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Gingivectomy Surgery in Mumbai

Many factors work together to keep our smile in a tip-top shape at all times. The health of the teeth, the condition of gums, how cleans our tongue is; all matter in improving the appearance of our smile. Did you know that gum problems could also affect your skin and cause lines and wrinkles? Most of us suffer with some kind of periodontal disease at some point of our lives. Unfortunately, the problems in gums can go unnoticed for a long time until the symptoms like pain and bleeding appear and make it difficult for you to go about the daily routine normally.

Healthy gums indicate a good oral hygiene and it just shows how much you take care about your overall health. The confidence of having good oral care will had a bounce to your steps and boost to your self-confidence. We don’t eat the food the way our ancestors used to eat. Our lifestyle includes more of ‘fast-food’ which causes various teeth and gum conditions such as gum infections, overgrowth of gum tissues (gingival hyperplasia).

Gum treatment or gingivectomy is performed to help relieve the gum problems and remove the excess gums to give an even looking shape to the teeth. Gingivectomy is the oldest known surgery used to heal the effects of periodontal diseases or to correct a gum conditions in the structures around the teeth. Gingivectomy is one of the few surgical procedures that can help reverse the periodontal issues.

What Is Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy is a combination of  ‘gingiva’, which means gums, and ‘ectomy’, which means surgical removal. Therefore, gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that is done to remove the diseases and overgrown gum tissues. Gingivectomy procedure in Mumbai is also used to reveal the healthy portion of the teeth  (crown) and hence the aesthetic appearance.

Who Needs Gingivectomy Surgery? 

Gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai is recommended for anyone who is having issues with their gums. A gingivectomy procedure is done to treat all forms of gum disease before it magnifies into the need of removal of teeth and cause re-sorption of the bones supporting the gums. Top orthodontists in Mumbai suggest having a gingivectomy surgery if:

  • Most of your crown is hidden by the overgrown gums. Then by trimming the gum tissues, a gingivectomy procedure will help improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth and gums and enhance the smile.
  • The gum tissues are causing functional problems. When the food that we eat gets accumulated in the gaps between teeth and gum, it causes the formation of plaque and tartar that can lead to infection in gum tissues and make it difficult to eat and even talk. In such cases, the trimming of gum tissues or the crown lengthening procedure can help solve the problem and prolong the life of teeth.
  • Some medications can cause excess gum tissues to grow. These medications include medicines for organ transplants and anti-seizure. Gingivectomy procedure in Mumbai is used to correct this problem.

Gingivectomy surgery at The Esthetic Clinics

At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai we use various type of gingivectomy procedure to correct the overgrown gum tissue. These methods include

  • Traditional surgical method
  • Gingivectomy using chemosurgery. This type of procedure is less invasive and can be done without using an analgesic.
  • Gingivectomy by electrosurgery. This type of gum corrections surges causes the least bleeding.
  • Gingivectomy using cryosurgery: This procedure does not cause any pain or bleeding
  • Gingivectomy using Lasers: Two most common types of lasers used for this type of gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai are CO2 and Nd: YAG laser. This is a very safe and no contact procedure and does not require post surgery dressing.

What to Expect During the Gingivectomy Surgical Procedure?

The gingivectomy is the excision of the diseased gingival wall of the periodontal pocket. It is used to eliminate the periodontal pocket greater then 5mm deep, which are caused by the horizontal bone loss. It is also used for overgrowth of gums. The procedure varies from person to person, depending up on the oral conditions and requirements. The type of procedure that will suit you will be determined post-dental x-rays and a physical examination of the teeth by top oral surgeon in Mumbai. Gingivectomy treatment procedure in Mumbai follows these steps

