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Septoplasty Surgery

Breathing comes naturally to us and every portion of the nose plays an important role in the functioning of the nose. The nasal septum lends its role in maintaining the function and shape of the nose. A deviated nasal septum causes the nose to appear one side or crooked.  Septal correction surgery or septoplasty is done to correct the deviated nasal septum.

What is a septum?

A septum is a thin wall of bone and cartilage inside the nose that divides the nostril into left and right nostrils. Ideally the septum should be straight but a little deviation in the septum is quite normal.  A deviated septum means that this wall is way off centre.  When the nasal septum is displaced, crooked or deviated it can make one of the nasal passages smaller or blocked. A deviated septum is caused because of:

  • Genetics
  • Sports injury
  • Trauma

In infants the deviated septum can be caused because of injury during childbirth. If a recent trauma to your nose is causing difficulties in breathing and you suspect a deviated septum then a visit to an expert surgeon can confirm the diagnosis.

Symptoms of deviated septum:

Most people are able to go through life with asymptomatic deviated septum and don’t seek any treatment for it. However there are many people who have severe deviated septum, which can make breathing very uncomfortable. Some common symptoms of deviated septum are:

  • Obstruction or nasal congestion in one or both nostrils: because of deviated septum it might become difficult to breathe properly especially when you have  cold or allergies that cause the nasal passages to swell and restrict airflow.
  • Nosebleeds: A deviated nasal septum becomes dry and increases the risk of frequent nosebleeds.
  • Facial pain: A severely deviated septum can cause one-sided pain especially when you touch or press the nose.
  • Noisy breathing when sleeping or snoring: Deviated septum leads to restricted airflow in the nose and it is one of the biggest reasons of snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Recurrent sinus infections
  • Awareness of the nasal cycle: In our normal day-to-day life we are not aware of the nasal cycle i.e. the nose becomes obstructed to one side and then on the other. But if you are aware of this obstruction and can ‘feel’ the breathing then you might have a deviated septum.

Deviated nasal septum correction treatment:

If you are not really uncomfortable with the breathing obstruction then there is no need to seek treatment for septum correction.  But for severely deviated septum it is important to seek septoplasty surgery. If ignored deviated nasal septum can cause:

  • Difficulty in breathing because of irritation in nasal cavities, which can further lead to inflammation and infection.
  • Bad breath and tooth decay
  • Recurring headaches
  • Dry mouth because of breathing through mouth
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Constant feeling of congestion in nasal cavities even when you don’t have any cold.

Sometimes the normal ageing process can also affect the shape of the nose and cause the deviated septum to worsen.

How is the deviated nasal septum diagnosed?

The first step for deviated nasal septum correction is to find a good plastic surgeon in India who can correctly diagnose the deviated nasal septum and the extent of deviation.  An otolaryngologist will diagnose the deviated septum with the help of a physical examination. This examination is done with the help of a special instrument by opening the nostril. The otolaryngologists might also use a small telescope or endoscope to look deep into the nose and check the deviated septum.

Deviated nasal septum correction methods:

The first line of treatment is to manage the symptoms. Top otolaryngologists in India may prescribe:

  • Decongestants to help reduce the swelling in the nasal cavities. These are available in the form of pill or a nasal spray.
  • Antihistamines prevent allergy symptoms to prevent stuffy and runny nose.
  • Nasal steroid sprays can reduce swelling in the nasal passage.

The medical treatment does not correct the deviated septum but it can help revive you from the pain and make it easier to breathe properly although these are only temporary.

For permanent correction of deviated septum best otolaryngologists in India performs septoplasty or septal correction surgery. The key goal of the deviated nasal septum correction surgery in India is to straighten the nasal septum and relieve the patient of the bothersome symptoms. 

Septoplasty surgery:

Best septoplasty experts in India can correct the deviated septum using various surgical procedures.  Deviated septum can be classified into five types. This classification allows the expert septoplasty doctors to help the patients understand the problem and also gives the septoplasty doctor a baseline to form a treatment and correction procedure to preserve and improve the functioning of the nose.  The classification of deviated noses is based on the positioning and shape of the bony pyramid and cartilaginous structure of the nose:

I: When both the bony pyramid and the cartilage structure is tilting in opposite directions

II: When the bony pyramid is straight but the cartilage structure is concave and convex

III: When the bony pyramid is straight and the cartilage is tilted

IV:  Straight bony pyramid with a bent cartilage

V: Tilted bony pyramid and tilted dorsum both in same direction

Best septoplasty experts will be able to identify the type of deviation in your septum and will be able to explain the corrective surgery with the help of before and after photos of previous patients.  For the first and second type of deviated noses top septoplasty experts in India recommend osteotomies using spreader graft and septal batten graft. For the third and fourth group the septoplasty doctor will suggest using grafts to straighten the cartilage structure. And for the last group the preferred septoplasty surgery method in India is uses a combination of septoplasty and bony osteotomy.

