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Testicular Implants

Testicular Implants

Testicular implants are done in males who have one testicle missing by birth or whose testicle has been removed because of some disease such as cancer or accidental injuries, twisting and lack of development of normal testis. The main causes of missing testicle includes a malformed or missing testicle since birth, failure to descent into the scrotum, removal because of infection, as a part of gender reassignment surgery. The process of testicular implants have been used since the year 1940 in the world. There are various materials that were used in testicular implants such as metal alloy, Lucite, marbles, Plexiglas, Dacron and polyethylene. However all these have now been discontinued. Silicone gel filled testicle implants are the FDA approved material that is used for the implants nowadays.

There are many advantages of having the implants done. While the scrotum will appear the same as before from outside, most patients have claimed that it has increased their self-esteem greatly. If there are any problems then the implant can be easily removed. The implants are available in many sizes from small to large and therefore it can be easier matched to the other testicle.

However on the downside while the appearance is the same the feel of the silicon saline filled implant is harder and less malleable. The implanted testicle is cosmetic and will not be producing any sperm or testosterone. There can be other complications such as if not done properly the implant can move and even hurt, swell, bleed or scar from inside and outside. The risk of anaesthesia should also be discussed in advance.

- The procedure for testicular implants surgery in Mumbai India

Testicular implants is a small surgical procedure and takes only up to sixty minutes to perform. This surgery is done under anaesthesia and can be done as an outpatient process. Of course the surgeon will prepare you for the process by giving the antibiotics and preparing the skin before the process. Once the surgeon feels you are ready he will make a small incision in the scrotum or the groin and place the testicular implants inside and the sutures are used to fix the prosthesis in the place. The testicular implant is then cleaned with an antibiotic solution and filled with salt water. Once the surgeon is satisfied about the suitability and position of the implant the incision is closed. The patient is discharged after giving the care instructions and oral antibiotics to take.

The important thing to keep in mind with testicular implants is that there is always a risk that the body may reject the device or the device could rupture which can require removal. This care has to be taken especially in case of children because the implants have to be changed as they grow up. In some men there can be hardening of the implant because of formation of a scar tissue which can cause pain and discomfort.

Testicular Implant cost in Mumbai India

Like any other surgery the testicular implants also cost some amount. Testicular implant cost in Mumbai India also depends on various factors. The most important variation in testicular implant cost in Mumbai India is whether the implant is of one testicle or two. The cost may vary from Rs5000/- to Rs50000/- depending on the patient and the doctor.

The second aspect of testicular implant cost in Mumbai India is the cost of the operating room. This causes the cost to vary greatly depend on the whether the surgery is done whether in less expensive room or a hospital that is expensive. Different hospitals charge differently for testicular implants.

The third factor affecting the testicular implant cost in Mumbai India is the cost of anaesthesia. Anaesthesia can only be administered by the expert anaesthesiologist only and therefore the cost for the same is different from the cost of the hospital and the doctor.

It is typically the urologist who does the process for testicular implants and therefore testicular implants cost will also vary with the surgeon's fee. Make sure that you select the best surgeon for the operation so that you get the best results. The surgeon will give you a brief examination to check the anatomy and the shape and size and condition of the scrotal anatomy to determine the candidacy of the procedure. The surgeon will also explain to you the risk associated with the procedure and the recovery afterward and how soon can you resume normal activities. The surgeon will also ask about the medical history and if you have been having any problems.

You can discuss the various aspects of the testicular implant cost with the surgeon when you visit for the first consultation. Make sure that you also talk about the post-operative inclusions such as the medicines and dressings because the aftercare period can last for up to three months.

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