit the tooth size and shape. They not only restore the shape and size of the tooth but also improve the function and restore the even appearance. Dental crowns in Mumbai are customized prosthesis that is placed above the gum line with the help of dental cement.

The dental crown is tooth shaped artificial restorations placed over the damaged tooth or dental implant. Commonly it is called as ‘cap’, which is customized to cover the patients tooth. It helps to restore the shape, size and strength of the tooth and also improve the function and appearance of it. 

Why are Dental Crowns needed?

Top dentist in Mumbai can recommend crown for many reasons such as:

  • The dental crown is used for the large cavity that cannot be filled by the dental cement or restorative materials. It helps to support the teeth when less structure is left.
  • To protect the fractured tooth.
  • To hold the dental bridge in place and give it is a more aesthetic appearance.
  • It gives the structural stability to weak teeth, and holds the all part of the cracked or broken tooth together.
  • It is used to cover the dental implant, it is part a of dental implant procedure.
  • Dental caps are used to cover the root canal treated tooth to protect it from further infection.
  • It can be used for aesthetic reasons, when teeth are discolored or misshapen.
  • It is also used in pediatric dentistry for protection of remaining structure of the decayed tooth. For this, metal crowns (stainless steel crown) are generally used.
  • Dental crowns in Mumbai are used for aligning your bit. 

What types of Dental Crowns are available?

There are two different types of crowns available:

  1. Temporary dental crown
  2. Permanent dental crown.

Temporary crown: A temporary crown is generally used before the placement of permanent crown. The dentist will take the measurement of the tooth and then place the temporary crown till the time the permanent crown is customized and prepared. Because it does not need to stay on for long, the temporary crown is made of cheap materials, such as acrylic and certain metals. They are removed when the permanent crown is ready.

Permanent crown: Permanent crowns will stay with you for a lifetime and are therefore crafted out of materials that will with your lifelong partner. We say crafted because at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai we use special tooth to make the cap fit the best on your teeth and withstand the test of time. The dental crown can be made of one single material or a combination of different materials including:

  • Stainless steel dental crown
  • Metal crown and gold alloy crown
  • Porcelain fused to metal crown.
  • All resin dental crown.
  • All ceramic dental crown
  • Zirconia dental crown

Stainless steel crown: The dental crowns made up of high grade stainless still and they come prefabricated to use as a temporary dental crowns. The stainless steel dental crown in Mumbai is the price choice for protecting the temporary teeth in children.

Metal crown and gold alloy dental crown:  These are one of the oldest known materials for crown placement. They contain high percentage of gold or platinum alloy or base-metal alloy. These crowns withstand wear and tear during the chewing and biting. These are durable crowns and often preferred as a long-term option.

Porcelain fused to metal crown: These are more new age and these are metal cast crowns coated with porcelain giving them aesthetically appropriate appearance in terms of color and texture. When designing the porcelain color is matched to the adjacent teeth to give it the natural appearance. It can wear or chip easily and might need replacement in future.

All resin crowns: These types of dental crowns are easy to use and they do not cost much. However they are not very durable and are very prone to damage than other crown materials.

All ceramic crowns: These types of dental crowns are made of hard white clay called kaolin. They are mainly chosen for cosmetic purposes and are very aesthetic looking. They are minimal invasive and considered as best option for metal allergic person.

Zirconia crown: These are very popular nowadays because of their great aesthetics and long lasting quality. It is made up of biocompatible material so there are no chances of allergy.

Porcelain dental crown: They are an excellent choice to enhance or restore the function and aesthetics for front teeth. It gives the hue of natural color teeth. 

Selecting the right material for your dental crown

There are various actors that affect the choice of material for dental crown placement your dentist will take the call based on the thorough examination of the condition of the tooth, the adjacent teeth and gum health. These factors include:

  • Location of the tooth, if this is for front tooth it should be aesthetically good with a natural look. In case of posterior teeth, it should be firm and sturdy to be able to weather the chewing force.
  • Necessary function of the tooth, front teeth are for appearance and back teeth wear the forces.
  • Health of the gum tissue.
  • Age of the patient; for children it could be stainless steel crown.
  • Color of the adjacent teeth should be matched.
  • Whether your need full crown or an onlay that covers the part of the tooth.
  • Cost of the crown is also to be considered.

