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Tooth Jewellery Treatment in Mumbai

Tooth jewellery is fashion for tooth! It is a returning fashion trend that has made a comeback in a big way. It does what any other jewellery does, adds a zing to your style. It is simple to use and makes your teeth just shine apart from everyone else’s.

Tooth jewellery is placed on the teeth that are visible when you are talk or open your mouth to eat or when you smile.  It is a fashion statement for both men and women. They are very simple to use and remove and you can fashion your teeth in any way you want. So go ahead, visit The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai today, and give your tooth the style edge with a sparkly tooth jewel. Be prepared though that it is going to be centre of attraction for the coming days and your simple is going to be the talk of the town.

What is tooth jewellery?

Tooth jewellery is the ornament that is set on the front tooth. It is a cosmetic procedure where gems, diamonds or a stone are attach to the tooth, to enhance the look. There are different types of tooth jewels available in the market; like gems, stones, skyce crystal, twinkles, and dental tattoo. They are tiny jewels or gems that are glued to the tooth to dazzle your smile.

The different kinds of tooth jewellery available in Mumbai include:

  • Grill jewellery: Most commonly gold, silver, or platinum grills are available that are inlaid with precious stones. It can be removable or sometimes permanently fitted in the tooth.
  • Twinkles and dazzler: Dazzlers are diamond or stones, which are embedded into the metal, that are can bond to the tooth.

Twinkles are pure gold along with precious stone like diamond, ruby, sapphire etc. it can be different in shape and sizes according to your preference.

  • Tooth gems: it is a rhinestone made of rock crystal jewel attached to the tooth surface with adhesive.
  • Tooth rings: these types of jewellery require tooth preparation to be fitted. A hole is made on the tooth, depending up on the thickness of the ring. It is mostly used in the maxillary centre and lateral incisor. It is placed in such a way so that it should not interrupt with occlusion.
  • Tooth tattoo: Tooth tattoo is also called as It is done by applying different shades of porcelain in various shapes as desired by the individual. They are not  permanent; and  can be easily removed by the dentist any time.
  • Oral piercings: piercing into the intraoral and peri-oral structure. The common sites are tongue, cheeks, lips etc.

How can I get a tooth jewel?

It is a very simple procedure and your dentist can do it in a jiffy. They are fun additions to your simple. The total duration of getting a tooth jewel is 30 minutes plus the time that you will take to select from the wide array of options that we have. The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai offers sparkles, real stones, gemstones, initial letters, and even coloured impressions for you to choose from. So you have a choice from rubies to sapphires or your favourite crystal to the initials of your loved ones.

Getting a temporary tooth jewel in Mumbai is a non-invasive and no pain procedure. There is absolutely no cutting, drilling or filing of tooth to worry about. The tooth jewel is placed usually on the front teeth using a special adhesive. Top tooth jewel experts in Mumbai take care that the jewel does not interfere with the gums or the normal functioning of the teeth and mouth. They are not abrasive or poisonous. Permanent tooth jewels in Mumbai need some invasive treatment of tooth to make sure it stays put.

To make sure that the jewel does no brush against the tooth, best dentists in Mumbai make sure that the gem surface is buffed and polished in such a way that no soft tissue comes in contact with the tooth jewel at any point of time. The best part about tooth jewellery in Mumbai is that you can get the jewel replaced or removed at any point of the time i.e. whenever you feel the need of change or you want to just go ‘bare’ teeth for a while.

Are tooth jewels temporary or permanent?

You have the option to choose from temporary or permanent tooth jewels in Mumbai. You can discuss with the tooth jewel expert about the pros and cons about the ones that you desire. A temporary tooth jewel will last for about 2 months  to 6 months and a permanent tooth jewel will last to you for lifetime.

Tooth jewels are temporary as well as permanent and you need to tell your Tooth jewellery Services providing clinician which one is it that you desire. You can pick temporary tooth jewellery, which can last for up to 8 weeks, or you can opt for a long lasting one, which can last for years if you take all the necessary care. Anytime you want the jewellery removed just visit your dentist and he or she will remove the jewel and buff or smooth the teeth again to its natural state. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai offers the most wide array of dazzling choices for tooth jewels for you to choose. Our tooth jewellery experts will also help in with the aesthetic choices.

What is the exact dental procedure for getting a tooth jewel?

Getting tooth jewellery done in Mumbai  is a simple procedure, which lasts for a duration of 30 minutes. This procedure usually done without administration of anaesthesia and it is painless procedure and you can go home and drive, work, and play just like any other normal day.

