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Birthmark Removal Treatment

Birthmark Removal Treatment

Birthmark is a benign (non-cancerous) irregularity in the skin of a newborn. A birthmark is an identification mark and may at times be an interesting topic of conversation. Birthmarks may fade away as age advances or stay the same or may even increase in size.

- What Are The Different Variants Of Birthmarks?

There are two varieties of birthmarks:

1. Vascular

2. Pigmented

Based on the type, there are two underlying causes of birthmarks. In case of pigmented birthmarks cause is cluster formation of pigment cells which in turn impart brown colour to the skin. While, on the other hand, vascular birthmarks are caused as a result of an abnormal blood vessel under the skin imparting a red, pink, or purplish blemish.

- Following are the types of vascular birthmarks:

  • Stork bite (Nevus flammeus nuchae)
  • Strawberry mark (Hemangioma)
  • Port-wine stain (Nevus flammeus)

- Following are the variants included in the pigmented type:

  • Cafe au lait spot
  • Nevus of Ota
  • Mongolian spot (Dermal melanocytosis)
  • Mole (Congenital melanocytic nevus)
  • Becker's nevus

The exact cause of birthmarks is not known; nevertheless, vascular birthmarks are not hereditary. Irrespective of the cause, it is almost impossible to prevent birthmarks.

Vascular birthmarks viz. hemangiomas and port wine stains generally produce symptoms and get darker with the age.

However, pigmented ones generally do not produce any symptoms other than producing colouration. These generally fade away with age. Becker's nevus may occur later in life, but it is a rare occurrence. Very big nevi may cover large areas over the body and cause cosmetic disfigurement and may even cause cancers. What are the factors responsible for causing birthmarks?

Birthmarks are caused as a result of faulty migration and development of cells at the time of fetus development, such that these cells multiply to form tissue that mimics their tissue of origin in the wrong place.

- What may be the associated complaints?

Birthmarks can be symptoms of serious underlying conditions. Cafe au lait for instance, is a variant of pigmented birthmark that occurs in the setting of congenital neurofibromatosis.

- What are the available treatment options for removing birthmarks?

Treatment is available and can be in the form of cutaneous steroid injections to medicines to surgery and lasers.

- Birthmark Removal Treatment Procedure:

It is advisable that any newly born infant with a birthmark gets completely checked and examined by the doctoras some birth marks can be associated with underlying defects.

1) Some vascular birthmarks such as stork bites usually disappear with age and do not cause any problem, hence treatment may not be required. Strawberry hemangiomas subside with age. However, if any hemangioma is associated with an important anatomical structure such as the area around the eye or mouth, and cause feeding difficulties, pressure symptoms, loss of vision, the birthmark may be required to be removed. This treatment could include oral propranolol, steroid injections, sclerosants or surgical excision.

2) Certain birthmarks, being harmless may require treatment only for cosmetic reasons. For example, large congenital melanocytic nevi, port wine stains, may lead to cosmetic disfigurement.

3) Various types of dermatological laser treatments are also available and can be utilized:

For vascular Birthmarks - vascular flash lamp pumped pulse dye laser

For dark pigmented Birthmarks - Q switched laser

4) A customized light wave that is suitable for the particular coloration of the birthmark, is used at a particular frequency. After several treatment sessions, the laser breaks down the coloration of the mark so that it fades away and blends in with the surrounding skin, without leaving any scars behind. But in many cases, the mark may not vanish completely.

5) Dermatologic surgery can also be used for the treatment purpose if excision (surgical removal) and grafting is needed.

- What to expect post Birthmark Removal procedure?

The purpose of the treatment is to diminish or remove the marks for medical or aesthetic reasons. After the treatment, the affected region of skin should be kept away from sunlight and UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied before stepping out. Multiple sessions ranging from 8-20 may be required based on the type of mark treated.

Vascular marks can get swelled up, ulcerated and pigmented after being treated withlaser. Similarly, pigmented marks can become darker, or whitish after the laser treatment with some associated pain post procedure. Nevus of Ota has shown some of the best outcomes when being treated with lasers. At times, marks may fade away to a considerable amount, and ghost images may still remain behind. These ghost images may be concealed using cosmetic make up, or sometimes repetitive sessions of laser treatment may be required.

- Thing to be kept in mind while undergoing treatment:

1) Just like every person is different, every skin is unique. You should have realistic expectations and not get berserk by advertisements, results obtained in other patients, celebrities etc.

2) A trained expert Cosmetic dermatologist with considerable years of experience should be your treating physician.

- What Is The Cost Of Birthmark Removal Treatment?

We all aspire for a perfect appearance with no faults or imperfections. Our appearance means a great deal to us and the presence of any imperfection is often a source of great discomfort. One way of combating these imperfections is an investment in cosmetic surgery. A birthmark is one such imperfection. The birthmark removal procedure helps in removing or diminishing these marks for aesthetic reasons.

If you have decided to undertake the birthmark removal procedure, your immediate thought will be about the cost of the procedure. The cost of the procedure often depends upon the type of treatment you require. However, low cost often means higher risk of inferior results and health risks. A well reputed surgeon will allow you to undergo the procedure with maximum efficiency and excellent results.

The Esthetic Clinic is a highly specialised skincare centred equipped to deal with all your skin treatment needs. Our medical head, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, is one of the foremost dermatologists in the world. She along with her dedicated and skilled staff will help you along every step of the way during the course of your cosmetic procedure.

The Esthetic Clinic was started with the intention to prove top-notch skin-care treatment and cosmetic surgery. Our co-founder, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, is a highly experienced dermatologist of great repute. Our staff has is well trained and qualified in the field of cosmetic surgery and is dedicated to care for your every need. If you want to get rid of that birthmark that is causing you great discomfort, The Esthetic Clinic is the place for you.

- Facilities at The Esthetic Clinic:

Quality patient care is provided through well trained specialist Dermatologist - Dr. Rinky Kapoor as well as Plastic surgeon who give customized expert advice and personally perform treatments with the latest technology and techniques in treating any disease/cosmetic concern available world over.

The Esthetic Clinic is a world class center dedicated to skin care and plastic surgery of the entire body - and specializes in housing an experienced Dermatologist, Dr. Rinky Kapoor, who can provide world class Skin Treatments, for skin diseases and make your skin look beautiful. So if you want to go ahead and get your hair, skin, and nails treated, The Esthetic Clinic is the right place for you.

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