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Root End Procedure Surgery

Root End Procedure Surgery in Mumbai

Root canal is an essential treatment that is done to save the integrity of the tooth. Many a times it might happen that we take full care of your tooth but still the decay happens. Our body works in great harmony. When it needs attention, it gives us a signal in the form of pain or discomfort.  It is a natural mechanism just like any machine. However, when it comes to your teeth, gums and other problems with the mouth we often tend to ignore the pain till it becomes unbearable and more often than not most people tend to resort to home remedies and avoid vising the dentist.

The result of ignoring our teeth and gum’s cry for help is toothache, bleeding, swollen gums and pain that does not let you even work normally.  These are the red flags that you never should ignore and immediately visit your dentist for a helpful solution. The dentist will do a thorough checkup and then give you a solution that will help you get rid of the pain and get your happy smile back. At The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai, we understand that oral health goes much beyond just telling you to brush. When you visit us, we well do a full evaluation of your dental health and suggest the best treatment for the infected tooth and prevent further infection and decay.

Our endodontic procedures are done by top endodontists and include root canals and root end procedures to remove any infection from the apical area.

What is an Apicoectomy?

A root end resection which is also called as an apicoectomy. This procedure is done to save the end of the root and remove the infection and reduce inflammation. The work ‘apico’ means the end of the tooth root and ectomy means removal of the root end.  Thus, the name root end procedure.  This procedure is also often called as retrograde root canal or root end filling.  Root end procedure in Mumbai is a type of peri

The root end procedure is an endodontic surgery to remove root tip of the tooth and root end cavity is filled by the biocompatible material. It is a periradicular surgery and is recommend by top endodontist in Mumbai when the root canal has failed and the inflammation and infection in the bony area round the tooth root has flared up and giving pain to the patient and causing bleeding and swelling of gums.

Symptoms of Root-Canal Therapy failure

The symptoms of failure of root canal treatment may differ from person to person. In few cases, there may be no symptom. However, if you have had a root canal treatment in the past then top endodontist in Mumbai recommend to look out for a following symptoms if you are facing problems in the treated area:

  • Pain or toothache; it is the most common symptom, which is usually noticed first. The pain usually continues to grow after the treatment or returns after recovery and becomes a persistent ache.
  • Hyper sensitivity or sensitivity of the tooth and difficulty in eating even warm and room temperature foods.
  • Swelling or inflammation of gums and they are tender on touch.
  • Pus discharge from the gum near the treated tooth.
  • Discoloration of the treated teeth.
  • A blister appears inside the mouth.
  • Tooth mobility increases and it feels loose.

Top endodontists in Mumbai will examine the treated tooth and take and x-ray to see if there is an infection inside the gums to determine if there has been root canal treatment. There are two options to correct the failed root canal and these include a re-root canal treatment or an apicoectomy in Mumbai.

What is the difference between Root-Canal therapy and an Apicoectomy?

A root canal treatment and apicoectomy or root end procedure both aim to preserve the infected tooth and prevent further day. However, the   both procedures should not be confused with each other because they have the following differences:

  • Root canal therapy is non-surgical procedure, while apicoectomy is the surgical procedure which needs access to the gum line and the jaw bone.
  • RCT is used to treat the damage or infection within the pulp of the tooth, while the root end procedure is done when infection accumulates in bone area which surround the root end.
  • Root canal treatment takes place on part above the gum line that is crown part, from which we chew with, while an apicoectomy takes place on the root of the tooth.
  • In case of root canal, access and removal of the infected pulp occurs through the crown of the tooth, while in apicoectomy infected tissue is accessed via tip of the root called apex and do the filling to avoid the further infection.

If you have pain on your previously root canal treated tooth, your then best endodontist in Mumbai will give you two options to decide if your tooth requires a root end resection of root canal retreatment.

Why is a Root end procedure done?

Root end procedure in Mumbai is a type of minor endodontic surgery that is done by top dentist in Mumbai when the traditional root canal treatment as failed to remove the infection and give the much needed relieve to the tooth.  The dead nerve and infected tissues remain preserved around the bone area surrounding the tooth causing re-infection and problems near the root tip.  If re-root canal treatment is not possible then the root end procedure in Mumbai is the only option for the endodontist.

Another point that top endodontist in Mumbai consider for correct the root tip infection is if there is a part of the bridge or the crown that will be affected i.e., will need to be cut down for the re-root canal therapy then the root end procedure is used as a preferred option.