Septal correction in India uses various techniques such as bony batten grafting, septal extension grafting, and cutting and suture technique to correct the deviated septum. For extremely deviated septum the process of Extracorporeal Septo Rhinoplasty is used.

Septoplasty surgery in India can be done using both endonasal and external rhinoplasty techniques.  An open approach gives the surgeon better access to the septum and the surrounding structure and thus gets a greater flexibility to work.  Closed approach can be used by top septoplasty experts in India when there are low amounts of deviations.  The surgical process of correcting the deviated nasal septum first corrects the septal, then the cartilage and lastly the bony pyramid. The septal correction surgery lasts for about 30 minutes to 1 hour and is done under general anaesthesia.

The key goad of the septoplasty surgery in India is to correct the deviated nose by straightening the nasal septum. However only the top plastic surgeons in India with expertise and experience in performing septoplasty surgery are able to reposition and modify the septum without disturbing the nasal support and are able to maintain the aesthetic lines at the same time. Thus you can see that achieving this goal needs special dedication and expert hands of a surgeon who specialized in this type of deviated nasal septum correction procedure.

Septo-Rhinoplasty surgery

Top rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai combine septoplasty with rhinoplasty to work on the functional and aesthetic aspects of the nose. A septo-rhinoplasty surgery will not only help you breathe better but also augment your nose to suit your facial features. The septo-rhinoplasty surgery is done by expert plastic surgeons in India and takes about 1 to 4 hours to complete.

Recovery from Septoplasty surgery

Septoplasty surgery in Mumbai is an outpatient procedure and you will be able to go home on the same day once the anaesthesia has worn off. Post the septoplasty surgery the surgeon will place some bandages on the nose and some packing inside the nose to provide support to the corrected septum.  It will take about two to three weeks for the nose to heal completely and the swelling to go down completely. If the rhinoplasty is also combined with septoplasty then the plastic surgeon might place some splint inside or outside the nose to help with the recovery.  Top plastic surgeons in Mumbai will give you specific instructions for:

  • Taking care post septoplasty surgery
  • Medications that can be taken to reduce the pain and chances of infections
  • Specific concerns to look out for
  • Follow up schedule

Immediately post septoplasty surgery in India it is normal to feel some nasal congestion, drainage, headaches and even pain in the treated area for few weeks. The plastic surgeon will remove the dressing and bandage after few days of the surgery.  You must take great care of the treated area and follow the post-septal deviation care instructions with great care. Also keep in mind:

  • Not to let anyone touch or bump into your nose
  • Not to pick, scratch or blow the nose
  • Not to undertake strenuous activities till your plastic surgeon okays you to do so
  • Not to wear clothing that can be pulled over the head
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses
  • Avoid too many facial movements
  • Sleep on your side. Keep your head elevated when sleeping.

Once the swelling and pain has gone down you will be able to see the results of the corrective surgery over the next few days.

Results of Septoplasty surgery:

The results of septoplasty surgery are often permanent and stable. The full healing process of the cartilage and tissue takes about three to six months however the change in septum and cartilage will continue to occur for up to a year or more after the surgery as the natural healing process takes place.

You will notice that your breathing problem and congestion diminish significantly and you will be able to sleep better. Your partner will be happy because you will be snoring less. The important thing to keep in mind is to realize that every patient’s recovery time is different and it varies with patient’s immunity and healthy disposition.

Cost of septoplasty surgery:

The price of septoplasty surgery in India depends on many factors such as

  • The skin and experience of the surgeon
  • The complexity of the septoplasty surgery.
  • The technologies used i.e. if it is a simple scalpel surgery then the cost will be less but if the surgery invoices the use of lasers etc. then the septoplasty surgery cost in Mumbai will be more.
  • The length of stay in the surgical facility
  • The hospital charges

Please talk to the plastic surgeon in detail about the cost of septoplasty surgery in India. You can also talk to your insurance provider to know if the septoplasty cost will be covered in your medical and health insurance.

The Esthetic Clinics India is a well-established and state of the art plastic surgery clinic, which has a team of specialist and consultants for every procedure. Our specialist is some of the best plastic surgeons in India who will be able to answer all your queries regarding septoplasty surgery in India. The Esthetic Clinics in India offers online consultation for International patients and having our facilities at the best hospitals in India makes it suitable for the patient to opt for post-operative care at our facilities, if required.

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