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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

Oral wellbeing is often the most neglected aspect of human health. There is so much more to oral health then just brushing and flossing morning night. Regular periodic visits to the dentist for regular cleaning can save you a lot of tooth trouble later in life. In addition to that, you also need to keep a close eye if your teeth are getting infected or chipped. It needs immediate repair and a simple single sitting root canal treatment (RCT) can easily correct the problem and get you long term relief. Nowadays most people are very conversant in the word single sitting root canal treatment, which is also popularly known as RCT. Gone, are the days then the mention of root canal treatment bought to mind the thoughts of multiple long sittings and days of pain and discomfort. Advanced research into various endodontic treatments have made root canals simpler and the single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai fast becoming the favoured treatment method among dentists and patients because of good success rate. Single sitting root canal treatment has become an integral part of cosmetic dentistry in India.

What is Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

Injury to the gum or teeth, cavities, or simple oral hygiene neglect can lead to infections and/or inflammation in gums and tissues that hold the teeth together. The infection can also spread to the insides of the tooth leading to uncomfortable toothache. The single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai is done to preserve the natural tooth and relive the infection and inflammation. The whole procedure takes about 45-50 minutes to complete.

The advantage of single sitting root canal treatment is that it is a non-surgical way of removing the damaged tissues and then using a safe biomechanical preparation for the obturation of the root canal. The single sitting RCT treatments require special training and our highly trained specialists at The Esthetic Clinics have gained mastery in this field and are known to make the treatment painless and less time consuming.

Who needs a single sitting root canal treatment?

There are various indications for single sitting root canal treatment, which is decided by the cosmetic dental surgeon or endodontics. A proper and dedicated counselling session with dentist may is required to decide you suitability and severity of the infection and condition of the tooth. 

The tooth contains a living tissue inside it that gives it sensitivity and connects the root to the bones and gums. This is called the pulp and it contains the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. Moreover, damage or irritation to the pulp is an indication that you teeth need a dentist’s intervention. You might require a single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai if:

  • There is a case of aesthetics, like anterior tooth is cracked or chipped.
  • You are suffering from severe sensitivity of the teeth, which causes problem to the patient in having simple meals.
  • There is an acute infection with no pus accumulation in and around the tooth.
  • The pulp within the tooth is exposed mechanically or due to damage.
  • Your teeth have undergone that have repeated dental procedure.
  • The teeth containing vital pulps that fit into this category are those with pulp exposures caused by trauma, caries, or mechanical restoration.
  • The treated teeth need to be used as over denture abutments or for crowns;
  • There is swelling and pus discharge around the teeth and that too without any pain.

During consultation, the top cosmetic dentists in India will examine the gums and teeth to evaluate:

  • Is the tooth decay moving towards the nerves of the mouth?
  • Is there an injury that causes nerve exposure of tooth?
  • Is there acute infection with no pus accumulation in and around the tooth?
  • Is there any previous history of trauma?
  • Is there any sensitivity of teeth that making impossible to eat food?


Advantages of Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Apart from being a time saving option, the many more advantages of single sitting root canal treatment are as follows:

  • There is no difference in the treatment cost of single sitting root canal when compared with multiple sitting.
  • It reduces the chances of bacterial regrowth in root canal, which would lead to contamination, if the treatment period were prolonged.
  • It is less time consuming and energy saving process.
  • Reduce chances of pain flare-ups and has quick recovery time.

How Is the single sitting root canal performed?

 The general perception is that the root canal procedures are long and painful and this is the reason that most people dread going to a dentist even when suffering from moderate toothache. The expert cosmetic dentists at The Esthetic Clinics are the flag bearers of debunking this myth. Instead of being excruciatingly painful, the single sitting root canal treatment is done using advanced equipment and you will not even know that the procedure is over.

The single RCT procedure in Mumbai as the follow steps:

  1. Biomechanical preparation of the root canals.
  2. Debridement and disinfection.
  3. Complete obturation of the root canals.

During the procedure of single sitting RCT the dentist will remove the large number of microorganisms using special cleaning tool and then reshape, disinfect and fill the space with a three dimensional filling. Following are the procedural steps:

  • Patient must undergo a dental x-ray to determine the approach towards the infection.
  • The patient is given anaesthesia before starting the RCT treatment procedure.
  • The cavity is then prepared by removing all the infected tooth material or the previous filling material to gain access to the pulp.
  • The pulp chamber is opened to allow access to the canal.
  • Then disinfecting and shaping of the pulp canals is done using special equipment.
  • The canal are then shaped and cleaned to achieve absolute disinfection.
  • The canals then sealed and filled with an inert rubber-like (gutta-percha) filling material.
  • Post sealing, the crown portion of the tooth is restored with a filling, followed by a cap/crown cementation.

Recovery and Precautions after Single Sitting Root Canal treatment

You will be able to go home immediately after the procedure but you need to follow some basic teeth care instructions to ensure the recovery is faster and long lasting: 

  • It is quite common that after the procedure of single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai, patient will feel a little pain or tenderness in the particular teeth. This will go away in few days and you can use the prescribed analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Do not put pressure on the tooth. The tooth is recently treated and its crown is reworked, the tooth is unprotected as a result; putting pressure can cause damage to the tooth.
  • Avoid hard and crunchy food, instead chew soft food until final restoration
  • Be careful while brushing. Do not be too harsh while brushing
  • Get a dental crown as soon as possible as this will protect your tooth from further damage
  • Visit your dentist if you face any complexities or severe pain
  • Make sure that you adhere to the follow up visits for the dental surgeon to check the tooth and get a final sealing.

What is the Cost of Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment?

The cost of a single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai depends upon multiple factors involved in the procedure. Depending on the cosmetic dentist’s choices on the type of technology and the material used, the price of single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai  will vary. The posterior teeth root canal might cost more than anterior teeth because they are less subject to damage.

The use of instrument or method like rotary endodontics, proper system, apex locator, digital x-rays has higher success rate as compare to use of conventional method. Cost also depends on material of crown to be used; either metallic or ceramic one. Some dental clinics are offer the price including the cap (crown) material prise; it is totally depends on the policy of the dental office.


Why choose Esthetic Clinics for Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics Mumbai is widely recognized as one of the leading and most preferred dental care service providers in Mumbai. Through unmatched treatment outcomes, innovative technology & procedure delivery systems, and international standards of care. The highly trained and exceptional team of specialists are at par with the best in the industry; this allows us to provide an excellent success rate in all procedures therefore, providing the best to the clients. 

Our Pre & Post-procedure care is our speciality. To top that, we at Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai have made it our mission to provide outstanding dental care with a commitment of compassion, quality, and integrity.


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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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