How long will the dental crown last?

There are two factors that will affect the life of the dental crown:

The type of material selected for the crown. Top dental surgeons in Mumbai use their expertise to make sure that the crown is not uncomfortable at all and permanent crowns can last for about 15-20 years comfortably.

The second factor is how well you take care of the crown. Good oral hygiene and regular follow-ups with the dentist are a must.  This way the dentist can check the integrity of the restoration and make sure that the crown is not damaged or displaced.

Dental Crown Procedure

Top dental surgeons in Mumbai customize the treatment making the approach to dental crown procedure a client centric one. The dental crown procedure in Mumbai can be done in a single sitting or take multiple sittings depending on the damage to the tooth and gums.

The procedure begins with the pre-treatment procedures that include taking x-rays and doing a physical examination of the moth. Best dentist in Mumbai begin by checking the oral cavity to see if any additional treatment is needed. Then the next step is to match the color of tooth and take the impression of the teeth to fit the temporary crown.

Multi-sitting crown treatment procedure in Mumbai:

  • The dentist may use anesthesia for tooth and the surrounding gum tissue.
  • To make room for the crown, he will prepare the tooth. The tooth shaping will depend on chosen material of the crown.
  • Impression of the prepared tooth will be taken and make it on cast and sent to the laboratory to make crown, it will take one to two week to make crown.
  • If required temporary crown will be given.
  • During the second visit dentist will evaluate the fit of the crown and then cement it.

Single visit treatment procedure:

  • Your dental crown can be made on same day, if the dental lab is there with the clinic like it is in The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai.
  • Impression can be made by a small hand-held, wand-like digital camera or intraoral scanner.
  • By using this scan, dentist will make the crown right there in the office.
  • It will take one to two hours.
  • Once the crown is ready, the cementation done in the same day. 

Care for your Dental Crown

For the long lasting result or the crown’s self-life, you should take good care of it. Follow all the instructions given by the dentist. The following tips should always be kept in mind:

  • Make a note to maintain the oral hygiene by brushing your teeth even if you have been very busy during the day.
  • If you feel sensitivity in the tooth, make sure to use the toothpaste that will subside sensitivity.
  • Avoid biting or cutting the things from the crown tooth.
  • If you have bruxism, wear the night guard at night as it will protect the crown.
  • In case of temporary crown, be extra careful and gentle with it. 

Cost of the Dental crown treatment

 The dental crown treatment procedure in Mumbai is a very straightforward and simple one and there are usually no complications post the procedure in Mumbai. The cost of dental crown treatment procedure in Mumbai includes the cost of material, the number of teeth that are affected, if there are any additional treatments needed like the gum treatment or root canal treatment. The price of dental crown procedure in Mumbai also depends in the clinic that you have chosen. If the clinic is not outsourcing the crown manufacturing then the price will go down a bit. The price of dental crown treatment in Mumbai also depends on the number of sittings will it take to install the crown. 

Why Choose The Esthetic Clinics?

If you are in Mumbai and looking for the best dental care clinic offering professional dental services, our advanced clinic is where you should be. We are the best periodontal clinic in Mumbai. Our patients’ beautiful and healthy smiles are our proud testimonials. We have built our reputation as the favorite go-to dental clinic for all dental procedures in Mumbai, based on customized advice and treatments for each patient.

Our dental specialists base their approach to every dental procedure on the back of detailed diagnostics using the latest radiological and imaging equipment like the Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), which creates clear 3D visualizations of the dental anatomy and morphology.

With us, you remain assured of the safest procedures conducted under the most hygienic conditions and by the best dental specialists in the city.

Our counsel and care is augmented by warm and fully sanitized dental home, skilled and hospitable dental staff and highly experienced and skilled team of dentists and specialists to address all your dental problems at the best treatment prices. If you are interested to know more about this treatment, do get in touch with us. We are happy to help!

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