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- Skin Cellulitis Infection

- What is Skin Cellulitis?

Cellulitis refers to an infection involving the skin’s deeper layers; the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

- What are the symptoms?

It usually begins as a small area of pain, swelling, and redness on the skin.

The person may develop a fever and swollen lymph nodes (“swollen glands”) near the area of infected skin.

- Who is at risk?

Mostly Cellulitis appear on areas of injury. Many times, however, cellulitis occurs where there has been no break in the skin at all. Patients who have diabetes or impairment of the immune system (for example, from HIV/AIDS or from drugs that depress the immune system) are particularly prone to developing cellulitis.

- What causes Cellulitis?

  • Staph (Staphylococcus aureus) is the most common bacteria that causes Cellulitis
  • Strep (Group A Streptococcus) is next most common bacteria that causes cellulitis.
  • Cellulitis can be caused by many other types of bacteria also.

- What is the treatment?

Antibiotics are used to treat Cellulitis.

- How to prevent Cellulitis infection from occurring?

Prevention is always better than cure. One of the best ways to not contract cellulitis is by maintaining proper hygiene. Any cut, wound, or scratch on the body should be sanitized immediately. If there are already cracks or breaks in the skin of your foot, avoid walking out in the damp area or in the soil without wearing any protective footwear that is covering the cracks on the skin. If the wound does not respond to over-the-counter medicines and if the surrounding area swells up, it is a must to consult a physician right away.

- How much does the treatment for Candidiasis cost?

The treatment cost varies based on the mode of treatment administered. However, a general consultation with Dr. Rinky Kapoor would cost about INR 1000/-.

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