The steps undertaken for placing the tooth jewellery are:

  • First, the tooth surface is cleaned thoroughly.
  • The tooth surface is etched with the help of a mild acid, and then the desired jewel is placed on the tooth surface with the help of adhesive and composite.
  • The jewel usually placed away from the gums and is over the tooth.
  • The tooth jewel along with the dental material is cured by using the light, so that the jewel and material adhere properly on the surface.
  • The tooth gems may be directly placed or after slight removal of enamel which will be determined by the dentist.
  • Then the dentist buffs and polishes the jewel to a smooth surface such that there is no trauma to any soft tissue coming to contact with the tooth jewel at any point of the time.
  • After that, your dentist will give you instruction to take care of it.
  • The best part is that you can get any tooth jewel of your choice and even get them replaced when you get bored or want to go for new look.

What additional care do we take after getting a tooth jewel?

Tooth jewellery needs some lifelong care to maintain its shine and look. Once you have had the tooth jewel affixed then

  • You must avoid touching the tooth jewel with your finger, tongue or picking it with a toothpick or alike. This will make sure that your tooth jewel lasts for a long time.
  • Use the soft bristle brush with gentle pressure for brushing the jewelled tooth. If you use an electric toothbrush, do not brush that tooth for the same day of procedure.
  • You should prevent biting hard things and food from the jewelled tooth, and also avoid chewing any sticky food items.
  • You should maintain the oral hygiene every day. You should get teeth professionally cleaned every three months from your dentist.

Where can I get myself a tooth jewel?

The expert you can get you the correct tooth jewellery are top cosmetic dentists in Mumbai who offer this service in a safe, and sterile environment. At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai we use only the top rated tooth jewellery service providers that sources the gems from certified sources only.

What are the probable complications with a tooth jewel?

Complications are very rare when getting tooth jewellery done in Mumbai and some of them include

  • The biggest risk while getting a tooth jewel is accidental breakage of tooth jewel and swallowing it (rarest of rare situation). In case something like this happens, you need not worry. The gemstones or other jewellery that is place on the tooth is properly smoothened out so just in case you swallow it, it will come out of your body naturally. If the jewel is chipped you can visit the dentist the next day and get it changed or buffed.
  • The tooth where the tooth jewel is placed may become sensitive for  a short period of time. This happens because when a  permanent tooth jewel is to be placed, the outer enamel surface is stripped a little to ensure long adherence, while in the case of temporary tooth jewel, the tooth is treated with a mild acid so that the tooth can be bonded well with the gemstone.
  • Mild inflammation, soreness, allergies, or even trauma to the surrounding gums or injury to the lip due to the tooth jewel might happen if it is not buffed or smoothed properly. The location placement of the tooth jewel is very important.
  • If oral hygiene is not properly maintained post getting the tooth jewel then bacterial colonies form around the gemstone leading to plaque and dental decay and dental pain.

You must not compromise on quality when getting a tooth jewel in Mumbai. Get the tooth jewel in Mumbai only from the expert and best cosmetic dentists. If the physician is not well versed with the procedure then they may damage the tooth enamel and there are increased chances of chipping and fracture on the tooth.

Tooth jewellery Cost

Top cosmetic dentist in Mumbai use the best quality adhesives, gems, and stones to make sure that  your experience with the tooth jewellery is the best and without even the remotest possibilities complications. Therefore, the tooth jewellery cost in Mumbai depends largely on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist that you chose. The other factors that affect the price of tooth jewellery in Mumbai include

  • The type of jewellery you select i.e. gems, stones etc.
  • The number of tooth you are getting the jewellery for
  • The technology used

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai uses the best materials and we pride ourselves in offering the best cost effective cosmetic dentals solutions to all our patients.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is a well-established name as one of the top cosmetic surgery, plastics surgery, and cosmetic dentistry clinic in India. We have all the experts under one roof who understand exactly the kind of tooth jewellery that will suit your skin teeth and face.

All our clinics in Mumbai boast of a wide variety of options to get you the dazzling smile that you want from the tooth jewels. We offer a soothing ambience and expert cosmetic dentists who have years of experience in installing tooth jewels with great care and precision. We use only the latest tools and superior adhesives so that you don’t ever feel the discomfort of losing the tooth jewel in the middle of the conversation or accidently swallowing it. Call us today to know more about how the tooth jewellery can amp up your personal style statement with ease.

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