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Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

- What Is Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Skin Lesions?

A rare, inherited disease that affects selected connective tissue in some parts of the body. Elastic tissue in the body becomes mineralized, that is, calcium and other minerals are deposited in the tissue. This can result in changes in the skin, eyes, cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal system. Skin changes are sometimes the first indication that a person has pseudoxanthoma elasticum. The affected individual might notice small bumps, or lesions, on the skin. Typically, these skin changes appear first on the sides of the neck and then progress to other parts of the body, but other sites may be involved. The skin lesions are asymptomatic. They do not cause any problems in and of themselves. The definitive tool to diagnose the disorder is a skin biopsy.

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