Another reason could also be that a canal is inaccessible or blocked, there is an anatomical irregularity or fracture or a crack in the tooth’s root.

Procedure for root end surgery

Before an Apicoectomy/ root resection surgery

  • Your dentist will collect all the information about medical and dental history, also details of medications you currently on.
  • X-ray: radiograph is must to pinpoint the precise the location of the infection and health of the bone.
  • Pre- medication: few days before the surgery, your endodontist may prescribe some antibiotics or medicated mouthwash to lower the bacterial overload and inflammation.

The Root End Procedure at the Esthetic Clinics

Your endodontist in Mumbai will brief you about the step so the planned treatment procedure for root resection. The steps contain:

  • Apicoectomy procedure in Mumbai is done under local anesthesia to numb the area around the infected root tip.
  • A small incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the area of the infected root and the gums are pushed aside to have the access to the infected tooth root.
  • Then the endodontist will remove the infected part of the root and the necrotic tissues like granuloma, any cysts or abscesses and a small portion of the root tip itself.
  • Top endodontist in Mumbai will also use this treatment to remove any fracture in the tooth and root.
  • The surgeon will use a microscope to examine the root canal and clean it using an ultrasonic instrument and once satisfied with the cleaning he will fill the treated place with a high-quality filling material called retro-fill.
  • To finished the procedure the endodontist in Mumbai will place the gull tissue back in place and suture the incision closely.
  • Another x-ray is taken to ensure that the procedure the infected residue is completely removed and the everything is in place.

Recovery after an Apicoectomy (root-end resection) Procedure

Root end procedure in Mumbai takes about 30-90 minutes to complete and you can go about your normal daily activities a few hours after the procedure. Some things to keep in mind:

  • You will be experience slight pain, discomfort after the anesthesia goes off.
  • The swelling and pain will become lesser after few days.
  • After a day or two you will be able to resume your normal activity.
  • Your dentist may prescribe you some antibiotics to fight against the existing infection and post-operative infection.
  • He may also prescribe medicine for pain and inflammation.
  • The sutures will be removed within a week after healing.

Post-operative care:

  • Use the ice pack on the healing area; it will help to reduce the swelling.
  • After the surgery dentist advice, you to have liquid diet, and later soft diet for a few days.
  • Advice to rinse your mouth with warm salt water every 3-4 hours, to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid vigorous brushing near the surgical area. Be gentle with it.
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Take sufficient rest, avoid the hyperactivity.
  • Avoid chewing the hard and crispy food.

Benefits of Apicoectomy

Root end procedure in Mumbai is a simple procedure that has highly satisfying results.  There are many benefits of a root resections such as:

  • It helps to prevent the spreading of infection and developed the serious oral health issue.
  • It helps to save the tooth from extraction, thus avoid the replacement and painful dental procedures.
  • It helps to reviving the tooth.
  • Root end procedure in Mumbai is more cost effective and less invasive procedure than other tooth replacement options such as implants that take multiple sittings and are complex. In The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai, our primary goal is to help you preserve your natural teeth as long as possible.

Root End procedure cost

The cost of root end procedure in Mumbai is mainly dependent on the condition of your tooth, the spread of the infection and the experience of your endodontist in performing such complex procedures. The price of root resection procedure also varies with the number of teeth that are being treated in the single treatment. Also, if you need any additional treatments like bone grafting or tooth removal then there the root end procedure price in Mumbai will be slightly higher than the regular treatment.

If you want to know more about the how to get rid of the pain and swelling in your gums and more about Apicoectomy procedure in India or are interested in a consultation, call us at The Esthetic Clinics now!

Why choose The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai?

The Esthetic Clinics, we offer you world-class treatments in cosmetic as well as restorative dentistry.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is well equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment, which helps our top dental specialists to consistently deliver the best surgical sinus lift procedures in Mumbai in the safest way possible. We have built our reputation as the favorite go-to dental clinic for non-surgical sinus lift procedures, based on customized advice and treatments for each patient.

The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai is one its kind dental and oral surgery clinic that has the best maxilla facial surgeons, orthodontist, and endodontists in Mumbai all under one roof. With our modern treatments used for orthognathic surgery in Mumbai, you will truly be able to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. The Esthetic Clinics, Mumbai has been the first choice for national and international patients seeking expert dental care. We offer the best treatment offering high-quality and long-lasting implant-supported dentures.

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