  • Cleaning of the teeth: All dental treatments begin with good cleaning of the teeth. Professional cleaning and scaling helps remove the lodged plaque and tarter.
  • Local anaesthesia: Surgical gingivectomy is done under local anaesthesia. Options such as electro surgery and laser might not require anaesthesia.
  • Marking the desired gum pocket: The top dentist in Mumbai perform the next step by marking the gum pocket or pockets that need treatment.
  • Determine the depth of pocket and make an incision: With the help of periodontal probe, the dentist will mark the depth of periodontal pocket, opposite the affected tooth and then make an incision slightly apical to the pocket area.
  • Removal of the excess tissue: the infected, undesirable gum tissue is removed carefully and the area cleaned.
  • Scaling and polishing the surface: after the removal of gum tissue, the area is scaled and polished so that there are no leftover debris trapped inside the gum tissues.
  • Dressing of the surgical area:  A periodontal pack is placed on the surgical site after the completion of polishing. This is done to promote healing. Healing takes about two to three weeks to complete.
  • Follow up: Best dentists in Mumbai will schedule regular follow up visits to monitor the progress of treatment.
  • The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai uses the latest technology to make sure that you feel the least pain and discomfort during the gingivectomy surgery In Mumbai. Our techniques also reduce the post-operative healing time.

Post Gingivectomy Dental Procedure Care

The healing after the gingivectomy will take at least two to three weeks, however, it may vary from person to person, depending on the complexity of the case and overall health of the patient. After the surgery, your dentist will recommend some precaution and instruction, which you should follow in daily practice. These are:


  • Avoid the food items that may cause a worrying effect on the surgically operated area. The food items that are too hot and cold or spicy and crunchy are to be avoided at least few days after the gingivectomy surgery.
  • It is advice to take soft, liquid, and healthy diet for a day after the surgery.
  • Rinse the mouth with the warm salt water, in the intervals of every 2-3 hours to reduce the swelling and discomfort.
  • Use the medial mouthwash prescribed by the dentist regularly.
  • You must take good care of oral hygiene, but do not use a toothbrush near the operated site for a few days. It will cause bleeding of gums and might cause infections. Use the soft bristle brush and use it gently. Brush your teeth twice gently and rinse the mouth with medicated mouthwash.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; even avoid the use of tobacco in any form.
  • Do not touch the surgical area; it may cause many types of germ infection to be catch.
  • You should take the medicines prescribed by the dentist.
  • Do not forget to keep up with the follow up visit.
  • If you notice any swelling and pus discharge at the surgical area or persisting pain for 3 to 4 days after surgery, you must consult your dentist immediately.
  • Always consult your dentist before using the oral care products. Certain undesirable product may damage the surgically performed area.

What Are The Advantages Of Gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai is one of the most effective methods to treat the gingival problems. This procedure is ideal for many patients and with different gum conditions. Some of the many advantages of gingivectomy surgery include:

  • Removal of gummy smile.
  • Removal of periodontal diseases and reduction of periodontal pockets and gingivitis etc.
  • Removal of diseased gum tissues improves oral health.
  • It protects teeth as well as jaw bones
  • Reshaping of gum line helps in beautification of the smile.

Cost Of Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai is a very simple and safe procedure that produces fast and effective results. The cost of gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai varies depending on many factors such as location, the condition of your teeth and the surgical fees of the oral surgeon.

The number of gum pockets that are being treated and type of procedure that is used for gingivectomy also affect the price of gingivectomy surgery in Mumbai. You can discuss with your dentist about the price of the gingivectomy procedure in detail.

Why Chose THE ESTHETIC Clinics?

The Esthetic Clinics, we offer you world-class treatments in cosmetic as well as restorative dentistry.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is well equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment, which helps our top dental specialists to consistently deliver the best surgical sinus lift procedures in Mumbai in the safest way possible. We have built our reputation as the favorite go-to dental clinic for non-surgical sinus lift procedures, based on customized advice and treatments for each patient.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one its kind dental and oral surgery clinic that has the best maxilla facial surgeons, orthodontist, and endodontists in Mumbai all under one roof. With our modern treatments used for orthognathic surgery in Mumbai, you will truly be able to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai has been the first choice for national and international patients seeking expert dental care. We offer the best treatment offering high-quality and long-lasting implant-supported dentures.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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