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Zygoma Implants Treatment

Zygoma Implants Treatment in Mumbai

Zygoma implants are the youngest version of new age implants are the most advanced solution to replace broken or damaged tooth. The new age technology in cosmetic dentistry in India has a treatment plan for every individual. Many a times it happens those traditional dental treatments don’t work because of many reasons such as bone resorption and the jaw bone does not have enough strength to support a bridge or an implant.  While many oral surgeons might feel difficult in such restorations but our experts at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai have the extensive education, training and experienced to make dental implants a success.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is committed to bringing the latest in cosmetic dentistry to its patients so that they can get the best treatment at the most affordable cost and outstanding results. Zygoma implants in Mumbai are one such treatment that we excel in. Our periodontists or oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly experienced and will be successfully able to answer all your concerns regarding zygoma implants.

What Are Zygoma Implants?

Zygoma implants or zygomatic implants in Mumbai are used to replaced the teeth that have been lost from the upper jaw. They have a high success rate in replacing damaged or decayed teeth or loose teeth. Periodontal issues can cause the teeth to become loose or damaged and before they become a problem for jaw and cause infections. 

Zygoma implants in Mumbai are used to treat cases of atrophic maxilla. It is an advanced dental implantation technique that can be successfully used with traditional dental implants to perform a full mouth rehabilitation. The advantage is that zygomatic implants in Mumbai can be easily used with immediate loading. Top oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Mumbai use this procedure as an alternative to bone grafting and sinus lift procedure. This makes it a very comfortable, less invasive a quick treatment.

Top oral surgeons in Mumbai use zygoma implants for patients

  • who have heavy bone loss or bone resorption in the upper jaw. This causes the bone tissues to break down and the they dissolve in the blood.
  • The second reason for recommending zygoma implant in Mumbai is pneumatisation i.e., the presence of air space in between the bones of jaw. This makes the jaw week and unable to sustain the implants.

If a patient suffers from both causes then the zygomatic implants become the primary support for other dental appliances such as the denture.  For people who have been missing teeth from the upper arch of the jaw and have been turned away from treatment because of lack of jaw bone availability, The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai provides the superior zygoma implants as an option to for teeth restoration.

Advantages of Using Zygoma Dental Implants:

Top maxillofacial surgeons in Mumbai prefer zygoma dental implants for various reasons such as:

  • They look natural- These implants are made of superior porcelain material and give the most natural look and most people are not able to distinguish they as prothesis.
  • Single sitting procedure: Zygoma implant in Mumbai can be done as a one step implantation and do not require more treatments. The patient can go about their normal life without any complications.
  • Faster healing: Since no bone grafting is needed this procedure reduces time for jaw restoration and offers faster healing.
  • Long term success: the success rate of these implants is very high. With the proper post care these implants can go smoothly for years without interruption.
  • Eliminate the need of upper dentures and the patient can go home with fully functioning teeth on the same day.
  • Can be used for old dental implants: In case the old dental implants are failing then top oral surgeons in Mumbai can easily replace the old dental implants with zygomatic dental implants.

What is the Zygoma Implantation Procedure at The Esthetic Clinics?

Zygomatic implants are slightly longer than the traditional implants and are installed in the cheekbones. The placement of zygomatic implants requires specific surgical training and experience and necessitate careful and precise treatment planning.  The steps of zygoma implant in Mumbai vary as per the individual case and the general steps of the procedure include:

  • Oral examination and meticulous treatment plan: the maxillofacial surgeon will first examine the tissues and the bones in the mouth.
  • Pre-surgical 3D planning with CT or CBCT scan is must, to evaluate adequate overview over the anatomical structures. They will help the oral surgeon evaluate the jawbone imaging and decide the suitable sedation dose as per the individual, and the place of the insertion for implant and ensure the optimal position of the implant will be.
  • The impression for the further proceedings will also be taken during this appointment.
  • The procedure is done under the local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia as per the requirement.
  • There are two approaches or protocol to insert the zygomatic implantation; classical protocol and alternative.
  • In the classical approach, the zygoma implants are inserted through the alveolar crest and maxillary sinus involving the zygomatic bone for place and anchorage. It is necessary to assess the position of the maxillary sinus to visualization of correct implant position. The implant is placed in such a manner that it locates at inner wall of the sinus and without membrane penetration.
  • Alternatively, other approach is extra-sinus approach. This approach done in order to reduce incidence of sinus penetration or complication and to improve the implant location and position of the emergence profile.

