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Elsa Johannson

Patient: Elsa Johannson, Age: 27

Profession: Model & Actress

Country: Sweden

I am a model & I wanted more sensuous lips. I was in India for a looks test for a James Bond film. That is when a few actor friends suggested that I see the Bollywood celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome. Many of them had seen Dr. Shome and undergone treatment with him and though I was not wanting plastic surgery, the strong recommendations & excellent reviews made me decide to see Dr. Shome.
Much to my surprise, Dr. Debraj Shome actually turned out to be a very young person. I wondered in fact, whether I had met the right person. 🙂 He evaluated my face and explained the options for me. Unlike other cosmetic surgeon I had met in Stockholm, Dr. Shome categorically ruled out surgery for me and said that I need not take that kind of risk with my face. He suggested lip filler augmentation and sharpening of the nasal bridge, using the same filler. But, I was not mentally ready for fillers either. You must have also seen some of my colleagues develop these horrible looking “duck” type lips, post lip fillers. I did not want to go there.
To Dr. Shome’s credit, he was patient and took his time in convincing me. Post the fillers, I could also not believe how stunning I looked. What I found great about Dr. Shome was his aesthetic bent of mind and understanding of the camera and what looked good on the camera. Apparently, he himself has been a model as well as a photographer and that is what makes him unique in understanding our unique requirements in this celebrity field.
My confidence skyrocketed and two months later I have bagged a role in the latest James Bond film. I can safely say that Dr. Shome has changed my life. Se him, he may change your face and your life too!

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