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Plastic Surgery in Madurai

Plastic Surgery in Madurai

Plastic surgery is a broad field that has particularly gained popularity due to the high demand for cosmetic protocols. But plastic surgery is not all about aesthetics alone as it also encompasses several procedures that are designed to restore physiological well-being. The Esthetic Clinics is well-positioned to be among the best plastic surgery hospital in Madurai, and even India as a whole with our plastic surgeons having the knowledge and experience to oversee multiple plastic surgery procedures. We are also privileged to have a highly revered plastic surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome attending to patients at our clinic.


Plastic Surgery Procedures at The Esthetic Clinics

Our plastic surgeons in Madurai have gained the requisite training to perform plastic surgery protocols on lower and upper extremities, skin, trunk, breasts, as well as the musculoskeletal and maxillofacial aspects. Some of the plastic surgery procedures patients can have at The Esthetic Clinics include:


Flap Surgery

This type of plastic surgery has to do with transferring healthy tissue and skin, along with the blood supply to an area that had been affected by a defect, and there are yet different techniques under this category. A notable flap surgery procedure is microvascular free flap surgery which is directed at addressing deformed/damaged tissues around the neck and head. Musculocutaneous flap surgery is employed in the management of malignancies, particularly breast cancer; it is particularly used after mastectomy has been carried out. Bone flap surgery is another one adopted in the treatment of cancer, and it borders on transferring bone and the overlying skin from a part of the body to the area where the effect of the malignancy is apparent. The other types of flap surgery techniques are regional flap and local flap surgery procedures.   


Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgeries can be performed on the head, neck, jaw, face, and may even involve the skull, as well as other intricate structures [like the blood vessels, tissues, and nerves] of the human body. Owing to the delicateness of the structures that may be touched during craniofacial surgery, it is pertinent to seek the expertise of a plastic surgeon who understands the architectural/anatomical layout of the craniofacial aspects. This is to eliminate and/or reduce the incidences of complications that may ensue where proper care is not taken. At The Esthetic Clinics in Madurai, we have specialists who have done this procedure on patients suffering from medical conditions such as cleft of the lip/palate, Crouzon’s Syndrome, hemifacial microsomia, and some other congenital disorders. Some of the procedures under this type of plastic surgery can take hours to complete, and some can be carried out in the space of 15 – 20 minutes in the plastic surgeon’s office.   


Skin Grafting

Skin grafting is another reconstructive plastic surgery that Madurai residents who suffer from burns or other trauma can get at our clinic; it is employed in the event where the skin has been lost or damaged. To correct the condition, healthy skin is taken from a donor site, which is still on the body of the patients, and transferred to the area where the deformity has been spotted. The plastic surgeon in Madurai may also look to use skin grafting protocol in the management/treatment of skin cancer. Both skin grafting and flap surgery have certain similarities, but the blood supply is not usually transferred along with the harvested skin in the case of skin grafting. A couple of skin grafting techniques exist, and these include split-thickness, full-thickness, and composite grafts. The technique that is eventually utilized will be determined by how severe a patient’s condition is.



Microsurgery hinges on the use of a microscope to access small nerves and blood vessels to reconstruct the portion that has been affected by the traumatic loss of tissue. More so, individuals suffering from burns can schedule an appointment with one of our plastic surgery doctors in Madurai to have microsurgery to address the issue. Another area where microsurgery has been very valuable is in the treatment of malignancies.


Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion has been widely used in the treatment of certain acquired or congenital disorders, and it can also be adopted in reconstructing any part of the body that has experienced damaged or lost tissues. Tissue expansion promotes the growth of new skin. The procedure flows through with the plastic surgeon in Madurai using a specialized device called tissue expander to introduce saline solution underneath the skin thus leading to the expansion of the skin therewith. That said a bone distractor may be considered in the instance whereby the tissue expansion protocol has to do with the bone.


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery and it entails some of the most common reconstructive surgical procedures people turning to the best plastic surgery hospitals in Madurai to have carried out on them. And, the resources and expertise to run these protocols have been made available at The Esthetic Clinics. So, individuals who are looking to enhance or modify their body parts can come in to have cosmetic surgery procedures like augmentation mammoplasty, buttock augmentation/lift, facelift, arm lift, cheek and chin augmentation, lip augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, or any other body contouring protocol.   


Plastic Surgery Cost in Madurai

It is obvious that plastic surgery covers a wide range of protocols, and owing to this, stating a precise figure as surgery expenses could be tantamount to misleading our respected patients. In light of this, we urge you to kindly consult with any of our representatives, via the customer support link, to guide you through the process, assisting you in getting an accurate plastic surgery cost in Madurai.



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About Doctor
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome

Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgery in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome is Director and Co founder of The Esthetic Clinics. He has been rated amongst the top surgeons in India by multiple agencies. The Esthetic Clinics patients include many international and national celebrities who prefer to opt for facial cosmetic surgery and facial plastic surgery in Mumbai because The Esthetic Clinics has its headquarters there.

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Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
Dr Debraj Shome- Best Plastic, Cosmetic & Oculoplastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India
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Dr Rinky Kapoor - Best Dermatologist, Skin Specialist Doctor in Mumbai, India

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