How to prepare for the Zygoma Implant Procedure?

Zygomatic implants in Mumbai are a surgical procedure and your dentist will give you some steps to follow before the surgery to ensure that this procedure is a sure shot success:

  • Take a light meal before the surgery. Don’t eat anything before the surgery and make sure your diet is light, easily digestible and simple.
  • Make sure you drink lots of water and are well hydrated before the start of the procedure.
  • Don’t indulge in alcohol or smoking about 24 hours before the surgery as it might interfere with the procedure.
  • If you have been on any medications then the dental surgeon will advice you on which ones to take and which to avoid on the day of surgery.
  • If you are taking medications like blood thinner or anti coagulant, stop these a week before the surgery.

Are You the Right Candidate? 

Zygomatic implantation procedure in Mumbai is a straightforward procedure and mostly suitable:

  • If you are having atrophic maxillary bone. Basically, it is used for rehabilitation of severely resorbed maxilla.
  • If you have previously failed dental implants.
  • If you are not eligible for the other traditional implants procedure.
  • If your jaw bone is not strong enough to anchor and support the implant.
  • If you are looking for a one step or immediate dental implant procedure to be able to eat and talk comfortably.

Post Zygoma Implant Procedure Care:

The success rate of any implant procedure is depending on the good after care. How well you take care of your new teeth will dictate the life of the implants.  It is quite normal to feel some tenderness, swelling and pain up to 24-48 hours after the procedure. Top maxillofacial surgeons in Mumbai will give you a basic guide on how to take care of your teeth post zygomatic implant in Mumbai. These recommendations include:

  • Apply an ice pack over the surgical site, it will help reduce the pain and swelling and give you quick relief.
  • Skip any alcoholic drinks for first few weeks after the zygoma implant procedure as alcohol and smoking can increase the risk of infection and damage the implant.
  • Eat light and healthy diet for first few days after procedure.
  • Avoid spicy, crunchy and hard food for at least a few weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid smoking as it will interrupt the wellness of your oral health and might affect the outcomes of the procedure.
  • Maintain oral hygiene regularly and carefully. Use the soft bristle brush for cleaning the teeth.
  • Do not spit or rinse the mouth during first 24 hours of the implantation procedure, it may cause dislodgement of the clot lead to bleed.
  • Take the proper medications prescribed by the dental expert.
  • Use only the recommended oral products. If you want to try something else, consult your dentist.
  • Don’t miss the follow up visit to the dentist.

The cost of Zygoma Implants

Zygoma implant procedure cost in Mumbai is different from individual to individual. The various factors affecting the price of zygoma implants in Mumbai include the number of implants needed, and the number and types of pre and post surgical procedures that will be needed to complete the treatment.

When discussing the cost of zygomatic implants in Mumbai your dentist will also talk to you about additional dentures that might be needed to complete the dental arch. The procedure might not be covered by insurance and therefore make sure that you check with your provider. You can also talk about the payment plans with the experts at The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai.

Why choose The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is the top cosmetic dentistry clinic in India providing the latest and affordable treatments to patients. Our list of happy patients spans across the globe and the glowing testimonials from our loyal customers are a proof to the dedication of our experts.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one of its kind plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry clinics that prides itself in being patient-centric organization which always puts the expectations of the patients on the top priority. All our establishments are well known for offering the latest in world-class dental technology.  We have expert dentists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists and dental hygienist all under one roof. They work together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is bespoke for every patient and aims to ensure lifelong good dental health for everyone.

If you want to know more about the zygoma implant procedure in Mumbai and its advantages, book an appointment with us now!


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