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Face Scar Revision Treatment

Face Scar Revision Treatment

  • Are you being bothered by the unwanted scars on your face?
  • Do you have a scar that causes your confidence to decrease?
  • Do you have facial or body scarring from severe acne?
  • Do you have scars that remind you of your worst face days?
  • Do you want to get off those scars?

Well, Facial scar removal is definitely for you!

Boost your confidence and get away from those scars with facial scar revision.

- What Is Face Scar Revision Surgery (Facial Scar Revision)?

Scar revision or Scar removal is a procedure that aims to reduce the appearance of the scars and it also aims to prevent scars from recurring like red keloid scars, raised scars and also hypertrophic scars.

Facial scar revision corrects skin changes caused by wounds, previous surgeries, acne or other skin diseases or caused by injuries such as burns or acid attacks or facial trauma. Scar Revision procedures also assist restore the function, by reducing skin & soft tissue contractures..

- What Is The Process Scar Revision Treatment?

The scar removal is done under general anesthesia for cases that are extreme, but generally the scar revision can also be done under local anesthesia. It is an individualized treatment protocol which is followed for each patient, depending on the location, the age, the extent & the contour of the scar. Generally, elevated scars are treated with fractional co2 laser treatment / skin laser resurfacing, while depressed scars need to be treated with reconstructive surgery first, to revise the scar and then laser may be used to cause scar remodeling. Keloids and hypertrophic scars have to usually be treated conservatively, with a combination of skin treatments, occlusion therapy and skin lasers, surgery is best avoided in these conditions. To flatten raised scars, steroid injections may also be used.

The process of scar laser resurfacing involves the use of multiple sessions of Carbon Dioxide laser (CO2 Laser) skin resurfacing. This fractional co2 laser treatment is currently considered the gold standard of scar therapy. This laser moves along your scar to remove a layer of skin and to expose a new layer of underlying normal skin, which will minimize the appearance of the scar as it heals. Lasers like Fraxel & fractional Carbon dioxide laser also work on stimulating the production of new collagen, that corrects the scar area inside out.

- Recovery After Scar Removal Surgery

As you heal, always keep in mind that there is no scar that can be completely removed; the degree of the improvement of the scar also depends on some factors like the direction of the scar, the size of the scar, the quality and nature of your skin and of course how well you take care of the wound after the operation or the laser procedure. Don't panic if your scars look worse at first, the result of the surgery may not be that apparent for a year or two.

For some types of scar revision, light dressing & silicone occlusion patches are applied. After 5 days, stitches in the facial area (for scar revision surgery) are removed.

- FAQs (Frequently Ask Question)

Facial scar removal or scar revision can be done at any age. But, in general, the earlier a scar is taken up for remodeling, the better are the results.

Results should be a bit noticeable within the first week after the scar removal, but it may take up to a year for the scar to show visible improvement.
The risks caused by anesthesia may include; reaction to medication and breathing problems. Risks of facial scar revision surgery may include infection, bleeding, scar recurrence, separation of the wound, keloid formation or keloid recurrence and blood clots. Darkening of the scar may be caused by too much sun exposure, which could interfere with future revision, so make sure not to expose your scars too much under the sun, especially for the first few months post treatment.
In general, results from facial scar removal surgery are permanent; however, keloid scars may recur.
Facial scar revision is done when a keloid - which is an abnormal scar, have a different texture and color than the rest of your skin, and if keloids are thicker. Scar revision is also performed for scars that cause problems with normal function or movement of parts of the body or face. Scar removal is also done for scars that cause distortion to other features, to a scar that is thickened, or to a scar that is an angle to the normal tension lines of the skin.
The very basic requirement to undergo the face scar revision is good health. Other requirements will be discussed by your cosmetic surgeon- Dr. Debraj Shome. If your expectation of the surgery is realistic, and you are considering a facial scar revision, and if you understand that there is no way to remove the scar completely - facial scar revision is definitely for you. Remember, every scar can be improved, no scar can be completely removed. The goal of scar removal is to remove the appearance of your scar either by relocating it, disguising it, or by minimizing its prominence. Important factors may include; the color of your skin and type, the type and age of scarring and this must be discussed with your surgeon.

- Face Scar Revision Surgery Before After Photos

Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (1)
Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (2)
Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (3)
Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (4)
Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (5)
Facial Scars Revision laser Treatment for Face before after photos in mumbai india (6)

- What Is The Cost Of Face Scar Revision Surgery?

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, making a good first impression is very important. Consciousness about our own flaws and imperfections may affect our self-esteem and hold us back in our interactions with people. Cosmetic surgery is an excellent way to correct our flaws and achieve the perfect appearance to complement our personality. Facial scar revision surgery is one such cosmetic procedure that can reduce the effects of facial scarring and give you even, clear skin.

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an emotional as well as financial decision. If you are seeking a scar revision surgery, you must be curious to know the cost of face scar revision surgery. The cost of the procedure depends upon the extent of scarring, and the number of sittings required by the dermatologist to treat your scar. You should make an informed decision taking into account the quality of the medical centre as well as the expertise of the surgeon.

We at the Esthetic Clinic are committed to making the very best doctors and staff available to you during your facial scar revision surgery. Our surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome, and our dermatologist, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, are both well-known practitioners in Mumbai, India. We use the newest equipment and the most novel techniques in order to treat your case.

The Esthetic Clinic is a highly specialised medical centre for skin care treatments and cosmetic surgery. Our founder, Dr. Debraj Shome is a highly-skilled facial cosmetic surgeon with immense surgical experience. The multispecialty experience possessed by the team of doctors at The Esthetic Clinic helps them give you the best possible treatment for facial scars. If you have decided to have facial scar revision surgery, The Esthetic Clinic is the right place for you.

- A Plethora Of Scar Removal Surgery Options

Today, you will be able to get a huge number of options, when it comes to scar removal surgery. Scar removal surgery is common in India today & is performed with the most advanced technologies in the world. In fact, you have arrived at the right place for scar removal surgery, when you visit The Esthetic Clinics.

Getting scar removal surgery is easy. All you have to do is choose from the plethora of options for scar removal surgery available at our clinics. Come to us and Dr. Debraj Shome will tell you all about scar removal surgery. From laser scar removal surgery to scar revision surgery to microdermabrasion t0 carbon dioxide laser scar removal, we have a host of scar removal surgery options for you. Scar removal surgery is something we specialize at. Get scar removal surgery at The Esthetic Clinics. Our doctors are experts at scar removal surgery. They are skilled and experienced at scar removal surgery.

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